Government Forces Liberate Al-Waer Dam At Syrian-Iraqi Border (Map Update)


Government forces have captured the al-Waer dam northeast of al-Zquf at the Syrian-Iraqi border. The Syrian Arab Army and its allies have been working on expanding their presence in the southeastern desert near the border with Iraq. The strategic goal of the effot is to regain the strategic border town of al-Bukamal. The army is likely going to make an attempt to set a foothold in the T2 airport area for this push.

Government Forces Liberate Al-Waer Dam At Syrian-Iraqi Border (Map Update)

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  • Daniel

    Give the SAA 1 to 2 months and they will join up with their people in the city of Deir Ezzor.

    • Wahid Algiers

      If they will leave Souknah and only encircle it very closely, they could reach Deir Ezzor city in a few days. The ISIS fighter and their tribal supporters in Souknah will die by thurst or slayed to death by residents in the meantime.

      • Daniel

        Well that might be true but it seems like they prefer to move slowly to secure the areas they free and to de-mine them before moving much further.

        • Mr. Costelol

          Intel determines the pace. On the ground, and expected/unexpected countermeasures. The big boys are playing the tactical game. I speculate it will become bloody. I also speculate the Kurds will become pro-Assad, otherwise they loose.

          • Bob

            North east Syrian Kurds under SDF banner have just made series of tactical blunders. Announcing they are now all in with Saudi Arabia, arresting and holding downed Syrian Su-22 pilot shot down by USAF, and showing no interest in returning the bodies of recently unearthed mass grave of SAA soldiers at Tabbqa to either the Syrian state authorities or families. The SDF just put the northern central Kurds at separate Afrin canton in the firing line – should SAA decide to stand back in response to SDF actions and allow Turks to engage Afrin Kurds.

          • Ronald

            SAA should stand behind the Afrin province , it is Syrian territory , allowing Turkish troops in is to give that land to Turkey . That also will give the eastern Kurds an opportunity to separate from the now Sunni dominated SDF , because other wise ten more years of war .

          • rudy

            Big Boys have to often an overestimated superiority complex !

        • Alex Black

          The forces that do the storming and demining are different people. It is true that Elite forces like the Tigers, 5th assault corp wait for supportive forces to take over their positions and make sure they are defensive before moving on. This is standard supply line strategy.

          • Daniel

            Yes but they still need to wait for the demining before they push further.

          • Alex Black

            That is incorrect. SAA will often capture an area, quickly redploy the storming troops to another front while the area is secured, and demined by ndf, and various other static formations and police battalions that restore order and make the place livable. The demining required to move a force onto the next area is minimal.

          • Daniel

            Of course they can use the troops elsewhere but I don’t believe they will be there in a couple of days.

      • Xanatos

        Encircling it will tie down too many troops. They can launch caravans of VBIEDS from there at any moment in any direction and break thru unless you have a well fortified ring around the town.

        Either assault it and move on or Just bypass it altogether. Mine the roads and lay sensors. Anything coming out of there has to travel in open country, will be struck from the air.

  • Daniel

    The PMU really needs to start pushing for Al Qa’Im. Then they will stand very strong in the aid of the SAA.

  • Attrition47

    For the moment the Syrians are spoilt for choice and this creates a terrible tactical dilemma for the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers. Excellent. I predicted a bit of a rush but now I’m not so sure.

    • Bill Wilson

      The Sissy Arab Army doesn’t have the balls to advance against ISIS nor anyone else. The only way those faggots can take territory is after the other side abandons it. It’s quite obvious! That’s why this war has been dragging out for so long.

      • That Guy

        you are exaggerating

      • Concrete Mike

        Well sure we van all piss our ressources away , use ww1 strategies. Give your head à shake. You remember Aleppo?? Thats was such an easy fight wasent it??

        Baby is Mad that your headchopper mercs are getting their asses kicked. Tell you masters to go to hell, we are unstoppable!

      • grumpy_carpenter

        Tell that to the US soldiers brooding in Al Tanf after the SAA’s audacious drive to the Iraqi border that outflanked the US backed force and left them stranded in the desert failed in their stated mission with no front to fight on.

      • PZIVJ
      • goingbrokes

        So why did they abandon it then?

  • Stephen

    Slow and steady wins the race.

  • joe doe

    SAA should coordinate with PMU. Liberate town of al-Bukamal will connect supply line between IRAN-IRAQ – Syria

    • Mr. Costelol

      That’s the goal.

  • AladeenTheGreatDictator

    Akashat suddenly taken by Iraqi forces?

  • goingbrokes

    If SAA was to help PMU liberate Akashat they would BOTH have a clear run at the Euphrates. Could watch each others’ backs!

  • Tony Bohler


  • Thegr8rambino

    SAA should also close up that pocket near AR-RUHBA, west of at-tanf and keep securing the border east/northeast, further surrounding at-tanf :)))