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Government Forces Liberate More Points Around Palmyra, Icrease Pressure On US-backed Militants And ISIS

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Syrian government forces have gained full control over Tal Ghurab (the Ghurab hill) south of the ancient city of Palmyra in the province of Homs.

Tal Ghurab is located northwest of the US garrison of Zakaf (Zquf) located near the Syrian-Iraqi border. With the liberation of Tal Ghurab, governent forces increased presssure on US-backed militants operating in the area and strengthened the Syrian military position at the border with Iraq.

The US-led coalition argues that it uses Zakaf and At Tanf in order to train some “moderate rebels” to fight ISIS in Syria. However, there are no ISIS terrorists in the border area where the US-led force operates.

Meanwhile, reports appeared that the Syrian army captured the al-Hail gas field located east of the Arak gas field. If reports confirmed, this will mean that government troops were able to break ISIS defenses in the area and to develop momentum in the direction of the strategic ISIS-held town of Sukhnah.

Sukhnah is a key ISIS stronghold en route to Deir Ezzor. If government forces liberate it, they will have an opportunity to launch a military operation in order to lift the ISIS siege from Deir Ezzor.

Government Forces Liberate More Points Around Palmyra, Icrease Pressure On US-backed Militants And ISIS

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Exceptional, slowly tighten the noose and dont give a pretext for US intervention, slowly strangel them out.

John Whitehot

The US (or most likely, a part of its military, the one that takes order directly from a certain lobbies), under Israel pressure, is doing everything it can to gain time for the jihadists in Syria and delay the final victory of the state against terrorism.

There will be a time when those responsible for this conflict will face the judgement of the entire humanity.


You are right. The time they gain is used to launch and establish military bases in Syria. This way, the war will never end and the US, along with Israel, will keep supplying arms and train jihadis in a never ending war.

Kim Jong

It will end. Very soon.

Brad Isherwood

US are signalling they will remain in Syria just as Iraq or 16 years Afghanistan.
The Only Global Power*…which is now facing more pushback than the British
Empire ever did,….in arrogance. ..demands compliance to its gestures.

The Faux war on terror is old Masonic/British Empire game to pillage and plunder,
Keeping nations in chaos.
Putin/Lavrov can say whatever about it….they both know the Game,
Cuz they are Willingly playing it to.
In a sense…nations have to.
Russia and other powers with leverage can alter the game,….not victims
Like others.
The Game just rolls on and on….hot war,cold war…1/0 ..On/Off.
The US is however socially addicted to a deceptive medium,
Such as Freedom and Democracy…
They will send their own by the 1000s to perish and be maimed. ..for a Lie.
Russians and other nations are more grounded in Reality,
Yet they know the truth of what they are up against.
Partly why Vietnam beat the US with Russia assistance.
They knew the Foreigner was occupier for false reason and opportunism.
Solution….make the Opportunism as painfull and costly as can be.
Nations like Israel project power and control media narrative to cover over
National insecurity….Israel being rolled over so many times in history.
Check mated in mere weeks by Hezbollah in 2006.
Syria and Iran can either be victim or change up the game ,
…by being more like the North Vietnamese.

Cyriak Papasissis

You are right , you make very valid points , you bring the essence of the Game out. I just wanted to remind everybody that the PMU have announced that they are not going to tolerate the US presence in Iraq and Syria. After ISIS is obliterated , they are going to attack the Americans. Iraqis , Syrians and Iranians behind them they are going to be more like North Vietnamese. The Russians slowly undertake some diplomatic initiatives, at first , to end the American presence in Afghanistan , to make it obvious to everyone the exact nature of the Game the Americans play there. Through internet is much easier nowadays to make it transparent. The Americans have made so many grave faults , that their position in the ME has become untenable. They have fired up large segments of the population against them , people who otherwise would not be that deeply inimical. Their land- and resource-grabbing ambitions have become too obvious to hide under smoke and mirrors.

Brad Isherwood

Tragically,…only some few % of Americans voted for Trump over Hillary,
The rest didn’t participate.
Later….Trump was revealed to be just as all the other Presidents before since
JFK,….a Butler for the Deep State.
“Bring us another war Jeeves” !
Charlotte Iserbyt from the Reagan Administration Era wrote about the
Dumbing Down of America*. …which is basically correct.
Today’s controlled media drive the public.
This is old news….since Both Wilson and FDR ran on the promise – “Our boys are
Not going over to those wars”…..and then they did .
Americans see a TV anchor standing in front of the Whitehouse blathering Away.
They believe what’s being said to them….not fully because of content or credibility
Of the person speaking,
But because** the Whitehouse is in the background, …..that symbol Trump’s all
Debate…..”gotta be true…look….there’s the Whitehouse”.
If the Deep state needs the foreign conflict….they can get it and get the public to ride along.


I try not to be (too) bloodthirsty, and moral victories would taste sweetest for me. That said, the Iraq invasion will soon have been 15 years ago. Has anybody laid a finger on Tony Blair’s dirty money?


the sad part is, it will not take place in their lifetime.

John Whitehot

who knows..

Leon De Elias

Motherfucking terrorist US Military..As a westerner I lost every fucking respect to these murderous dishonored terrorists..!

northerntruthseeker .

I always saw the real terrorists being the US itself.. All I can say to everyone is “What took you so long to see this as reality?”


they are not US military. a commenter here i can’t remember who gave me an expression that i have plagiarized ever since. they are the american foreign legion.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Seen on Al Masdr News the American foreign legion (ISIS) had attacked an Iraqi borer station near Al Tanf they came from Al Tanf ,they had their SF Suunto and Casio watches on and all had military desert boots on and some withe new equipment .


Yes when I saw the pictures I immediately thought these are the US backed mob, whats to say they are ISIS?
A few flags?
As soon as I saw the pics I thought …..

comment image

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Their stances and the cllothes are a dead give away with the few FSA frauds there easy to interchange them . Think this might be retaliation or a signal to Iraq the US is going to control the border and not anyone else . The push to Bukmal and Qaim seems the way to get around that play and send a message to the US you are being out played and out positioned .


Yes clearly aimed at the PMU/Iran.
I hope their right hook through the desert is sustained and successful, the PMU need to get into gear and move up the border with them.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

they have kept up to where the new Syrian lines are and are not giving anything away there .The Iraqi government wants to keep them in the blind and make them rely on US intel sources .


This guy spoke the truth on behalf our interests. We will not backdown. This depends on our economy survival



Well there you go, US is holding most of the world hostage for own benefit. You might want to reduce your bases around the world, you filthy occupant.

Real Anti-Racist Action

It does not benefit the US at all. Just like the First World War did not benefit the US at all.
It benefited International-Jewry. Took them a major step forward to conquering the Middle East for Jews Only.
Goyim’s die in all of these wars, and Jews thrive on the endless Goyim’s killing Goyim’s game that Jews invented for us.


John Whitehot

I’m afraid that the word “game” is not right when talking about masonic scheming.

It’s very likely that it’s the exact word scheming jews use with this meaning.


Mountains , if the American Elite Interests are destroying other peoples nations and using debt as a form of slavery in the US , you are correct.

However events change ever more rapidly in the ‘joined up world’ we have today and the US is ever increasingly on the wrong side of history. The whole world can see at the click of a button the results of ‘American Democratic Values’ in countries the US has visited.

It is not a pretty sight and resembles much of the Mongol Empire.

I can only hope that ‘American Democratic Values ‘ continue to incubate in the US so that you can experience the anarchy that comes with it.

Brad Isherwood

US are dysfunctional collective of opportunists who have broken society,
Economic collapse.
Police state to protect the 1%.
States and City’s are going bankrupt. ..
Pension funds are imploding as that Ponzi goes bang!
Some 93 Million Americans are available for work. …yet cannot find work.
They go off the unemployment data via gov trickery to create healthy economy BS.

It’s retail Apocalypse as 1000s of stores /chain stores go bankrupt or close for good.
Unemployment from that will go into the high 1000s.
Corporate debt from 2007/08 Subprime implode was kicked down the road. ..
Those debts are maturing now with weak economy….
Americans and Canadians are maxed out in debt….if interest rates rise even 1/2 of 1%
It will break half of the mortgage crowd who have savings to last 1 month.


There is also the massive Student Debt that only in death can escaped.
It is a sad testimony to US leadership that killing other people around the globe is more important than educating the nation.

Brad Isherwood

Yes….the Bankers ran the same Ninja loans for Auto,personal credit lines.
Student loans no questions asked…
And of course credit cards.
All after the 2007/08 Subprime blowout. …
Now…all that has become debt bondage with little chance to escape.
The Educated who even went $40 grand in debt for Green environmental career,
Can’t find work…
Total con…..millions who have huge student loan debts as you refer, …and no chance at a decent career paying full time job contract.

Concrete Mike

Your damn right Im maxxed out in debt, yet the banks want to Loan me more and more, Im disciplined si I Say no thank you, 10k$ visa is enough for me. Also most of us have no savings, we use crédit Lines ect as savings.

Brad Isherwood

I’m 2 decades + Oil /Nat gas process fabrication/Boiler makers Union/AFL-CIO.
Last contract was NATCO – ran a CNC underwater cut Cryogenic Nitrogen Plasma
Gantry, ..50 ton remote control cranes,Machine operator, welding,layout,yard
Crane, …shift Senior rescue First Aid.
Had a situation in 2001….had to make a decision. …take the Disability pension or risk.
Once walking out…you can’t get it back.
I accepted the separation package…and in time…..it proved the right decision.
Have no debts, …yet like yourself…it’s tempting. ( lol….put a lit cigar into your arm to snap out of it : )
Am fortunate to have an inheritance which requires resolve to wait for.
Lots of people bash union….yet for me…it is the rock.
My Union builds America’s surface warships and submarines. …mines,nuclear reactors.
I’ve been part of all that, …even restored an old steam locomotive circa the Old West Era.
The shop of my last contract was sold,…some 300 guys got dumped on the curb.
Having built for oil/nat gas globally, ….the present wars remind that many people are captured into this Banker extortion cycle with its never ending wars for lies.

Concrete Mike

Also im still fuming about thé big Banks getting bailed out. Thats our money, beign Stolen, then the executives pay themselves huge bonus, they Said its standard practice , we all do it. Its infuriating.


do you comment at ZH?

Brad Isherwood

I have commented in the past,…..Zero Hedge is a great information clearing site.
Lots of colorful poster comments : )


the reason i asked, and do not take this the wrong way. people are always mis-interpreting what i say. reading your comment listed the headlines of the major articles the last two weeks. it was like reading a “readers digest” of ZH. hope i haven’t crossed swords with you. i pretty much try to keep to myself there, and go mostly to try to understand the financial stuff. it is however becoming more and more of a mainstream socio/political site as everything is tied to the financial markets/movements nowadays.

Brad Isherwood

My personal view and bias on forum topics is to introduce information points.
Often they are historical. ..will provide links.
These points can be worked by say Google search or other.
The reader can explore without demand
Using information webforums as source does bring up diverse opinion by
Readership…IE. ..if a person sites from a certain website. ..they must be this and this.
Take the topic of 911,…you will find even the alternative media on that to be shot thru
With disinformation, Gatekeepers , agenda bias.
911 can be reduced to Conspiracy theory. …and Conspiracy Facts*
IMO….The Conspiracy Facts do exist….but good luck getting thru that briar patch.
ZH became more Cosmopolitan …due to its popularity. ….higher intelligence set.
Yet candidly. …you can find articles on the same day saying the economy is rebounding…
And the economy will collapse.


Interestingly , in Mountains video , just after it , is a piece by , Israeli News Live
Russia Retaliates For Downing Syrian War Plane , June 19/2017 .

In it is claimed that , 3 US special ops soldiers were killed and 7 wounded , in the ISIS area that the SyAAF was bombing . These soldiers were “embedded” .
So were they embedded with ISIS ? These US casualties have not been reported on American media .


Well, an Israeli Golani Brigade Colonel was captured by the Iraqi Army about a year ago. He was advising an ISIS group the Iraqi’s ambushed.

The US plan B is to bring Libyan style anarchy to Syria and Iraq, so US soldiers or CIA contractors assisting ISIS makes sense.


Interesting, could this be why this came out?

comment image


American democratic values? WTF is that?

Let me tell you about the incubator we live in here. TPTB keep us distracted.
Everything is a distraction. Social issues to distract us from foreign policy issues to distract us from economic issues. In the early seventies TPTB decided that is was becoming apparent what they were doing. So they decided the only way to get done what they wanted to would be in plain sight. But the only way to do that would
be to divide us. Divide us from our family members. Divide us in our religious life. Divide us economically. Bring us to the point where we saw other americans as the enemy and not them. The US society today is divided socially as much as Syria is destroyed physically.
The most recent trade legislation, TPP, that was brought up by the HNIC was kept
under lock and key. It was not allowed to be debated on the floor of Congress. It was not allowed to be photocopied. When members of congress wanted to view the legislation they went into a locked room protected by an armed guard. If our founding fathers had seen this they would have every member of Congress hung and then started in on the general population for allowing it to happen.
Every US media outlet and politician criticizes Iran for the method of selecting the
people that can run for elected office, and don’t pay any attention to how the people that run the political parties do the same here.
It does not matter which political party is in power, the policies are the same. Oh
yeah, they let the figurehead have his token ways and pet projects, but when it comes to ass raping the american taxpayer and/or some foreign leader, it is just the same old same old.
If Goebbels were alive today, he would be proud of the media in the US. They fancy
themselves as our fourth branch of government. They are a self important group of elitists that can only put their agenda on display. Talking down to the public is not journalism.
The US Congress routinely get approval ratings of single digits, yet the so-called
electorate return over 90% of the members to Washington.
In the mean time, let’s do a thought experiment. It’s 1939. I live in Germany. I don’t approve of Hitler’s military escapades. What do you think my chances are to change anything?


Hopefully the majority of American people unlike you have not lost their senses and know what is in their interest and what not.

John Whitehot

great xDDD


Our forces(ISIS) were being bombed, and we had no choice. WTF r u doing in Syria btw?


The Freudian slip at 0.36 is a clanger, ‘…we have special operators, special forces accompanying our forces…errrhh….the local forces on the ground…’

George King

“The United States is overtly engaged in another aggression against a sovereign country that poses no conceivable, let alone actual or imminent, threat to the nation. This is an act of war.”

As an act of war, this is unconstitutional, and would demand a congressional declaration. The claim, touted by Joint Chiefs’ Chairman, Gen. Dunford, that the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) against al-Qaeda provides constitutional justification for attacking the Syrian government is patently false and particularly precious. In the Syrian conflict, it’s the Syrian government that is the enemy and target of al-Qaeda affiliates; it’s the U.S. and its allies who are supporting al Qaeda. The authorization to fight al-Qaeda has been turned into an authorization to help al-Qaeda by attacking and weakening its prime target!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This Guy wants to put US lives on the line and even suggested it is important the US has control of the fields . About the jet being downed he forgot to mention they jammed the communications of the Syrian jet and intentionally shot it down so it wouldn’t take out some SF embedded in the ISIS convoy it was sent to attack and SDF forces were firing on a secured position of the SAA . The biggest lie is about warnings they have to stop talking to their imaginary friends nobody thinks their real anyways . The Syrian government will secure the region from ISIS and cut off any more advances into the south towards Deir Ez zoir . They are closing the noose on the US it has fewer allies than it thinks and UN support is waning ,no one wants to be associated with the US with its history of being a war criminal yet to be tried . The economic survival story is pretty much BS and he knows it , the US has enough oil and gas , just not the big buyers of military equipment.

Alex Black

This is faze 2 of the war – a scramble for territory ISIL is losing and fast. Now faze 3 may not even be considered a “Syrian” at all. Other players learn the art of proxy war too. Rule number one – never attack your enemy directly, just use a proxy (and dispensable) force. It’s a question of time before US starts arming Iranian Kurds and ex Iraqi Al Qaida and pro-Iranian Shia militias starts blowing up US convoys and illegal basis across the border in Syria. All this brings us back that old (2012 I think) WaPo interview with ex Israeli consul to the US who said – Israel want’s a perpetual draw in Syria, and I add – in the rest of the ME too…


comment image

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