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Government Forces Progress Against ISIS In Southern Raqqah Countryside (Map Update)


The Syrian Army Tiger Forces and Tribal forces have liberated Bir al-Zamlah, Bir Rumaylan, Eastern Zamlah, the Zamlah pumping station and the gas fields of Zalmah and Khala, and Fahed and Dubaysan oil fields from ISIS terrorists in the southern part of Raqqah province.

Government Forces Progress Against  ISIS In Southern Raqqah Countryside (Map Update)

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  • Alan Steve

    they are rushing for those big oil fields, maybe they can finally afford to buy some modern helmets and protective equipment for their soldiers.

    • Miguel Redondo

      Its not only the Oilfields. The goal is the Raqqah-Deirezzzor road at the Euphrates river. To cut off further advance of the SDF to Deir Ezzor

      • Attrition47

        Quite agree, the Syrians obviously want to avoid the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers gaining an advantage from the Syrian defeat of the other US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers.

      • Jens Holm

        Again: SDF has no intensions in taking Deir El Zor as well as those oilfields and they are not blocking anything at all.

        More like SAA – as very often – are very, very late.

        If its was the SDF plan USA might like it, but then SDSF already was ín the outskirts of Deir El Zor at the borthern side of Eufrat and at least have taken Madan, but probatly some exhausted after that.

        The only blocker from that are Turks delaying things. You shouldsend them a telegram.

        The only wrong is, SAA & Co are very slow by bad plans. Besides that SAA wouldnt even be near from that direction without SDF having Tabqa, the dam and ahving locked ISIS to stay inside Raqqa.

        If SDF wasnt there, You had to add all from there to Fx Maskana or Tabqa.

        No realism.

        besides that the troops south of Tabqa are to small to take anything really hard. Im sure the SDF main force of SDF would knock them out even having big loses themselves.

    • Samuel Boas

      Actually many times the soldiers do not want helmets because it hinders their movement speed.

      • Solomon Krupacek


        • Jens Holm

          I cant see that as stupidity. US troops has all the protection equipment, but they have to compensate hard by having their specil forces and infantery very mechanized.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            helemt is a must from golden times of ww1

      • LynFSN

        So they should not cry if they receive a straight headshot. That´s the problem nowadays!, no discipline and lots of jackasses within the Syrian military. To improve their “movement speed” I would rather recommend some old-school exercise, jogging, etc….. what about that?

  • Ma_Laoshi

    So the “red line” which the US tried to draw east of Resafah by shooting down the SyAF Su-22 seems to be going into the dustbin–great. But once again, little happens without the Tigers doing the heavy lifting.

    • Keith Smith

      kind of quietly went away when they were told any aircraft from anywhere for any reason, flying near russian or syrian sorties will now be tracked as a target.

      • Jens Holm

        Yes, now americans have anti aircraft missiles there too. What a waste.

    • Jens Holm

      The red line was made by SDF blod made by SyAF.

      Baatistas and its hooligans here still seems to see SDF as barbarian low educated farmers with forks and old hunting riffles – and as spendables.

      The groteske on those sites also is, that they asked/more like demanded kurds to take Deir El Zor for them as if they also were spendables.

      I see the picture: 1 fat general comming out from Deir El Zor with a 2 star flag declaring the kurdish areas for liberated, but also those low lifers should give all weapons back to SAA, which has protected them since 1936.

      • Kell

        Why do the Kurds need to be in Deir Ezzor?
        Is this going to be your response again or can you actually answer the question for once?.


      • Ma_Laoshi

        The USAF’s own statement on the Su-22 shootdown referred to the SyAF plane as “posing a threat” etc. That is, also according to the Americans themselves, at the time it was ambushed the Syrian plane hadn’t bombed anything yet, let alone SDF positions. Without convincing evidence to the contrary, I therefore have to take your statement as a lie.

  • Kell

    Nice, I suspected Tigers and Raqqa tribals might go for the Euphrates (cut off Kurds) and work their way down via Madan – Dier ezzor way and the Hawks may suddenly turn up and go South to Sukhnah