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JUNE 2021

Government Forces Repelled Militant Attack On Kherbet Ghazalah In Southern Syria

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On Sunday, government forces repelled an attack by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies on their positions in the village of Kherbet Ghazalah in southern Syria. The militant advance had been launched from the direction of Western Ghariyah.

Government Forces Repelled Militant Attack On Kherbet Ghazalah In Southern Syria

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Richard M

Pound the Orcs. Drive them into their holes.


The is why Syria, Russia and Iran should not follow the dictates of the UN as the Western Empires try their best to hobble the Syrian people from taking back the rest of their country.(farmlands,homes,cites,oil & gas)


Throughout this war the Syrian coalition have sought to use such UN dictates to the advantage of the elected government of Syria.

By doing this ,Reality come into play as it is difficult for the US Coalition of Terror to control what are in effect criminal gangs who also hate each other .

All this Diplomacy Dance makes it difficult for the US , including NATO, to get involved via a land invasion to steal all of Syria and put a puppet on the throne.

The only option is for the US to use proxy terrorists and in reality ALL of the UN countries realise that but many are too frightened of the US to stand tall.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This was a breach of this deescalation zone so all bets are off there and expect a push in the area displaying the current abilities of the SAA and allies. This will keep NATO in check as Syria and Russia manipulated the resolution in their favor , still yet Turkey refuses to cease all activities which has forced NATO into a corner and they may have to attack Turkish forces in Afrin. NATO’s inability to do anything will show them up for what they truly are and more people in the public will turn against them. This is how to counter manipulations of lies by exposing them as hypocrites and liars.


Indeed. The US has zero diplomatic skills anymore and Nikki Haley is a good example of that . Either the US could not see the results of the Ceasefire coming or those who read the text are illiterate. :)

To witness NATO attempting to attack Turkey would be entertaining ,especially if Syria and Russia shoots down any NATO planes ‘ Getting to Close to Syrian or Russian forces :)

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This would be a UN order so you would definitely see the CSTO involved from the federation taking control of the Anatolia and controlling the Bosporus and the rest getting cut up by NATO , never forget always to use your opponents weaknesses and exploit the opportunity. The Turks have been warned by France already with open aggression, NATO can launch from any base in that area and possibly see them all allowing it to happen, Russia plays on a whole different level why I had always warned the Turks about the Anatoli, Greece will be happy to oblige.

Joe Doe

I would not trust Russia 100% anymore. Assad should like for another alternative or demanding from Russia modern military hardware, not old one that have been refurbish. Russia got 2 military bases for free, thereofre Russia owns to SYria


“2 military bases for free”… Lool dude, Russia turned the war, deployed some of their officers and used private military contracters, without Russia, Assad would’ve been killed! I agree that Russia uses the Syrian war for their own advantage but Syria benefits from it.


If Assad is killed, Russia loose the 2 free bases and access to the mediterranea.


the war is, because syria refused qatar pipeline. they fullfilled russias ask.

russia owes a lot of to syria. hundreds of billion dollars. russia also is responsible for each killed syrian. russia 5 years did nothing and lat in troubles assad.

putin is dirty guy with woman voice.

Pave Way IV

Christ almighty…. are you Ukrainian jews still pissed off at Russia? FFS, get over it. There IS no more gas for you to steal. Crimea is part of Russia, not Israel. The US and the Ukrainian Jewish mafia now own a flat broke, corrupt, dual-citizen-led shithole they always dreamed of creating. This was the plan for post-Soviet Russia until Putin kicked your thieving asses out. Now he’s almost done helping Syrians kick the US/Saudi/Israeli mafia out of Syria.

You lost. STFU and remove kosher kebab from premises. Shouldn’t you be arming up for Maiden II? That’s the one where snipers will take out the fat-assed, wealthy oligarchs, not the ‘little people’.


who talks about crimea? are you drunken?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Russia always had the 2 bases is this guy an idiot or what? Then you mistakenly believe Russia hired contractors all they did was hire people to do jobs that would have pulled SAA military from on light duties of escort. Another thing is Iran has played a major role along with Hezbollah in Syria. We are seeing the US slowly abandon the SDF and Daeshmerga as they were never intended to have a country no matter what.

The main objective for the US has always been Turkey as this will give them a strong platform to attack Iran from and replacing Erdogan with Gulen seems to be the idea still. Like I tell everyone popcorn time sit back and watch the show , US conveniently released information about their meetings with the Tripartie , Saudi and Jordan recently.

Russia and Syria will use this ceasefire as they know the Tripartie are unable to resupply and support their proxies in East Ghouta, the group of proxy terrorists at At Tanf are not in a good position so they will be irrelevant for a time. Best possible place to attack is either Khan Sheikoun or Daraa next , possibilities are endless with the idiots breaching deescalation zones.

leon mc pilibin

Israhell giving its orders to their terrorists, to try to make it look like Syria is not honouring the ceasefire,scumbags.


What ceasefire ?


Exactly,it’s just a zionist trap to help them do what their terrorists couldn’t.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The ceasefire in Daraa has been broken in the Deescaltion zone, but terrorist in East Ghouta are exxcluded from it. The stupid Turks thought they were excluded from it and France and NATO are telling them different, seems the Orcs are stupid as usual. Looks like US created their perfect storm to attack Turkey as was intended all along.


Well, that was a de-escalation zone, but it seems it’s also finished.


Ass usual, they are trying to divert SAA from their offensive. We have seen this coordination every time SAA is advancing anywhere.

This only shows all factions are coordinated by a foreign power.

Pave Way IV

But the US NEEDS the M5 highway to resupply its East Ghouta head-choppers. How are we going to get Sarin, Captagon and other humanitarian supplies to the White Helmets up there? What’s the point of occupying the Jaber/Nassib Border Crossing if we can’t use the M5 for terrorist resupply?

El' kerym


Thomas Anthony Kard

Ghouta had plenty of time to dig in. They only helped ISIS the entire time. Ghouta and surrounding area was known to be Opposition to Assad. Assad has a war to win. The Terrorists in Ghouta need to be wiped out as it is all ISIS and ISIS family members. Keep pounding them until the area is liberated. Then move on to another area. There is no more pretending these rattz will only rearm and do the same thing somewhere else. Finnish the job…

Thomas Anthony Kard

It is relentless as the area is infested.

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