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JUNE 2023

Government Forces Rescued Pilot Of Su-22 Downed By US-led Coalition – Media

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UPDATE: Dear friends, it appears premature to say that the Syrian SU-22 pilot has been already rescued by government forces. The message below is based on the information provided by the media. SF provides more details about the situation as soon as poossible. (please, find more info here)

Government forces have rescued a pilot, Ali Fahed, of the Su-22 warplane downed by the US-led coalition, according to the media.

According to reports, the pilot has been evacuated from the area controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). SDF units were trying to prevent this but failed.

Government Forces Rescued Pilot Of Su-22 Downed By US-led Coalition - Media

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Eddy Martin Morales Fajardo

Excellent !!!!!!! sweet news !!!!!!!

Hiệp chadwick

Been confirmed fake the cousin of the pilot https://twitter.com/Syria_Protector/status/876863495387705345

Gue Bjuen

one of the war crimes kurds committed. the aftermath from the fall of the Menagh airbase. you can watch it archive.org titled The final assault on Menagh airbase. better check it. https://ia601907.us.archive.org/11/items/TheSiegeOfMenaghAirbase/The%20siege%20of%20Menagh%20airbase.mp4

Miguel Redondo

Fantastic !!! Yesterday they told KIA , but I am really happy that not.


If true … GREAT NEWS!!!



Joe Doe

Very nice!. Keep flying high and strong. Pay back time

Leon Auguste

Well done

That Guy

Bravo SAA!


Very good news! Now we can also hear his account of what happened. Cheers SAAF!

Mikael Derin

Good, next time hope Syrian/russian army will destroy any US threat.


Live long SAAF and SAA. This is great news for all except Badanyahu and Donald Drum.

Brad Isherwood

Putin….give Syria 12 More Su 24sm and some Su 25 with the jamming pods. Make up for losses of Mig 23/Su 22 on the past cruise missile strike. Do this to piss Trump and Israel off.

Tudor Miron

One should know that Russia already replaced (and surpassed) the losses in airpower that Syria suffered after that knee jerk attack of that orangutang. Russia will keep helping and making sure that legitimate elected government of their ally country is standing and normal life is returning to more and more of Syrian land. It will do it while making sure it is not provoked into WWIII that is not winnable – dead end of human race. Many don’t realise that civil war (created and funded by those that rule US/Israel and rest of the west/vassal states) is practically over in Syria. Now it will be harder and harder to sell this war to western sheeple and more of them will start enquire and try to connect the dots. Many don’t understand that it is not a question of military win (war is 6th and last priority of conseptual power. Most rapid but list lasting in effects) over irregular armed forces of US/Israel (=ISIS and the rest of the terrorists and now kurds that are stupid enough to join the gang).

It’s a matter of offering another way/different path of civilisation. “Western agenda” or GP as many call it, using US/Israel created war, suffering, failed states and set a gigantic wave of refugees on the run – Iraq/Libia/Yemen the list goes on. Now look at the areas liberated with the help of Russia – children are starting to go to schools, their parents are starting to go their jobs and safety comes back to let people go on with their life.

People start to notice difference.

Alex Black

It doesnt make sense to go to war with the americans over a 60 year old jet, especially because the pilot is alive.

Justin Ryan

plus its a small loss! Makes america look bad! It actually turns out to be good news especially when the pilot survives!

Alex Black

Pentagon makes America look bad, by backing horrible people around the world. People are beginning to understand this.


Justin Ryan

Id say the more gas and oil wells the Syrian army captures, the more weapons the Syrian army will get!


Some rare good news about fate of a downed SyAF pilot.

Can Kaplan


Divesh Kumar

I am happy and so is every sensible creature on this planet….

Omar Huss

Mr: Ali thanks for your service of your country,you are now internationaly recognized a hero who knows how to destroy Wahabbi-proxies.take a one week vacation and come back asap,Syria needs you!!congrat.

Kim Jong

lol “SDF” biggest pile of shit in history together with daesh and nusrats…

Good news that the pilot is ok!


If the us can arbitrarily shoot down SAA when they feel like it then Saudis will want to shoot Down SAA planes too.


This is good news indeed.

Tudor Miron

Very good news. Pilot is safe and thats what matters. He will be given another jet that’s not the main problem. Replacing a pilot is mach harder – it takes lots of time and effort to bring up a guy that is capable to properly operate a jet.


This is not true. The SDF have captured him and there are negotiations to get him back.

https://twitter.com/Syria_Protector/status/876864721135251457 https://twitter.com/MIG29_/status/876862958902685696

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