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Government Forces Isolated Militant-held Part Of Daraa City From Eastern Direction (Map)

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Government Forces Isolated Militant-held Part Of Daraa City From Eastern Direction (Map)

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On July 6, Syrian government forces fully isolated the militant-held part of Daraa city in the southern province of Daraa after they had liberated the village of Nuaymah.

According to pro-government sources, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Forces established control of Nuaymah after a series of light clashes with local militants – members of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (f0rmerly Jabhat al-Nusra) and the Free Syrian Army.

Meanwhile, the SAA and its allies continued their advance along the border with Jordan, which started on July 5.

The Syrian militaty is steadly working to retake the Nassib border crossing and to encircle militants in southern neighborhoods of Daraa city. Both these developments will be a decisive blow to the militants in southern Syria.

Government Forces Isolated Militant-held Part Of Daraa City From Eastern Direction (Map)

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Well done them Syrians and Allies.

Promitheas Apollonious

what interest us is when the golan heights, will be free.


U know the answer…why r u asking?


It will be free. The only question is whether we will be there to see it. Nothing lasts forever.


no and none does until the end of this game. one can speculate yes but knowing and speculating is not the same.

Promitheas Apollonious

HH answered for me. Obviously if you think I know the answer already you have think of one. So why dont you also let us in, to your answer?

You can call me Al

Promitheas, whilst I agree, I reiterate my personal view that this is not the time to do it. The East of Syria needs clearing, the Yankers + allies + Kurds AND THEN IDLIB (or vice versa) …… then the glory days of the Golan heights …..WHICH IS SYRIAN ANYWAY.

My view only.

Promitheas Apollonious

come to think of it, mine too.

You can call me Al

Very diplomatic, thank you.

As a side issue, who do you think will win the World Cup (football) ?

Ray Douglas

100%. The East needs to be cleared of yankee terrorists and reclaim the oil wells and help to repair all the destroyed infrastructure in Syria.


GOlan GOlan GOLan SAA.

Wise Gandalf

Go as volunteer.


For once I agree with you. This retaking the Golan thing is utter bullshit.

Wise Gandalf

I was soldier. Simply do not like people, who send other to die. I look on wars through different viewpoints. One of them, how many mothers cry for their fallen sons.


I had an inglorious career of 28 days in the RA before I saw that I’d been had, how about you? ;O)


Well done SAA and their allies. Very good progress of SAA and their allies. SAA liberated seven villages with in one day. Just four villages left. After taking that South Darya will be free from US backed terrorists.

Cedric Hunter

The SAA must encircle Daraa City as soon as possible and begin the siege that clear out the militants out of the South. Almost there SAA. Once the rebels have lost their supply lines, they will crumble in every direction.


SAA and their allies are advancing very well. They have very good combate experience.


You are forgetting Russia air support, without it, hardly would be any advance at all.


US and Europeans are manslaughters in Palestine and in the rest of the world.

Russia and China are mansaviours.

Igor Dano

It is only me, who can recognize the paatern from Donbas, with caludrons? If thebterrorists refuse the offer for reconciliation, then they will get all slaughtered (I do not have any isue with that).

Bobby Twoshoes

Much was made in the whoremedia of individual soldier desertions to the FSA in the early days (no doubt under threat of death, not that it was ever mentioned). It is telling that when the SAA rolls back into town after pulling it’s socks up (and some help from friends) pretty much every major city deserts en mass.

Gregory Casey

I will hazard a guess to say that Syrian Forces will stop at the borders with de-militarized Zone on the Golan until such time as US Forces have withdrawn from Syria ……. an announcement I expect after the Putin-Trump Meeting next week. Withdrawal will take a period of 3 – 4 months during which time, Syrian Forces will gradually recover its Borders with Iraq to the East and with Turkey in the N East. What happens to the North of Aleppo, I don’t know except to say that if Putin demands that Erdogan withdraws, Turkey will withdraw. That leaves the Wahhabi-Islamic Terrorists in the Province of Idlib who I expect to be laid under siege for a number of months in the late Summer and Autumn. When all of these Territories are mopped-up, it is then and only then that Syria will advance on the Golan ……… I expect this in early Spring of 2019..

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