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Government Forces Seize Over Half of Mid’ani Town, Prepare Major Offensive in Eastern Ghouta

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Yesterday, Syrian government forces launched a military operation in order to retake the town of Mid’ani from Jaish al-Islam militants in the Eastern Ghouta region of Rif Damascus province. The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) started with cleaning undeground tunnels in the area and then launched the strom of the town itself.

By November 29, government forces have liberated over a half of Mid’ani from militants and have been devepoping the momentum. Local sources claim that the town will likely be fully liberated in the nearest future.

Meanwhile, reports appeared that the Syrian military is deploying massive reinforcements to Eastern Ghouta with aim to launch a full-scale advance in the area. Sources say that up to 10,000 military personnel could be involved into the operation.

Experts link the ilitary operation in Eastern Ghouta with the government forces success in the nearby Western Ghouta region where militants has been recently pushed to surrender to the Syrian army and its allies. In this case, Damascus can see the liberation of Eastern Ghouta as a common move aimed to improve security in the areas close to the Syrian capital, Damascus.

Government Forces Seize Over Half of Mid'ani Town, Prepare Major Offensive in Eastern Ghouta

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