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JUNE 2021

Government Forces Shell MIlitant Positions In Damascus’ Eastern Ghouta (Videos)

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Syrian government forces are striking militant positions in the Eastern Ghouta region, near Damascus. The ground oepration in the area is still not launched. However, pro-government sources say that it will start soon.

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Stupid sunnis. Keep destroying your own countries while collaborating with the west who is bombing you since 200 years !!!

What stupid you are. S for sunnis is for Stupid.


While these stupid sunnis are dying (and kill people) for nothing because no one know the hell what they want, the saudi prince is having fun with an american whore mix-race Rihanna drinking alcohol with his houses in UK and USA. XD.


Haha so true!


If it was not true, no one will have believed it. XD.


Tens of thousands of Sunni’s are fighting bravely with the SAA, so how can you seriously say what you do ?
Or are you just following the US ‘Identity Politics, narrative ?


I’m talking about the “rebels” (100% sunnis).


That may well be so BUT your words seek to portray ALL Sunni’s as Takfiri and Wahabi killers. They are not.

All Crusaders were Christians but not all Christians were Crusaders .


Sunnis must clean their shit and ask for repairs if they really care.


It’s no use shelling. East Ghouta has resisted so fiercely to SAA thanks to its tunnels network. All the weapons and ammunition are kept underground
Moreover, many tunnels full of explosive are ready to exterminate entire platoons, and many builiding ready to explode once Syrian troops get inside.
SAA will likely have heavy losses. I hope I’m wrong…


Not dealing with the psycho rats in that pocket is no option. Ghouta must be liberated tho the cost will be high. But victory is sure like that was in Aleppo , DeZ, Homs and all other cities


I agree, it’s true the rats have to be exterminated, but it’s also good to consider the reality on the ground.


Yeah will be a hard nut to crack but now the Tigers moved in all will be good


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Many of those commenting here like this had another song when it was about Raqqah. I wonder why.


The problem is that Assad have been to kind so that he let these terrorists accumulate weapons and build tunnels, what obviously take a long of time.

HighLord Gaz

Flatten the buildings above the tunnels.. collapse them onto the jihadi fortifications and bury the tunnel entrances… Its not like these areas have any civilians in them anymore.

Cedric Hunter

I agree. Even better burn the rats out with incendiary bombs. Every burning house I’ve seen, the Rasta made a run for it before they got burned up.


Tigers have mastered urban fighting. As in Aleppo the key is going to be speed and overwhelming bombardment. It wont matter how much ammunition and explosive they have planed if they never have time to use it. That said, SAA are as usual going to have many losses but not higher than usual.


Most sunnis think that the west want to help them. Instead, the west is killing sunnism by inside and is making bad name creating 9/11, ISIS, …. and fakely help them by integrating them into USA (the land of whores and terrorists) where no sunnis can ever think to live without being brain damaged.

leon mc pilibin

The zionist puppets better pack their bags for HELL.


The Syrian government coalition has contained and studied this problem area for a long time. And has a good idea of where the regime change forces and their facilities are located. Once the government starts clearing these areas, it may take some time because of the number of civilians involved.

But I think that what we’re going to see is neighborhood after neighborhood falling to the government, not to return to the terrorists. And probably some partitioning as well. Where the area is broken up into smaller pockets that are more easily cleared.

Wahid Algiers

A russian Fat Boy.

Jc Plancarte

need thousands of bunker-buster, deep-penetrating bombs to disrupt the network of tunnels and blow up their munition depots. Bomb one part of the city at a time, to keep it safe for the SAA ground troops!! Civilians??? any innocent civilians should have gotten out of there, any way they could, a long time ago!!!

Icarus Tanović

To this day it was all a game. Now we have serious buseness.


My heart goes out the people of Afrin and Ghouta, both attacked relently by murdering planes.

One can agree or disagree with the policies of those holding the areas but attacks on civillian targets, unless used militarily, is and remains inexcusable and a warcrime.

As far as I know only IS and TFSA/Turkey (and Hamas btw) purposely mix civillians and militia, which is a warcrime too.

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