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Government Forces Move Closer To Militant Stronghold Of Darat Izza In Syria’s Aleppo (Map Update)

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Government Forces Move Closer To Militant Stronghold Of Darat Izza In Syria's Aleppo (Map Update)

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Following the liberation of Hawr, Anjarah, Qasimia, Syrian government forces contiued their offensive on positions of Turkish-backed militant groups west of Aleppo city.

Units of the Syrian Army captured the areas of Basartun, Qabtan, Qabtam mountain, Salum, Bala, Sheikh Aqil, reached the Regiment 111 area and deployed in a striking distance from the militant stronghold of Darat Izza. This town is controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda), the most powerful ‘opposition group’ in the Greater Idlib region.


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Syria need to take control the border post and split the invaders off.


Looks like this is going to happen. The army is about to just 20 km from Sarmada and is advancing.

Rafik Chauhan

olive branch should be cut off from idlib SAA fas to reach border or atleast till sarmada so they can control that idlib road. so the reinforcement of terriost from alleppo to idlib will stop

Tudor Miron

Good job.


Apropos the cost of the war to the Allies, how much is it costing the US empire?


Keep up the momentum


Now that they’re approaching the mountainous areas of Idlib I think the SAA advance will slow down a bit. In any case I hope the entirety of the region will be liberated before 2021.


Is there any buzz on Twitter about Russian military mobilizing in the Caucasus?

Liberal guy

Like where in which type of acc


Must keep going, no turning back!

Tim Williams

excellent job the SAA will cut the lignes ravitaillement the djihadists of idlib!! :)

Tim Williams

ALEPPO airport to reopen WEDNESDAY .. first flight from DAMASCUS in years … massive effort going on to restore electrical power in regions liberated … being hampered as the rats stole everything …



Tim Williams

first convoy of trucks now travelling up the M5


Tim Williams

Thousands of vehicles flowing into the humanitarian corridors



This is good news.

I daresay that the Syrian returnees will have stories to tell about life under the guns the of ‘moderate and immoderate’ US backed terrorists that Western governments will not want the average ‘Western Mushroom’ to know.


Looking on this map I just can say: Close that cauldron between yellow and purple and “make peace” there. But I’m afraid the beheaders will sneak out before termination. The bearded heroes don’t want to get their cash in virgin-currency that fast….maybe their faith is strong enough?


….NOT strong enough, of course :)

Tim Williams
Tim Williams

Excellent !!!

Duc Palatine

Looks like the Syrian and Russian move is smart, reduces the risk of large scale urban destruction of Idlib city by strangling their supplies and then its just holding back the Turkish invaders.

Duc Palatine

Where will all the terrorist moderate rebels go? Perhaps Germany will invite them to come to stay in Deutschland, they can leave their weapons in Turkish storage until they needed again, or they can go get killed in Libya.


Those jihadi terrorists who don white helmets could travel to the UK and be employed by the National Health Service as paramedics and porters etc.

The White Helmet treatment of ‘ spraying water profusely’ on patients with breathing issues is revolutionary.

The White Helmets ‘body bag experts’ are just what the NHS is lacking.

Duc Palatine

Maybe those American troll farms that are so supportive of them here will invite them to stay in their own houses. In Maryland and DC

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