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JUNE 2021

Government Forces Repelled Militant Attack In Latakia – Reports

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On January 23, government forces reportedly repelled a militant attack led by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) on the village of Sarraf in the province of Latakia. According to pro-government sources, 13 militants were killed in the fighting. In turn militants claimed that they killed several Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers and destroyed a SAA anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) launcher with a Fagot ATGM.

Government Forces Repelled Militant Attack In Latakia - Reports

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When was the last time Jihadi retards won a fight or even gained something. ?

Michał Hunicz

In that region, probably 2016 Hama Offensive.

northerntruthseeker .

Long before the Russians had enough and became involved….


It’s normal sometimes you are on the back foot other times you are on the front foot before Russia arrived they almost won.

I think what prevented them from victory is the combination of Russia and USA attacking two major anti-Assad actors and players. This is really what forced them on the back foot as far as the SAA, Iran, Hezbollah and the Assad Militias they are rubbish.

What really happened is that a popular civilian uprising hammered down by 2 superpowers.. This is the true narrative of Syria


“a popular civilian uprising”?

That just happened to be supported by all the Western colonial powers, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and jihadists from a boatload of nations.


What rubbish. Mountains of rubbish.
You well know the US and Gulf States identified and funded the Muslim Brotherhood based fundamentalist militias that made up the original armed opposition, and are still directing, supplying and wage paying their foreign recruits and mercenaries in an array of factions to this day.


You need to check your facts before we start any reasonable discussion. USA did go after ISIS and they commited alot into that fight and were fighting them directly who also happened to be an anti-assad player in the competition for Syria.

While on the other side Russia went at the Syrian uprising civilians who are generally the ones called the rebels.

It was basically the Syrian people getting absolutely hammered by Russia and USA combined while assisted by Iran.

Assad would have been gone long time ago. I know it and you know it. He honestly didn’t have the Syrian people’s support and one of the reasons the war lasted for 7 years. The desire of the people was to great so genocide had to occur and it did.


Many 10’s of billions of US dollars and arms have flowed into Syria to support your head chopping terrorist, I know you like to call them “rebels” :D


You are exaggerating the figures and these cash went only to the secular democratice parties like FSA and SDF and BTW they are nothing more then civilians who just wanted to fight Assad and dethrone him period while majority of them are secular.

The US help was minimal and it stopped by Obama. But one thing is for sure the US raised an international army against an Assad opponent

josef volny

USA fought against isis for a pretty long time already in Iraq.The only result of this engagement was just another expansion of ISIS into Syria. Then US began to “attack” ISIS in Syria in 2014. I doubt the real effort of USA was to destroy ISIS. The main goal was to remove the Asad from power and then destabilize the whole Europe. If Russia did not enter Syria in 2015, today the flag isis would fly in France at the Notre-Dame cathedral.

Translated by Google


You need mental assistance. The US fight against ISIS was not based on hypocrisy. Raqqa is an evidence. The burned the entire city down. That is commitment if you ask me and you know what that is what I call ultra commitment.

They used everything they had except Nuclear weapon on them


No sale with that tired old, NATO and Gulf State, misinformation spiel.

Axis of Resistance

I wish the SAA best luck in killing every last Turkish bastard squatting in Latakia.

Solomon Krupacek

and YPG bastard


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Travis Kelso

Whats even funnier is when Turkey gets the shit kicked out of them in Afrin and idlib. Which is happening right now. All of those dipshit jihadists will have no where to go to other than Turkey. Sounds like a recipe for success. Erdogan is such a TURD.


Are you too busy playing grand theft auto?

Feudalism Victory

Im on the record saying an offensive in latakia was a good idea to split rebel forces in odlib. Still is. Not the turks have multiple axes of offensives figured out. Saa still insisting on attacking one thing at a time.

Also theu should liberate territory adjacent to turkish occupied areas and politely ask them to leave. Might be more effective than whining to the media…Assad…if you reading…


There was a SAA offensive in Latakia in 2015, one that made good headway to the Turkish border and possibly into the plains of Idlib thereafter itself. And then Turkey started to shell the advancing SAA forces. Apparently they didn’t want the advance to continue. Since then the offensive has never been resumed. Coincidence?

Feudalism Victory

Maybe not. I wasnt aware of that. Was it pre russian intervention? Regardless turkey is in a much different spot occupied and occupying elsewhere. Might be good to test their resolve again.


No it happened at the start of the Russian intervention, with the troops in Latakia probably the first batch that had Russian training and oversight. Which was why they performed so well. And those Turkmen headchoppers are probably as still dear to Crazy Erdogan as the rest of his headchopper brigades. The SAA probably thinks its best not to rock the boat and let the Turks and the Kurds have fun against eachother without distraction.

Feudalism Victory

Imho i think assad can take the kurds but not the turks but assad and the kurds can hold the ground working together. I think hell regret this opportunity to bind his nation together although your view makes sense as well.


Mayham and disorder.

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