Government Forces Deploy In Striking Distance From Key ISIS-held Town Of Mayadin On Western Bank Of Euphrates (Map)


On Wednesday, Syrian government forces made a major  breakthrough in a battle against ISIS on the western bank of the Euphrates southeast of Deir Ezzor.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies liberated the important hills of Um Qddamah and Ard Hamirah and reached Az Zabari deploying in only 6-7km from the key ISIS-held town of al-Mayadin.

Al-Mayadin is one of the key strongholds of the ISIS on this bank of the Euphrates River. If government troops overrun the ISIS defense in the area, they will likely be able to liberate a large chunk of the terroritry of the Euphrates Valley from ISIS then.

Some pro-government sources even speculate that this would allow to cross the Euphreates River near the Omar oil fields.

Meanwhile, reports are appearing that the SAA secured the entire Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway after repelling another ISIS attack. However, this still has to be confirmed.

Government Forces Deploy In Striking Distance From Key ISIS-held Town Of Mayadin On Western Bank Of Euphrates (Map)

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  • SadMilhouse

    I hope it was organized by Russian strategists and not Arab ones, Arabs are awful at designing offensives

    • Joe Doe

      SAA High Command has very poor military strategic planning and organizing offencive and very poor intelligence gathering.

      • dutchnational

        Clearly the advance east of the river has either halted or been halted.

        If SAA can assault Mayadin, well done, though I suspect the info is a bit optimistic. We will see how, or even if, SAA can gain the city.

        • SadMilhouse

          the offensive at north of Deir ez or has been halted because the main target, blocking kurds, have failed

          • Gary Sellars

            .or its a bridgehead on the East bank, ready for when/if the SAA needs to forecefully enter SDF-siezed territory. Better to have a bridgehead now than having to build one under enemy fire.

          • Jens Holm

            Very funny. Those were made under heavy enemy fire where russian bombarded almost as mad at that bank.

          • Jens Holm

            Its about spreading more out then possible having succes as well.

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          This was reported 18-19 hours ago they may have already swept the bank and entered the City.

          • Jens Holm

            Tempting, but the opposite can have happend too.

      • Boris Kazlov

        That is why Russians are helping, best strategists

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Issam Zahr edine came up with the plan for lifting the siege on DE , the other plans seem to be influenced by Russians which is showing in their lack of foresight and counter planning. They need to step up their game as even the SyAAF has converted the L-39 planes to be used as ground strike fighters as they used them with deadly efficiency in Idlib.

  • Zainab Ali

    it is very clear that since israhell complained about being defeated, the illegal yankee led coalition, seemed to be gaining easily with the help of their zio terrorists who are battling the russian led coalition fiercely with supplied arms … but God is the best of all planners and He will always win inevitably

    • dutchnational

      That is saying Assad will lose?

      • Brad Isherwood

        Russia is not throwing in big,…..Neither the fucking Iranians!
        PMU of Iraq are completely off the lease. ..paid vacation?

        Serbs and Donestk hoping towards Russia are rolling their eyes knowing the shit sandwich
        Is all you get after standing in line for hours.
        Putin you are huge disappointment! !
        God damned Turds…oops…Kurds…with Uncle Shlomo looking over their shoulders now rob Syria in plain sight.

        It’s easy for US and Israel to run the tables when Russia and Iran are using Syria as a leverage.
        All the BS talk about Sovereignty. ..
        I used to think Lavrov was an awesome Person with integrity.
        Now it seems, he is just another cuck of the system.
        US has shit on everyone and stomped their balls since WW2.

        Was hoping some nation would oppose them…
        Vietnam war showed you could beat the Globalist trash.
        Putin smiling and shaking hands with Netanyahu, Erdogan and Saudi Trash is just

        It’s like some Star Trek epidode of screwed up alternate Universe.

        Putin….take the Tabqa Dam back for Syria with hammer blow strength…
        And then hit the God damned shitty Kurds in their parade walk east of the Euphrates!

        • Floyd Hazzard

          At least one other person gets the picture. I said before the Eastern Bank was ceded over deconfliction phone lines. I stand by that. Tartus and Heimeim is safe. Give the Kurds some territory and force their neighbours to buy all kinds of guns and tanks and anti-aircraft batteries. Armenia and Azerbaijan all over.
          It’s just a big racket between scoundrels.

          • Brad Isherwood

            Floyd…..India is supposedly part of BRICS,…except they baulk on Russian military contracts.
            The puppet Modi suddenly pulls currency and forces his public to go digital banking.
            It’s way to Rothschilds /Globalist. …with Jews wringing their hands in anticipation of profits.

            Numerous Russia centric websites give Putin a pass while Uncle Shlomo runs the tables
            Russia has been humiliated on the world stage by them,
            One would think that any opportunity to expose/defeat the lie would be acted on.

            Iran and Russia treat Syria like some dog you leave behind in the yard with no food for weeks while your on holiday.
            Kurd girlies with Uncle Sam money in their pocket steal Syrian Oilfields. …as casual as make up mirror.

          • Boris Kazlov

            I am also deeply irritated when I read aboutterror-USA-SDF gains, but trust the Russians, they will defeat ISIS first to pull the mask form ISrahell and force them to act on their own as invaders, the third and last stage of the war.

          • John Brown


          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Have to agree with John Brown you are very definitely wrong and do you have a clue as to why? Russia has an issue with Terrorists being near it’s borders and their allies borders , they will not except anything of this nature. Tell me if you would stop those trying to invade your neighbor’s house or let them on in without a by your leave,now they become your problem.

            Try to get real and stop living in this world that is mysteriously controlled by arms manufacturers thinking this is business as usual ,get real!

          • dutchnational

            Russia has no problem with terrorists at all as long as they are THEIR terrorists and have no problem taking ot letting be taken parts of neighbouring countries.

            A few examples near Russia : South Ossetia, Abchazia, Transdnjistry, Crimea, Donjets and Lugansk “republics”, just to name 6 examples. All changing borders by either pro russia terrorists of Russia directly and in all cases Russian army is directly involved.

          • observerBG

            Empty and useless talkings.

            These groups are not designated as terrorists by the UN and the international community.

            That’s kindergarten talk without basis in reality, you are on the level of 5 year old children.

          • Ronald

            Not kindergarden talk , but rather the “American line” .
            Ukraine , historically a part of Russia , has no connection to the ME theater and the US and Saudi financing of Wahhabi “moderate rebels” . These Wahhabi jihadists are a problem world wide in our future , eg. Burma and the atrocity propaganda campaign being waged against the government there .

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Those are just Russian people who want their freedom , none of them are terrorists they are all freedom fighters. Crimea had been trying to right a wrong committed by Ukrainian Kruschev who was responsible for Holodomor and starving millions of people in Ukraine. Donestk and Lugansk was left out of the choice of Govt in Ukraine by the US and it’s appointed Neo-Nazi Regime. South Ossetia was being constantly attacked and they retaliated. Just, Sorry not in Europe and have my news censored by NATO can access it all. Nice when your not a bottom feeding nation in NATO.

            The only credible proof is of US involvement in all those situations even the Orenburg 16 is a fictitious Russian unit. Way too many gullible journalists and those with their own agenda.

        • Manie

          I think the situation is rather far complex than what you point out. as I have said before, most of us on here including me are mere speculators as to what really happens behind closed doors with the different powers at play. the assumptions you point out might very well be true, However, at closer look those assumptions might require further assessment.

          Assume for a moment that Russia decides that there will be no more talking, coordination, and fully confronts the, the Kurd’s militarily? well, IMHO a few things would transpire from such move. (As a preface I still Believe that Direct war between Russia and U.S is something both countries don’t want).

          1. the U.S and all its Vassals will now have their so call perfect pretext to openly attack Syria at a much greater scale than they have already done, and force Russia to either confront U.S directly or stand down.
          2. Provide Kurds with legitimacy of breaking away from Syria and forming a new county. which in turn results in the usual things the U.S does, military bases, missiles to finally take out Iran and the chaos that follows.
          3. Russia Responds in kind and in this situation, neither side will accept defeat, and thus the possibility of nuclear exchange, where no body wins.

          The Russians and Allies I believe understand this dilemma, hence the lack of escalating the situation with the Kurd’s at least for the moment. My guess is that ISIS is first Vanquished, and U.S is forced to vacate Syria which I believe is the main goal of Russia and allies, since their main stated reason for being in Syria is to flight ISIS (Sarc.!!) this is however, unlikely. and will finally expose their so called true motives which we all know if full of bovine excrement.

          • DJ Double D

            Well said.

          • John Brown

            Russia will defeat the racist supremacist Jewish global slave empire in Syria at the right time. First totally eliminate Israeli ISIS, then the Israeli FSA along the Israeli border and in Idlib, then the Israeli kurdish military and its leadership in Syria and Iraq jointly with Turkey, Iran, Syria Iraq and China. This is what will happen, probably by the end of the year. Syria just needed to secure its position on the Kurdish occupied side of the river so the can position their forces there for the attack at the right time.

          • George King

            Syria from the south and west, Turkey from the North and Iran from the east, Kurds have no where to flee all sources of income, food and life cut off from the external world.

            After Sayyed Nasrallah Calls on Zionist Settlers to Leave there does appear to be a much larger coalition coming for more than just Syria’s restoration and ISIS elimination to include annihilation of supporters of the death and destruction in the ME.

            As a note Putin has already requested all Russian citizens to include students abroad to return immediately to Russia.

            “During Hezbollah crowded ceremony held in Beirut’s Dahiyeh to mark Ashura anniversary, Sayyed Nasrallah said that the stupid Israeli command does not have accurate data about the military capabilities that will confront the Zionist army during any upcoming war.”

            “Sayyed Nasrallah added that the Jews have been used by Zionism to fuel its imperial policies which serve the US-UK interests in the region, stressing that Hezbollah’s war is against the Zionists, not the Jews as followers of a divine religion.

            Hezbollah leader said that ISIL terrorist group is one of the most serious phenomena that have emerged in our region, adding that it has deformed the images of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), caused heavy human and material losses (hundreds of thousands of dead people as well as a massive destruction) and served the .

            “In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah called on holding accountable all who were behind establishing, funding and arming the takfiri group, stressing that Wahhibism is the source and origin of this thought of darkness.”

            Protecting Kurdistan may be the least of worries for those that supported, funded and enabled all the proxies despite their proxies using chameleon change of names and pronouns, moderate, rebel no one has any doubt of what and why does not matter.

            Putin said that the perpetrators must be hunted down with is no statue of limitations or places they will be able to hide. I believe him, don’t you?


          • dutchnational

            And at the end they will finish the Israeli Assadists and fill the then empty country?

          • dutchnational

            Largely agreed.

            I do not really think Russia wants the US gone as it provides Russia an extra lever against its local partners : Syria, Iran and Turkey. The same goes for Eussian attitude towards KRG.

          • Manie

            yes for the moment that does make sense, because the longer the U.S is in Syria and if they decide to stay even after ISIS destroyed, at least in the sense where their capability to wage war is snuffed out. it would expose true motives of the U.S I would also argue that the U.S overplayed its hand in the region with its involvement in the attempted coup d’etat in Turkey.

            Turkey knows this and realizes that it is now a target of the U.S hence the one foot in on the side of the Russians and one foot on the side of NATO. Besides all neighboring countries in the region never trusted the U.S. and now with the Kurdistan referendum, we are seeing countries that had cold relationships with each other are now talking and working together to a point. it remains to be seen if Turkey does embrace a multi polar world view.

        • Justin

          Calm down sunshine
          I think u are confused.

          Russia got turkey on its side now.
          Kurds are surrounded.
          Iran, Iraq, Syria and turkey.

          They are FUCKED.

          NO DEALS madden between Russia and Israel.
          Russia wins when US petro dollar is pegged away from reserve currency.
          US has 20 trillion debt.
          They won’t be able to print wealth.
          The only thing keeping them alive is Saudi Arabia who sells their oil US dollars.

          But like turkey, Saudi just bought s-400’s from Russia.
          This means independence from USA.

          U dont see the geopolitical game do u?
          Its all about the petro dollar.
          If USA goes poor, the new Israel is fucked (no funding)
          Plus Iran will have a land route into Syria and Lebanon where they can set up offensive and defensive weapons against Israel.

          Dude, this syria war backfired. Of course Netanyahu is meeting with putin.this means they are losing and trying to cut a deal. Otherwise it would be putin going to Israel.

          U got it all wrong

      • Boris Kazlov

        douchenazional, better post in Yediot Ahoranot, they will appreciate your twisted sense of humour, understood yediot?

        • dutchnational

          I understand that English is too difficult for you. and luckily I cannot understand beyond halve of what you say.

          I am glad you understand a sense of humpur even if you do not appreciate it.

          Good for the both of us that I do not comment to please you.

      • Justin

        Once Isis is gone, its just gonna be the saa, Hezbollah, PMU, Iraqi army, Iranian military, turkish racked rebels and Turkish army
        The Kurds.

    • Jens Holm

      Only madnes again. You have 7 armed candles as lampposts, where You live?


    WOW, Nice move SAA!
    Within 6 km of Mayadan, but I think ISIS will put up a tremendous fight for this town.
    (It is their official new “capital”) Maybe cut off some villages along the river like they did up north.
    Anyways, GO TIGERS :)

  • Manie

    I suspect the SAA will Coss the Euphrates at the town of Buqrus to shahil on the east side. Only spot that makes logical sense. All other positions to cross are surrounded by many small towns. Thus making capturing , securing and advancing quite difficult… Assuming that is their plan, expect the conflagration, in this vicinity to be turned up quite a notch… Perhaps a few Kalibr missiles to dispatch ISIS to hell.

    • PZIVJ

      The short term target may be As Salu, just north of Zabari.
      Taking the west bank north of there may unlock the bridge head to start moving SE again.
      An advance on both sides of the river. Hope to see some Kalibr missiles also. :)

    • Jens Holm

      there are several other possible ways to cross, if they insist and have troops for it and ISIS is weak.

    • dutchnational

      I rather doubt that they have the bridging capacity.

      The first bridge over the Euphrates could not be built for a long time due to lack of bridging components. I doubt they have the spares for another one.

      Beyond that, they first have to get into position to build a bridge, the building of which would take two to three days. It all presupposes that SDF will not have taken the east side of the river there before.

      Added to that, to cross the Khabur (dry?) is relatively easy as it is, when containing water, a small river with several bridges and SDF is already at the other side in Suhwar. Lastly, on pro SDF twitter sites there are photo’s of (a) convoy(s) including (potentially?) amphibic vehicles.

      • Manie

        components and spare parts are merely a monetary issue with an easy fix. getting into position, securing both sides if they intend to cross is the more difficult problem.

  • DJ Double D

    How come SAA lost the road north of Euphrates that it previously seemed they crossed? I saw previously it was in red column, now it’s all yellow. That means that SAA lost the only direct road that leads East to the remaining oilfields. This is very embarrassing to say the least. What is happening with the East adventure is looking more like a selloff than military defeat. I hope I’m wrong. When US called Russia for a talk after SAA crossed the Euphrates, we still don’t know what happened in those talks.

    • PZIVJ

      Do you believe every map you see?
      This is the rail line north of the road. I don’t think SDF has permission to cross that rail line to the SE per those talks that we are all guessing about.
      SDF should be kept busy up north for a while.

      • Jens Holm

        SDF has many troops there. They are guarding the perimeter of the ISIS defence of DEZ as well as the SAA intensions.

        SDF dont act like the móron planners in SAA. sending their tigers and airforce to Idlib and back again and like that.

        • PZIVJ

          You need to put on your thinking cap !
          How long did it take to transfer air assets to the east to kill ISIS?
          The answer is 5 minutes with good recon and targeting, and Daesh have been slaughtered in Deir Ezzor province.

          • Jens Holm

            I just tell You, that even SDF`s are trying to take Khabur valley so far the west bank of and DEZ from the west at the bank of Eufrat, they dont have any lack of troops moving overestimated round as SAA does.

            And no focus on Idlib by tanks as well as airplanes again moved all attensions away from al the taken by thinking – again – Assads are superior and ISIS is out. Well, thay are not. More like rats in a corner.

            Focus or lack of real focus of the SDF`attitudes are same thing having to others armies there and reduce troops there is total madness.

            My comments here are military ones. Just because I dont support military stupidities in all armies its not saying Im in any matters support political matters or not.

            If you feel better burning flags, ill send ones. Danish flags has been burned in Damaskus before by paid hooligans.

    • Jens Holm

      Russians didnt understand that border wasnt a piece of a cake being taken free from SDF. They totally ignored the facts, that ISIS defend those important parts of DEZ well.

      The crossing was and is stupid according to available troops. Furthermore SDF has/had fresh troops as well as supply for helping SAA to take that inportant part of DEZ.

      As You see at the map they dont advance there as well. More like a pathetic show for the gallery. SAA are relative strong there but not vet strong. Now they loose more troops as well as fuel, fuel, ammo and water at the DEZ-SUKNA-PALMYRA by that. Even the best supply line is out.

      So the possible advance at Eufrat can be delayed more by that. By that they have no influenze at kurds as they wish.

      Well, thats my oppinions about it. That kind of bridgehead having that amount of troops has a low value. It can obly be used if they had a lot of troops and intensions for taking Hasaka.

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    The Syrian Tiger’s have silently enter the hideouts of terrorist and are roaring violently for the final fight.Tigers never retreat never surrender like Russians or Hezbollah.Their stand like a man and dies like a Zulu warrior.

    • Solomon Krupacek


    • Orcbuu

      Stop Spreading your BS you dont even understand.

    • dutchnational

      At the Blood River?

  • Bob

    Race is still open for Omar fields – only this time the SDF also have a river crossing to negotiate. So will see how quickly SDF/US SOF benefactors – ie, Marine’s engineers – can deliver, transport and build a river crossing (illegally, of course) in foreign country.