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JUNE 2021

Government Forces Pressure ISIS In Southern And Northern Parts Of Yarmouk Refugee Camp Pocket (Maps)

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Government Forces Pressure ISIS In Southern And Northern Parts Of Yarmouk Refugee Camp Pocket (Maps)

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Since the start of a military operation against ISIS in southern Damascus on April 19, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have made only limited gains in the area. However, according to pro-government sources, intense strikes by the Syrian Air Force and the SAA’s artillery have allowed government forces to deliver a serve blow to the ISIS defense infrastructure in the area.

On April 21, government troops liberated the al-Mujahedeen mosque in the southeastern part of al-Hajar al-Aswad district. By April 22, the SAA and its allies have developed their advance capturing a major part of the Zain district in the southern part of the pocket and reaching the Taqadom district in the northern part of the pocket.

According to pro-government sources, the SAA still hopes to reach a deal with ISIS that will force the terrorists to withdraw from the populated area to the eastern Homs desert. However, the deal has not been reached yet. So, government forces are developing their military operation in the area.

The humanitarian situation in the Yarmouk refugee camp itself remains complicated as civilians are not able to leave the ISIS-held area – the terrorist group prevents them from this.

Government Forces Pressure ISIS In Southern And Northern Parts Of Yarmouk Refugee Camp Pocket (Maps)

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Slow but sure. Watch out for them fake chemical attacks.


isis is never false chemical attack!!!

Zoran Ninkovic

No u right,they just kill people for real


White Helmets are not here. So, do not worry about any Howllywood film here.

Ligerten .Ligerten

When the Terrorists are out in the desert bomb the shit out of them! You dont worry about giving your word to this scum!!!

Toni Liu

This area full of urban city, so it needs constant monitoring to know their move, and if they made something like impressive ghouta tunnel it will be more difficult, unless this happened at deir ez zor – Palmyra that full with dessert terrain, this will left with many big bomb and thermobaric to eliminate them


SAA army and their allies should use telescopes from the top of the hells to find the potential targets and then pass information to the other groups on the ground to hit without casualties in both sides. They should never use buildings and towers due to mines under the buildings.

Jim Prendergast

Yes, don’t let them move without being hit.

Dr. Pro Liv

Syrian Army’s Tiger Forces
According to Al-Masdar News sources, the seasoned division is being redeployed to southern Damascus to lead other Syrian Army formations – including 4th Mechanized Division and the Republican Guard – in fighting Islamic State forces there.

Feudalism Victory

Well one Pocket after another. I guess the chemical attack card has failed and airstrike even with an israeli follow up isnt working.

Trump is trying his best to keep america out of it but part of the national security establishment has become treasonous. I predict an attempt to double down from al tanf and subsequent rupture and crackdown from pro trump america firsters against the disloyal fifth(israeli) columnists.
Recognizing jerusalem was a parting gift. America without its nato vassals cant protect them against regional powers.


Too slow, SAA must show determination and more rapidity.

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