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Government Forces Push Further In Syrian Desert, Liberate More Areas (Map)

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Government Forces Push Further In Syrian Desert, Liberate More Areas (Map)


The yesterday announcement of a large counter-attack against “regime forces” in the Syrian desert made by US-backed militant gorups have appeared to be a poor PR move as the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies continued expanding their influence in the area northeast of Suweida.

The SAA, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) military wing, Hezbollah and other pro-government units have taken control of the Rahba area deploying in just 30 km from the Scientific Research Battalion area recently liberated by the SAA south of the al-Seen Airbase.

Soome pro-government outlets argue that with this move, government forces are seeking to make a “large pocket” with the militant-held areas of Bir al-Qasab, Shaba, al-Asfar and others. However, indeed, this is not the goal because this desert area is mostly abandoned.

Most likely, US-backed militant groups operating under a brand of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) will focus their efforts to resist the government advance in the area of al-Tanf at the Syrian-Iraqi border. In this case, the presence of the US Special Forces and their allies from the US-led coalition there will be a trump card of the militant groups.

Government Forces Push Further In Syrian Desert, Liberate More Areas (Map)

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Yea SAA needs to close that 30km gap from scientific research to rahba and cut that area into 2 pockets, that will do nicely I think :))


SAA operation volcano I think.
The lava fields have been flanked ! :)
Time for FSA dogs to run back to Jordan border.


haha yes


NATO/GCC weapons and militant supplies are run through Jordan and Turkey. Whilst NATO/GCC sponsor certain groups they claim as ‘moderate’, they never reveal that their ‘moderate’ proxies deal and negotiate directly with the other certified terrorists in Syria to pass materials and supplies through territories occupied by those other factions. How does that work? Say the US sponsored proxies have had to resupply a pocket and need to do so via ISIS territory, then they will pay taxes to ISIS in form of percentage of weaponry and munitions they are transporting. Thus NATO/GCC munitions go straight into hands of ISIS or any other certified terrorists indirectly – NATO/GCC well know this, and tacitly use it as effective de-facto means to keep pressure on Syrian state from all available and most effective sources.


From what I’ve read, that dark spot is Syria’s only volcano. It hasn’t been active since 1853. should be easy to capture but nobody seems to want to divert resources to take it.

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