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Government Forces Got Control Over All Neighborhoods Of Aleppo City Which Had Been Controlled By YPG


On February 22, units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) entered into the YPG-held neighborhoods of Aleppo city and established a full control over them. The development was officially confirmed by a representative of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). According to the released statement, YPG units from the city of Aleppo had moved to the Afrin area to combat Turkish forces.

Government Forces Got Control Over All Neighborhoods Of Aleppo City Which Had Been Controlled By YPG

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  • Michał Hunicz

    Great, can’t wait for news about handing over Tel Rifaat!

    • Jabhat_al_Akrad

      its already done

  • antoun

    and arrested the all the separatits kurds lol thank you who???

    • Suliman


  • Terence Silvestre Jr.

    Will it be possible that reason will gradually prevail instead of the futile treacherous madness that has lately characterized the Kurds?
    Something late by the way but always welcomed, more when it greatly benefits some common good, confronted to a common evil.

    • nicolas s

      just enlighten us
      what is this kurd treachery you are talking about

      • Tudor Miron

        Working with US (invading foreign power) to grab Syrian lands and to create US puppet state on those lands.

  • Rob

    Eventually soon whole Syria will be liberated from US and US backed terrorists, Israel and Turkey. Their all fake news and propaganda have now exposed. Their all energies and wealth will loose.

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


      • Rob

        Of course.

  • Joe Doe

    If Kurd’s had not hesitated that long to SAA enter Afrin, today Afrin region would be unattached by war. The Kurd’s should also allowed SAA in Manbij.If anyone recall way back, Americans promised Erdagon Manbij and all the area West of the Euphrates river

  • Lupus

    Don’t forget SAA and Kurds together fought the jihad terrorists in Aleppo

    • Jabhat_al_Akrad

      many do forget it… kurds backed saa in allepo city, but many saa fanboys uneducated are just fools

      • gustavo

        Yes, but we need to take into account that right now Kurds are handled by USA, and in this situation it could happen any wrong.

        • Potato Potato

          Kurds west of the Euphrates having nothing to do with the USA.

          • King Tudor777

            You’re wrong, Kurds in Manbij have a lot to do with the USA, only those in Afrin and Aleppo have nothing to do, there are Americans in Manbij, but it’s west of the Euphrates.

      • World_Eye

        There a big difference of the YPG in Afrin, and the SDF bitches in east North-Eastern Syria under influence of the US pure proxies.

      • Wahid Algiers

        The only uneducated is you, uneducated, fool and stupid. You mix things up: Kurdish traitors are in the eastern Part of Syria. US-slaves. Israel-friends. Damascus Gov. and SAA are correct in their behaviour with the kurds in Afrin and Mandschbi and the other way round. So do not mix up western and eastern kurds, so as Iraqi kurds who are all NOT unique in their aims, history and even languages. But you know that Kurdish fanbaby.

    • Yolo

      Palestine fighters started the jihadi defeat in Aleppo!

  • velociraptor

    Puch! When retook juhadists al layramoun??

    • Piotr Rokosz

      Layramoun was not taken by SAA. Government captured only Layramoun factories in city, near Bani Zayd.

      • velociraptor

        Thanks. Then i remembered false.

  • Lehrasap

    I was ok with the Kurds till they wanted to have autonomous region like Iraq in the areas where they are in absolute majority.
    But then Kurds became agents of US and they occupied the areas of oil wells and dams where there are no Kurd population. This showed they are total enemy of Syrian Government. This act is not forgiveable.

    • Admiral_Moorer_believed

      One of the problems is that they want control where Kurds were not in a Majority. Raqqau. Manbij. Oil fields in Dier Azzor province. . .

      • BMWA1

        In Omar oil fields, no claim at all, they just want the oil.

    • Gjergj

      I don’t think they did this on they free will or purpose. These over-expansion was surely an imperative request of US.

    • @Inc2Get

      Please, don’t underestimate the intelligence of Russia and Syria. From leaked documents and intel with respect to the agreement with the kurds, the SAA is now de facto in control of Afrin. In exchange, the kurds will be provided with forces, soldiers and logistics. One point of the agreement is that while the kurds will govern Afrin, they need to provide the SAA with soldiers like every other state while they lay down their arms.

      Don’t forget that Assad said he is willing to grant the kurds autonomy but he has to have control over the oil fields. Keep in mind that the SDF is not solely kurds but rather former jihadis and former ISIS fighters also. We will never forget the kurds betrayel but the syrian people are tired of wars, they only want unity and an end to it. Now, Russia is going to negotiate for a cease-fire in Ghouta in order to evacuate sick civilians but also families and children. After that, they will keep pounding Ghouta and demand a withdrawal to Idlib rather than a surrender. Confirmed reports also suggest that the northern Hama pocket will become next target as already 135 “rebels” have surrendered themselves to the SAA and will join the Amnesty deal Assad provided for them, where they go through vetting and if they have not committed crimes against civilians, they will be able to join.

      • Feudalism Victory

        That sounds sensible enough and a rational course for all actors

      • Tudor Miron

        Well said.

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      i am gonna agree 100% with u bro

    • World_Eye

      Its not directly them, it is in their name but the US sucks that oil there remember that, the Kurd’s can’t do shit if the US say so.

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Syria should attack Ypg from whole fronts. Its time to take lands back from Us rats with Turkeys help.

    • Jabhat_al_Akrad

      shut up flith turk, i fk ur turkish mother

      • antoun

        shut up vermin separatist!!

  • Potato Potato

    Aleppo looks so beautiful now without that yellow eyesore tumor.

    • antoun

      oh yes!!! kill vermin separatist kurds!!