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Government Forces Launch Counterattacks In Northern Afghanistan, As Kabul Officials Go To Doha For Talks With Taliban

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Government Forces Launch Counterattacks In Northern Afghanistan, As Kabul Officials Go To Doha For Talks With Taliban

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The Afghanistan government forces, supported by local militias headed by political leaders Turan Ismail Khan and Abdul Rashid Dostum, have launched counterattacks in the north of the country. Together they managed to recapture several areas from Taliban.

The forces of Abdul-Rashid Dostum, under command of his son, are reportedly active in the provinces of Sari-Pul, Badghis, Jowzjan, Faryab, Samangan and Kunduz. Local militias receive assistance from Turkey.

Turan Ismail Khan, mainly supported by Iran, is carrying out attacks in the province of Herat.

Government Forces Launch Counterattacks In Northern Afghanistan, As Kabul Officials Go To Doha For Talks With Taliban

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Meanwhile, Taliban militants continue their offensive in the Afghan province of Kandahar, seizing military checkpoints, weapons, equipment and key roads.

Taliban shared video from the residence of local governor.

At the same time, Afghan Ministry of defense shares footage of the recent air strikes that were carried out in the same district.

Amid the on-going clashes all over Afghanistan, Kabul officials are going to visit Doha for another round of negotiations with representatives of the Taliban.

On July 13, Tolo news reported that an 11-member team of Afghan politicians were expected to travel to Doha by the end of this week.

The delegation should reportedly include: Abdullah Abdullah, Hamid Karzai, Yunus Qanooni, Karim Khalili, Mohammad Mohaqiq, Salam Rahimi, Abdul Rashid Dostum, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, Sayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi, Enayatullah Baligh and Fatima Gailani.

This comes as Abdullah Abdullah, the head of the High Council for National Reconciliation, and former president Hamid Karzai, said that Kabul expected important steps to be taken in the peace talks within the next few days.

The meeting will take place following the last week’s talks in Tehran.

“Some politicians, including former president Karzai’s close aide Abdul Karim Khurram, said the meeting was “highly constructive” during which the two sides shared recommendations with each other.” – Tolo news reported.


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Wouldn’t it be highly convenient for some if all the afghan leaders would have an accident on their way to or in doha?

I wonder why all there leaders some of them warlords since for ever would trust the safety guarantees.

Peter Wallace

These types of meetings generally have 3rd party countries guaranteeing the safety of the participants. In this case Qatar would be one and also perhaps Russia and Pakistan . Those travelling for the talks from all parties will have some sort of diplomatic immunity and apart from America ( Soleimani ) countries abide by hands off.

Ashok Varma

The ANA should not be written off, Indian military academy at Dehra Dun has trained hundreds of their officers and found them very motivated and professionals. If the ANA and Northern Alliance with Russian, Chinese and Iranian assistance can form a unified operational command like the SAA and Iranian militias have done in Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Afghan government can survive and even reclaim territory. Taliban are basically Wahhabi criminals from Pakistan and China who feeds the Pakis is leaning on them. The bankrupt Pakis can not alienate the Chinese masters who feed them. Expecting a Taliban takeover is a bit premature to quote Mark Twain.

Last edited 21 days ago by Ashok Varma

Cheney is dead,I repeat DEAD,as are its useless policys seeing usa 30 trillion in the red,india needs to pull their finger out of mr swastikas ass and get to work make a real go of life in the faster lanes.
No future in fascism nor the lgbtq nor soros nor gates nor blair nor eugeddon nor nazism/fascism,
only they with the real merchandise combine to have so much power that would sens all the luciferian deep state fascist hyppocrites to hell where they richly belong,times running out,get the fk out fools.


Indian Military academy ! LoL ! Indian army cant fight a small group of freedom fighters in Kashmir – only can massacre and rape civilians like their israeli bosses. Taliban has destroyed US military machine + 28 NATO armies – who the F@ck is the Indian Army ???LMFAO

shia finished

100 rafidah burnt in south iraq loool


you are the son of yazzid ibn Muwayia ale saud whabhi cult. your PIG in syria and iraq are getting burnt in hell everyday. your zionist master are crying everyday and pissing in thier pant by hearing Hezbollah at the gate. soon this taliban will be pissing when they will hear that liwan Fatemiyoun brigade are coming back to Afghanistan to put this taliban in their grave if they harm any of thier Family (Shia) so get ready . you cult


No one needs the deep state failed operatives,in time there will be rebellion,peoples are way too many.


I want to see sas muderers trialed in oz,excuses only just that,sorry Ditto but thats not good enough:
Infact any real deal anzac would turnm on their grave,harden up defense minister,not cias porridge.


Moslems must now form hunter killer squads to massacre all Western operatives and politicians involved in Afghan and Iraq invasion. Learn from the Zio pigs..


Time to assassinate Dostum and Hekmatyar. The whole plan of the devious Yankees was to cast Afghanistan into a continuous low level conflict for a few more years. Kill these historical agitators who are a part of the Puppet regime since they support the US installed puppets. Taliban should Kill Kill Kill with extreme prejudice

USA strong China-Iran-Russia paper tigers

52 bangladeshi mullah sent to hell in factory fire 2 days back

shia finished

100 shia burnt in hospital fire in iraq

Peppe il Sicario

Don’t worry people!!! The egomaniacal wannabe Sultan of Shitistain, Er dog, has said that he is sending Turkish troops to Afghanistan to bring stability to the country!!!!! The Taliban have warned him: send lots and lots of body bags too.


IF Turkey and Iran want to keep this TAliban in control then they have to cooperate and create good resistance army in north of Afghanistan all the way to east and south and tell this taliban you are not the only who can fight. taliban thinks they are invisible fighters like zionist.

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