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Government Forces Enter Key Village Of Sinjar In Southern Idlib – Reports


Following the liberation of Sarja and Umm al-Halahel, government forces entered the key village of Sinjar in southern Idlib.

According to pro-government sources, units of the Tiger Forces and the National Defense Forces reached Sinjar’s vicinity amid an intense fighting with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and then engaged militants inside the village.

Some sources even reported that the Tiger forces and their allies established a full control over Sinjar. However, this still has to be confirmed by photos or videos.

Government Forces Enter Key Village Of Sinjar In Southern Idlib - Reports

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  • Duhur will fall this week! The terrorists are bickering among themselves. The Chechens, Uighurs, Uzbeks, Afghans and Euros all despise each other! :D

    • PZIVJ

      I certainly hope so, send the Jihadist trash running! :D

      • I saw nice video of FSA dawgs fleeing through fields and woods while RuAF drops bombs on them! I’m hoping a new Offensive from the north along the Aleppo-Duhur highway begins soon! The cannibals are on the run, so keep them on the run!

        • Lupus

          pass that VID pls bro

          • Someone linked it on a Syrian War site, but I can’t remember where :-{. Sorry….It was quite fun though. In one segment an armored vehicle ducks into a cave entrance and 1/2 second later a massive blast detonates the hillside!

          • Lupus

            lmao ?

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      The reason HTS might seem like they are blocking any help is they are also under the same agreements if they are seen in violation of them can come under the same assaults from the SAA and Turkish forces ,as the Turks will be forced to fight their HTS allies according to Sochi rules.

    • ZP

      you forgot to mention the Turks?

      • Turks may hold on to far northern Idlib-Bilalstan!


    The map shows nice gains to east also.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      They have a whole bunch of pictures from within Sinjar as Sarja is under SAA control. Let’s hope they continue as it seems they are ,the west complained about a Russian zone of deescalation in Beit Jinn but that can only be true if they are in control, which was blocked by the US and their backed and known terrorist factions in the region.

      Petolucem keeps making some very good maps showing the advances of the SAA on this front. He has another showing what a loss of Sinjar would be to these US/NATO backed factions in the region.

      • PZIVJ

        Wikimapia shows Kafrayya west of Sinjar taken by the SAA. This is a nice broad front offensive, not a narrow salient. HTS may be very lacking in counter attack ability. Seems they have run out of armor and arty. :)
        I thought the Beit Jinn pocket was finished, perhaps there are some diehards left there?

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          Just that the west is complaining about it at the time ,which is funny they knew what was going to happen when there is non compliance in a region which allows the government to pacify the region of these gunmen.

    • You can call me Al

      I feel a wonderful “pincer movement” coming from the East to the West…

  • Rob


    Palestine is a tiny country that cannot be divided. Since 1944 Palestinians fight just by own resources i.e. stones and knives. Palestinians have made some rockets but these are not effective.

    Since 1948 Israel receiving latest heavy weapons and fighter jets from America. Now Israel producing these heavy weapons themselves but to Palestine no country have given heavy weapons/technology.
    Now Palestine is a highly vulnerable nation in this world. Israel taking their homes by gunpoints.

    Therefore, due to air strikes the servicemen and civilian casualties of Palestinians are hundred times higher as compare to Israel. If a country like South Africa can liberate from apartheid dictatorship then why not Palestine. Palestine just needs support of friendly countries that is political, economical and military. Keeping a country isolated in the world communities is no good.

  • Rob


    650,000 illegal Israeli settlers have secretly entered in Palestine from Germany, France, UK, USA, Poland, Ukraine, Russia etc and now living in illegal settlements (colonies) on Palestinian land, demolishing Palestinian homes and leaving innocent families and children homeless.

    4.7 million Palestinians are classified by the U.N as refugees that were displaced from their homes by Israeli forces by gunpoints.

    The Archbishop Tutu and Nelson Mandela as well as other South African leaders have reported that the Israeli apartheid is worse than in South Africa. “We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians” – Nelson Mandela

  • Rob





    Israel army court charged a 16 year old Palestinian youth Ahed Tamimi with assaulting soldiers

    In Palestine the human rights violation is record high. This Palestinian war will end soon and will be free for ever from Trump sponsored terrorist organization Israel like South Africa. This brave Palestinian girl is now in the hands of US sponsored global terrorist organization Israel. She is so brave that she should have to be the prime minister of Palestine.

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  • Cheryl Brandon

    Go forth SAA/Russian forces and your pro government allies; I wish you luck in clearing out the rats being paid by the foreign powers who love nothing WARS, especially the USA/Saudi Arabia and Israhell. ISIS is a jewish /mossad group faking it as “muslim terrorists”. So, SAA./Russian SUAF must take them all out! The Barack Battalain Base of the IDF is based in the Golan Heights. This could be a great regain for SAA and her pro government allies PMU’s. I do not see Russia in that cause, it was Russia and the socialist states which helped Israhell from day i with tons of weaponry and training from USSR/Czechoslovakia/Rumania/Polland etc.