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Government Forces Expand Their Operations Against ISIS In Eastern Syria

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Syrian government forces have expanded its operations against ISIS cells in eastern Syria. Currently, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the National Defense Forces (NDF) and their allies focused their activity in the two areas:

  • the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert;
  • the eastern al-Suwayda countryside;

In the province of Deir Ezzor, the SAA and the NDF have received reinforcements from southern Damascus, where a military operation against ISIS in the Yarmouk refugee camp area was finished in late May. This group of pro-government forces is now preparing to carry out a military operation against the remaining ISIS cells in the  desert area as well as to strengthen government positions in the Euphrates Valley. ISIS has recently carried out a series of attacks on government forces near the towns of al-Bukamal and al-Mayadin as well as near the T2 pumping station.

At the same time, the SAA and the NDF are involved in an anti-ISIS operation in eastern al-Suwayda where they are cracking down on ISIS cells in the villages of Tell Sa’d, Tamutha, Ashrfya and Aura. The village of Ashrfya and the area of Beir Aura were already secured.

Summing up the recent developments, it becomes clear that the SAA leadership is using the time needed for negotiations with militants in southern Syria to deal with other security threats, like ISIS cells in eastern Syria.

Goverment troops deployed for operations in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert:

Government Forces Expand Their Operations Against ISIS In Eastern Syria

Click to see the full-size image

Government Forces Expand Their Operations Against ISIS In Eastern Syria

Click to see the full-size image

Government Forces Expand Their Operations Against ISIS In Eastern Syria

Click to see the full-size image

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This means Israel will attack Syria again soon. Therefore a new chemical weapon story is also expected.


Shrewd SAA command has evicted the Wahhabi skunks to an area nearest where the main cancerous tumor(US and SDF apocalyptists) has embedded itself. All they have to do is destroy both with one gorilla slap.


Today, a huge majority of Muslims around the world is realizing who the true enemy of Islam is. lSlS are considered legitimate in Islamic law as their differences occur in their religious practice not beliefs.

People i ask you to support this state and the sunni revolution in al-Sham:


You’re a big liar, your Isis terrorists are criminals who fight for money. Are you a Jew in some cubical in Tel Aviv or Langley?



Total bullshit, i have YouTube analytics data from one famous lSlS channel and the numbers are high even in shiite infested Iran. And you also need to consider the continous brainwash with lies against lSlS and now persecution of lSlS supporters in the whole world so of course the open support will be lower than excepted.


Then disprove it.


Al Jazera poll 81,60% of muslims support lSlS (2015 before the bloody propaganda against lSlS).


I provided real polls taken in 2 dozen countries by professional polling organizations. You provided a crank online survey that is obviously a scam from one of the most Wahhabi invested terrorist supporting dictatorships on the planet:

“Al Jazeera, which is funded and run by Qatar’s ruling family, has courted controversy in the past for its support of groups including Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, which is identified as a terrorist organisation in many countries.

Critics say it has a bias towards Islamist groups and dozens of staff in its Egypt office quit over the network’s coverage.

The channel first gained widespread attention in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks on America, when it broadcast videos from Osama Bin Laden.

According to a US journalist, the channel also had a “huge, glamorous poster of bin Laden’s silhouette” hanging in the background of the main studio set.

Pro-ISIS Twitter accounts are thought to be promoting the poll and asking followers to vote in support of the extremist group.”

– Huge majority SUPPORT Islamic State in Arab world, shock poll finds –



These polls are biased, generally suck and have a high noise to signal ratio. Professional polling organizations with sample size of 1000? And considering shias as Muslims LOL. And over 3 billion non-Muslims believe terrorism is a justifiable practice. These people believe terrorism can be justified for many reasons including protecting religious or cultural values and defending their country from foregin threats and their puppets.


Like I said, disprove it, you can’t. What you’ve provided is rubbish coming from one of the planet’s primary terrorist promoters:

– Qatar and state-sponsored terrorism –


“According to The Financial Times, Qatar spent over $3 billion (Dh11 billion) to $4 billion in funding the Syria war and has paid up to $50,000 per year to defectors from the Syrian army and their families. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute estimated that over 70 weapons cargo flights were made within 12 months, carrying Qatari arms to Syrian rebels between April 2012 and March 2013. The Syrian National Council (SNC), the main political opposition, was Qatar’s brainchild and was given a warm welcome in Doha, where it allowed its leadership to use the building of the shuttered Syrian embassy to operate.
It also gave the SNC Syria’s official seat during the Arab League Summit in 2013, which Doha hosted.”

– How Qatar funded extremists in Syria –


Concrete Mike

We hate you takfiri

Promitheas Apollonious

maybe you take the short path to paradise and inform us from there how you like it. If you need any help I be happy to give you a helping hand.

Promitheas Apollonious

well………… you have 7 billion to go.

Richard M

This “Daula” must be another Shanon incarnation!


Not on your nellie.


Is it true at night time, islamic state fighters have to give blow jobs to their israeli brothers?
what about the eating of cum….I heard that islamic state fighters get their heads chopped off, if they do not eat the sperm of their jewish brothers?
Thats correct right???


Lies… nothing more but lies again.


can i get an answer Daula??? about the blow jobs and sperm eaters called islamic state?
thank you




You work for the US and the sionists. It does not matter if you realize this or dont.

“we are speeding up training of ISIL forces” Barack Obama

“Obama and Hillary created ISIL” Donald Trump


Whaat? Are you making things up? Yes of course they “created” lSlS by creating chaos in Iraq as lSlS is only natural response of the islamic umma to the crusaders.


Sorry but this is hoax:

So, the brave ones out of our heroes and raised the bannered the most true banners and walked in a straight forward path, what we did witnesses to this, our leaders are far from any suspicion.


Now i ask you do you thing that people here are that stupid? Do you think that people overall are stupid? All i see are LIES and lies and Lies.


Nope. They created ISIS by paying them and training them in order to do the dirty job of removing Asad for the US. Two last presidents of USA have admited this, so there is no way you can deny this. You work for the sionists.

dez nuts

Fuck off sunni scum

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

haahhaha i love ur terminology bro its spot on :))


and to all folks giving me a hard time because i always wrote….dont trust turkey..at the end of the day..jewish controlled…and they will side with jewish nato interests….so…breaking news
kurdish forces HAVE withdrawn from manjib, us invading troops today on patrol through city already…..

so where is the great plan of putin, allowing the turkish bastards invading a so called allied nation of syria???

russia, nato countries etc.. are all controlled by satanic jews………russia/usa two sides of the SAME coin.
they always wanted to split up syria.They have now officially completed their goal.
North syria occupied by nato.
east syria occupied by nato
south syria occupied by nato
west syria occupied by jihadi israeli groups.

well done, great plan russia!!

ps. and for all the donkeys out their with those mind boggling “agreements” on eg. al tanf…….afrin…….Der e zoor…… stop believing the lies of jewish controlled media, always look at the OUTCOME……well lets look at ALL those fantastic agreements that russia made
afrin area-manjib great plan letting the turks invade and give the occupied territory back to the syrian government…opsss didnt work out ey russian lovers…maybe better luck next time
al tanf agreement….lolol “all iranian and hezbollah forces leave south syria in excahnge for al-tanf going back to syria…well lets see….hmmmmmm…opps the us pricks are building their base ever bigger and bigger…well maybe better luck next time……..
pathetic bs………..
you are the same people here that play lottery week in and week out, just for that fairy tale….just like here in syria……ALL FACTS point to russia backstabbing…..and here we go…no nono its a great plan, and we are all stupid cause putin has this great plan…nobody knows about it….hence to be honest if russia was truly on syrias side, there is NOW JUST ONE OPTION LEFT…nuclear war against nato…
ofcourse i can hear the donks here bs around again and again…writing about how free syria is now…how the russians saved syria…oh yeah….FACTS FACTS FACTS they speak a diffenrent story..

nato was not occupying syria before russia moved in…..turkey was not occupying before russia moved in…….


russia, usa,britain etc… are all controlled by the satanic jews.period
the goal of world jews is a one world government with jerusalem as its capital under jewish satanic leadership.period.
Two Sides of the SAME coin.
Unless you understand the AGENDA…all this bs talk here is moree than worthless…..there is no good usa or bad usa…there is no good russia or bad russia.The agenda counts.
Wake up brothers and sisters,,,,, its divide and conquer…played out for 2000 years
think think think
all those NBA,NHL,NFL and co. are the so called bread&games being played outto divide the nations populations..Just as in politics….demoracts or republicans…..two sides of the same coin.
think think think

John Whitehot

“think think think”

blah blah blah.

Richard M

Where is Manjib?


It’s NE of El Babo.
Check comments below.
It appears that Daula has been deleted. :)))

Richard M

LOL! :D….He will be back soon with another faux name.


Non negotiation ! Just kill them all ! Just do it ! fast, strong, brave, without mercy.

Richard M

Daesh Orcs are wondering where their NATO (Nazi Alliance of Terrorist Organizations), FUKUS (France UK US) and SHIT (Saudis Hashemites Israel Turks) air support has gone!

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