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JUNE 2021

Government Forces Established Full Control Of al-Dumayr In Central Syria (Map)

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Government Forces Established Full Control Of al-Dumayr In Central Syria (Map)

Government troops raise the Syrian flag over al-Dumayr

Syrian government forces restored a full control of al-Dumayr after all the militants had withdrawn from the town under a deal with the Damascus government.

On April 19, security forces units entered the town and and raised the Syrian flag over the municipality building. According to a correspondent of the Syrian state-run news agency SANA, 13 buses were prepared for Jaish al-Islam members and their families to transfer them to the town of Jarabulus in the Turkish-occupied part of northern Syria.

A total of 1,500 Jaish al-Islam fighters and 3,500 their relatives are set to be evacuated from al-Dumayr.

A column with militants leaves al-Dumayr:

The SANA added that militants have handed over a number of weapons to the Syrian Army over the past few days:

“6 machinegun-equipped vehicles, 32mm machineguns, anti –craft missiles, 14.5 machineguns, some individual and light weapons including rifles, PKC machineguns, FAL sniper rifles, medium pieces such as Dushka installed on ground positions, RPGs launchers, 82 and 60 mortar launchers, as well as various communication devices.”

The news about the success in al-Dumayr came as militants in the rest of the Eastern Qalamoun pocket also agreed on a reconciliation deal. In the framework of this deal, this group of militants will also have a chance to withdraw from the  area or to settle their legal status as well as the Syrian Army will restore control of the Eastern Qalamoun pocket.

Government Forces Established Full Control Of al-Dumayr In Central Syria (Map)

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excellente news and big pocket east qualamouk is capituled this morning great victory the SAA thanks trump uhuh


Syrian government should not allow anybody to establish casinos, pubs and clubs in Syria because they are Zionists want to make Syria notorious in Islamic world.
Syria is an Islamic republic country.

Samuel Boas

It is not an islamic country, it is secular and that is better.


In Syria any suspecius thing found in public places then they should not go close to that thing but should inform police.


In April 2018 East Qalamoun and Yarmouk both will be liberated from US/UK/Saudis.


The virtues of attrition warfare are making themselves felt; even the most addled US head-chopping, heart-eating raper and slaver is facing the facts.


Saudis and their Israeli friends will be soon deported from Middle East because these atheists have no right to occupy the holly lands of prophets.

Toni Liu

Love it when victory news came in and terrorist troll gone away

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Dumayr is liberated from the terrorists and now completely take Qalamoun!!


Goo news. Keep advancing to destroy totally all terrorists, brave, without fear, without mercy, non deals, non buses, asking to total surrender. I hope Russia continue giving strong protection and support to ground troops.

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