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Government Forces Overrun Militant Defenses In Eastern Ghouta, Liberate Another Village (Map Update)

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The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) have libeated the village of Hazrama from Jaish al-Islam militants in the Eastern Ghouta region near the Syrian capital of Damascus.

Government forces had been already in control of about 50% of the village. However, on January 19, they got a full control of it. Then, the Syrian army and the NDF set a fire control over another militant-held village in the area: Nashabiyah.

There are little doubts that Nashabiyah will be the next target of the government advance. Local sources indicate that army and NDF troops are preparing for a push in this direction.

Earlier today reports appeared that Jaish al-Islam decided to participate in the Astana talks between the Syrian government and the so-called “opposition” brokered by Turkey and Russia. But this does not mean that the group can hope to avoid the government anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ghouta until the talks are started.

Government Forces Overrun Militant Defenses In Eastern Ghouta, Liberate Another Village (Map Update)

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pietro del prete

Military operations never to be stopped.


I don’t get why they don’t flood Eastern Ghouta with troops and attack from multiple directions, rather than this single direction, excruciating slow advance we see from them. They need the men, desperately, for Aleppo, Palmyra and Deir Ezzor, they’re taking far longer than they should.

The thousands left over from Darayya, Mo’adimiyah etc. should be attacking southwest from Rayhan, north from Zebdeen and west from Hawsh ash Shalaq, together they reduce the bubble to just the built up area from Douma to Jober within weeks, at most.


Yes, they should teleport troops from other fronts to eastern Ghouta, then attack from all directions, then teleport them back quickly. Like in video games, sounds good.


What other fronts? I just said that they should use troops from fronts that have been SHUT DOWN, like Darayya and Mo’adimiyah.

You don’t think securing the capital should take a certain priority?

Heiko Demonus

You forgot that many soldiers were send to Wadi Barada region to secure this water spring, this target has the most high priority. And is going to be accomplished in few days.


Nashabiyah and Tell Farzat are key. There are the tallest hills and the artillery can controls the plains in this pocket. if nashabiyah falls, practically up to line douma – saqba can take each town easily.
OFF: what is the difference between tall, tal and tell?


Finally Nashabiyah is about to fall. It has been a slow grind in E Ghouta, but pace may pick up
I thought all hills are tel or tell, but some are tall. The last one I hiked seemed to be very tall :p



otherwise from the befinig tal kurdi, nashabiyah and douma are the strategic point. for leuthfadel in AMN everyhing is trategic point :)) the best was the strategic 130 m2 gain within one block in litle town was stategig. :DD

Heiko Demonus

There are to many fronts, and the Eastern Ghouta region is shut down from the rest, there is no rush for them. Other region have much higher strategic value. Besides this the Syrian army has not enough soldiers after many years of war with ISIS who killed many of them as the world community left Syria alone against ISIS. And Russia was the first who stepped in to stop this and then Kudish with US support followed to open up a front.


I agree with pietro del prete, Syria army must not stop because of Astanak talks. There must not be a stop here, for the good of the citizen and the moral of syrian army.

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