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Government Forces Liberate 8 More Villages From ISIS In Eastern Aleppo

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The Syirna Army’s Tiger Forces have liberated 8 more villages from ISIS terrorists in the eastern part of the Aleppo province.

On March 2, the Tiger Forces recaptured Zaraya, Um Al-Amad, Barlin, Abu Tawil, Rahmaniya, Um Miyal, Qaziqli and Abu Kahf. Clashes were also reported in Um Miyal which is now contested.

Reports also appeared that the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) will hand over wide areas west of the northern Syrian town of Manbij to the Syrian army. The SDF leadership hopes that this will allow the group to ease the military pressure from Ankara-led forces in the area.

Meanwhile, Syrian government troops, backed up by the Russian Aerosapce Forces, liberated the ancient city of Palmyra from ISIS in the province of Homs.

Government Forces Liberate 8 More Villages From ISIS In Eastern Aleppo

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Trustin Judeau

Some say ten villages.Anyway good advances.

Robert Guttierez

That’s funny because the article says 8 but there are 9 within the dotted lines.


On to Lake Assad tigers!
Don’t pay attention to the FSA trash up north.
A few NDF troops should keep them quiet.
Let’s hope Erdogan is not crazy!


When have the NDF ever been useful?


Agreed, NDF are pretty weak, it was their fault they lost Palmyra so quickly last time. All they’re useful for is holding/policing captured areas that are no longer under threat, or making up the numbers during large assaults.

NDF should never be relied on.


Seems like you guys never been to Syria. Neither both of you know the desert terrain in Syria and weather conditions like us Syrians. The desert in Syria isn’t one compared to like Saudi Arabia or other nations, its completely different. One must go and see for himself. Anyways, NDF’s role is primarily defensive and counter attacks (if the get attacked).

Considering this proxy war has been going for 7 years, the Syrian AA is doing their best to reduce any causalities. This when they retreated back to T-4 airbase, it was the most logically decision to prevent any deaths. So when the NDF pulled back to T-4 airbase, it was a very smart decision.

One must keep in mind that ISIS uses a combination of regular armies in term of equipment, financing and even training, while conduct most of its operations in a non-regular methods including suicide attacks. Therefore, that enemy does not care about human losses and with the Gulf States financing it whether with money or with ideology, and an unclear stand from the international committee about its presence in Syria, then they have a semi-unlimited pool of fighters.

Therefore the NDF is reliant and we see it happening in Daraa and Hama.

“When ISIS attacked the Para-Military unites stationed to hold the city, the SyAAF and RuAF and the close by military formations responded to hold of the attack as long as it takes for the withdrawal to be conducted with minimal casualties, and you all saw how the first two waves of attacks were completely repelled, then a coordinated withdrawal took place to the nearest military stronghold, which was then the T4 Air Force Base.
Then an operation was planed based on the situation and we can say:
The operation in the Desert which so far liberated Palmyra is one of the “cleanest” operations conducted by the Syrian Arab Armed Forces, the lives and equipment casualties are minimal, perhaps the lowest in any operation since the beginning on the war. The tactics used in term of combined arms, even unmanned combat ground vehicles were used, and the results as we said, minimal Syrian casualties; and if you all noticed, also minimal media coverage.” – Syrian Arab Army


I think that SAA priority should be Assad lake and rebel pockets in Damascus suburbs bcs in that area lives about 2 million people, also liberation of that pockets would free much manpower to SAA


Yes, I agree with you Dejan but keep in mind we have to deal with Turks in our own nation. To prevent them entering in more we gotta cover the north region on the top.

As it clearly appears now, everyone wants a part of Syria.

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