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Government Forces Gain More Areas In Northern Hama

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Syrian government forces have regained more areas from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham-led forces in northern Hama.

Government troops have captured Massanah, Zawr Mahruqah [firefigts are still ongoing in the area] and reached Markabah.

Clashes were also reported in Buwaida and Zailaqiat.

The current developments show that government forces will likely attempt to secure Buwaida and Markabah and then to storm Lataminah.

Government Forces Gain More Areas In Northern Hama

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Alex Sbleit

Esperemos que pronto caiga el frente rebelde, ¡mucha suerte al gobierno!

Sergio González

Estaría muy bueno que se reactive el frente en Latakia, para comprimir más la situación en Idlib.

Alex Sbleit

El problema es la falta de soldados que sufre el gobierno. Le es imposible mantener más frentes abiertos.

Sergio Gonzalez

Eso es cierto, es más, demasiado ha hecho ya el Ejército Sirio, aguantando durante años a las fuerzas jihadistas de ISIS, FSA, El ejército israelí y el turco.

Bill Wilson

Looks like the SAA will have that salient eliminated within a few weeks or less. I wonder if they’ll keep moving north as long as the extremists’ defenses continue to crumble?


At this rate, SAA should try and get to Marat al-Numan. Possibly have the marines and Desert Hawks to open Jisr al shughr front just before they take the town. They have to squeze them as much as possible before the Deir Ezzor offensive. Time is against them though.

Balázs Jávorszky

Hope they make a dash to Aleppo along the highway, cut Idlib into two. The eastern part is partly desert, so after cutting it from the Turkish supplies, they can liberate it quickly.

Daniel Rich

The SAA + Allied Forces’ success rate keeps accelerating. As has been discussed in other threads, better training and equipments surely are paying off in spades.

My only concern is for the takfiri terrorists, who, by now, must see the writing on the wall [albeit not their own] and know the end is neigh, to ditch their battlefield gear and opt instead for a guerrilla warfare against the SAA + Allied Forces, with suicide bombers/cars, etc., attacking soldiers and civilians alike.

Balázs Jávorszky

A guerrilla has the support of the locals. This is definitely absent in this case. All the territories (even those labeled exclusively “Sunni”) that have been liberated by the Syrians are very peaceful, and very apparently the locals support the government.

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