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JUNE 2021

Government Forces Make Large Gains Against ISIS In Central Syria, Setting Ground For Final Push To Deir Ezzor (Map)

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Government forces have the strategic al-Bishri Mountain and the al-Birshri triangle from ISIS. With tihs advance government troops  deployed in only about 37 km from the city of Deir Ezzor besieged by ISIS terrorists.

Some sources even speculate that government troops advanced 5-10 km further, but this still has to be confirmed.

The Al-Bishri Mountain is one of the highest points in the desert area between Palmyra and Deir Ezzor. With liberation of this strategic location as well as the progress along the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway government forces are now able to develop momentum in order to take control over Kobaje and Ash Sholah located en route to Deir Ezzor.

The goal of the effort will be to take control over the key roads west and southwest of Deir Ezzor prior launching a direct advance to lift the siege from the strategic city.

Government Forces Make Large Gains Against ISIS In Central Syria, Setting Ground For Final Push To Deir Ezzor (Map)

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Richard Noel Hedditch

Death to CIA ISIS.


ISIS is not just CIA child, it is also NATO-Israel child.

Richard Noel Hedditch

Yes, of course. Indeed it is so.


They are forming another pocket :)


It is high time for the siege of DeZ to be lifted so as to rescue the app 100k civillians presently in dire straits.

Hopefully both SDF and SAA can destroy IS forces in the Euphrates Valley and life, infrastructure and economy can be restarted.

LR captain

the US controlled kurds will put a stop to peace and reconstruction. manly under the orders of the CIA.

The CIA promises the kurds independence a safety from turkey in exchange for being loyal attack dog.


This is just as stupid as saying Assad is Russia’s lapdog and doing what they tell him as the cost of saving his a*s, all at the price of signing over military bases, a naval port and be a testing ground for new Russian weapon systems.


You are quite right in that regard. Of course Assad has the advantage of having an actual country that isn’t landlocked by potential extremely hostile neighbors. Iraq, Turkey and Jordan are not going to invade Assad’s Syria in order to wipe it off the map. The same cannot be said for the Syrian Kurds. And without access to a port it will be hard for the US to supply them in the long term.


You are correct in your conclusion and I think that is one of the reasons why the Syrian Kurds will strive for a multi-ethnic autonomous federal state within Syria.


If the Kurds stay as Kurds living inside Syria without creating a Kurdish state, then there will be no problem! But u and I both know this Kurdish state is being created, therefore Kurds “Helping” the SAA to liberate DeZ is like asking Israel to “Help” Palestinians get some of their land back!


SDF claimes it wants to be an autonomous sovereign federal state WITHIN Syria and I do not see any actions that contradict this. There is a limited political and economic and even military cooperation between the two, which is slowly expanding.

Northern Syria has a clear advantage in being part of the Syrian economy though they will never accept the quasi colonial structure of the past again, nor is that possible as a large part of the economy has been restructured while it was separated from the rest of Syria.

SDF is not likely to “help” the SAA end the siege of DeZ, though they might destroy IS on the north bank, thereby making the lifting of the siege on the south bank easier.


But we do not want the SDF taking land with Gas and oil wells because they will never give it back! They will create their own Kurdish state and Balkanise the country!

So, no thanks!
They have more land now than they ever had before, they can stay THE HELL AWAY from those Syrian Assets!

Wahid Algiers

The gypsy kurds came in the 1920s from Turkey to Syria and now believe it is their country.


Two points :

One, the SDF will not care very much for what “WE” want.

Two, last month there was a deal between Assad and Northern Syria whereby a number of oil wells in Northern Syria will be reactivated paid for by Assad and his cronies, they will pay for processing and transport and will have some 2/3 of the proceeds and app 1/3 will go to Northern Syria/allies for providing security and ownership/control of the land. This will benefit all parties.

This sets an example for any oil wells under control of the SDF.

Igor Dano

To the hell with CIA stooges, the whole SDF!

Might a good faith protect brave SAA!

Joe Doe

SF Admin should make correction. The 37 km is not to the Deir Ezzor city rather 37 km to the most outskirts of the front line, which the map does not indicate and the 37 km is not along the DZ highway. If SAA proceed along DZ highway then the distance is about 75 km

If the information is correct, and SAA is 37 km from SAA front line in Deir Ezzor, than SAA could use howitzer to support SAA units in Deir Ezzor, addition to Air Support


Today or tomorrow SAA and allies will be in As shulah then it is possible.


I am sure Israel and allies / paid pals have other plans.


Why is Trump no longer supporting ISIS?


Because SDF doing better job than ISIS for America and second SDF is not on terrorist list at the moment.


Well said, but SDf have no influence west and south do somewhere close to Israel – Idlib province might see military push south and east?

Igor Dano

You got it.
Sdf helps by this to balca ise the arab land.
The aim of this is to create greater israel.
1. Destroty us. Will be done with financial weapons
2. Destroy europe. Will be done with moslems.
3. Destroy Russia, some tries with jelcin failed, jews wait until Putin perrishes.
4. China will be destabilized internaly.

Recall and remember the maps drawing new ME borders.
They show almost no Iraq, their territory mailny assigned to Israel. The same about Saudi Arabia.
Remember, how they have drawn the lines. In Egypt. One half to israel.
Now remember Harold Mackinder.
And you see, that israel will replace US as the world power. That is the plan.


Yiur idea was sense but lack of strong evidences. It will be fine if we can find such a strong evidence that point this out


ISIS could have been the backbone to the Saudi military might and the bankers didn’t like that.

Alex Black

The plan was always to prop up isis, and then use American proxies to liberate the land from them. Everything is going according to plan. America has its bases in Syria, ISIS is being destroyed, on russian and syrian dime.

Wahid Algiers

Soon the heroic defenders will hear the first sounds of shells by the arty of the expedition corp.It will sound like the music of a wedding – a wedding between the defenders and the comrades en route to DE city/airport.

DJ Double D

A source in the Russian Military told me that the next 7 days will witness a Merciless unleash of force on critical ISIS positions. He simply said ‘ you wait and see’. I have no reason to doubt him – a fine gentleman.


Seems like a good advice.

Alex Black

The only thing that sucks about this is that the green buses have to drive further and further west.

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