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JULY 2022

Government Forces Secure Strategic Humrah Hill, Set Fire Control of Shuqayyif Neighborhood of Aleppo City

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Government Forces Secure Strategic Humrah Hill, Set Fire Control of Shuqayyif Neighborhood of Aleppo City

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Last night, the Syrian army and Liwa al-Quds (a Palestinian pro-government militia) fully secured the strategic Hurmah hill north of the Sheikh Maqsud Neighborhood of Aleppo City. The control of Hurmah hill allowed the government forces to set fire control of the Shuqayyif Neighborhood, mostly controlled by the Jaish al-Fatah operation room. The nearby Army Base remains a constested area between the loyalists and the militants.

The Syrian army’s artillery also set a fire control of the Jandoul roundabout, decreasing the militants’ ability to maneuver in the area.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government forces have repelled a major militant attack on the Kindi Hospital. By October 2, pro-government forces have reported some 60 militants killed in this area. Now, the Kindi Hospital remains under the control of the army and its allies.

Government Forces Secure Strategic Humrah Hill, Set Fire Control of Shuqayyif Neighborhood of Aleppo City

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A Big Salute to the SAA and the Liwa al-Quds .


As progress is made, so the pressure from the western powers will intensify and become even more hysterical. I think that this time Russian patience has come to an end- I very much hope so. I hope Russia will display its historic greatness.

Tom kauser

So much for the meme of ASSAD being in trouble Probably in Aleppo enjoying a cup of tea over progress reports? Don’t dribble those reports are going to be prepared for framing!


Yup dont forget as the saying goes, Rome wasn’t builded on one day, things take time. And so far, so good.

Let the west whine, let them howl, and while they do it, they expose them self every day now. Just look at Yemen. The Bozo the Clowns drooling about Saudis, and all to protect the billion dollar arms trades to an regime we all know is downright evil. The UNs dead silence, their hypocrisy, their blatant lies and forgery, their credibility is non existing, and everybody know the captain is drunk and but naked, but BankManMoon is an hideously corrupt creep. The Saudis is of all thing we can imagine about flat out contradictions imaginable, the leader of the Humanitarian section of the UN, that, ladys and gentlemen is impressive isnt it, I dont know what to grade that insanity with, but its on the top of the scale of raving lunacy.

And somehow, we whine about some bombings, and yea, even barrel bombs, huh, but dont speak what so ever about the rest of the 17 country the Imperial banana republic us invading and taking over like the land of the Orcs, Ukraina.

No, why even bother to answer, just continue with whats been ongoing, and wipe the land clean, wack anything other than what You decide is OK, to oblivion, and give the, the spanking new definition of an rotten to their bone marrow Turn Coat, an Turk, an offer they cant simply refuse, or wipe them out. Squeeeeezes their balls, make them dance, the only language an scumbag understands.

Whats then left is up to what the Pirates on the Potomac in the Imperial Banana republic UssA, will do, nothing else, there is nothing else, other than what the insane Obamalama the Childslayer to decide He will do. Yeah, one lunatic to rule them all, and in one bank bind them, and into darkness, send them. What an glorious future on this heep of rock. When our future is decided by psychopaths, people that one cant reason with, logic is an dead end street against insane people, and trust is an word that have no meaning what so ever.

wake up or die asleep


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