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JUNE 2023

Government Forces Get Fire Control Of Highway West Of ISIS Stronghold Of Deir Hafer – Reports

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Syrian government forces have reportedly seized the village of Jafrah west of the ISIS stronghold of Deir Hafer in the province of Aleppo.

Government troops advanced in the area earlier today and a fighting was ongoing in the area. Now reports appear that the village was captured by Syrian army troops.

If confirmed, the Syrian army and its allies has got a fire control over the only highway which links up Deir Hafer with the rest of the ISIS-held area in the province.

However, the control of Jafrah is not enough to keep the highway under the control in this point. Government troops will need to capture Abu Maqbarah As-Sagirah to cut off the road physically.

Government Forces Get Fire Control Of Highway West Of ISIS Stronghold Of Deir Hafer - Reports

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Trustin Judeau

Now SAA forces should go in 2 direction – Jiraj and Haffer


you think they have enough manpower?


Hell yes! This is the best planed offensive that I have ever seen for SAA! The Tigers are well trained and will take this entire front from ISUS trash. We will see more good news within a few days. :)


I hope so because all these recent terrorist counterattacks has gotten me worried


It’s only a Jihadist Springtime offensive. They have not taken much territory (they had surprise on their side).

Dustil schmit

They are already reports of troops movements moving from palyma to Damascus. They should try to extend the buffer some more not leave like it was before, with ISIS take land black slowly.

El Diablo

Quickly ( but is not the right english word i think XD) we can watch if ISIS will leave or not the city first to be encircled

Daniel Rich

@ El Diablo,

‘Soon’ or ‘Not before long’ are options, but the initial message of what you’re trying to say, gets through loud and clear :o)


EXCELLENT! Maybe Tigers can sneak in a squad or two to plant mines and IEDs on the road. Retreating Daeshbags will get a real blast out of it.


No need for that. A couple of tanks/ATGMs ovelooking the road will do the job.

Jens Holm

Still a lot dont understand, that tuff train infantery troops as ISIS use the low terrain as support lines for crew, food, weapon a.s.o.

It really make me sick people can write a couple of tanks can do this and that. You are only winning there, because You outnumber them, not because You are well educated and clever in warfare. As usual You dont get and mention that without heavy infantery support, tanks are worth nothing.

In that distance to the main road ISIS can easy shoot You too by what they have of RPG`s whatever.

But fine with the adavances.


I understand all that very well, no need for you to feel sick. If you have problem reading, let me put it in simple terms for you. No need to risk soldiers by sending them on the open road to mine it, if you can destroy vehicles on it form distance using tank or ATMG (or anything able to hit a vehicle from 2km or so). You assume intelectual higher ground but you fail to see what I wrote. The road is widely open for attack from the sides, and getting in a good position with any medium range weapon will make anything driving on it easy target. There is even a video in a recent news article here where ISIS is destroying tank in transport on the Alepo road using ATGM. Of course tanks and ATGM teams need infantry support, it’s been like that for 100 years. Why would anyone assume anything else. You should add some infantry support to a straw man that you are attacking. Also, good luck hitting a tank or ATGM team at 2km with an RPG.

Jens Holm

I dont see much well functioning SAA infantery support at all. Therefore the hidding range often can be reduced ti much less than that by RPG`s.

ISIS are masters in fast moving in very small groups as well as tiny ones like 3 and they are also masters in hiding and wait. Thats why Your armed parts are not protected and they can use flat terrain very well and often with only small loses.

My comment started with, that just because pronounsing You have closed, because You taken the last road dont give the enemy of ISIS (or YPG/YPJ/Peshmerga/US specialforces are closed.

Al Bab was the newest example. where SAA proudly annonced, that the town now was besieged. But as I recall it, they took people in until SAA actually had shaked hand with SDF.

ISIS also could move troops around between Qabasin, Al Bab, Bza and 2 other settlements, because they had the low part even full visible for FSA & Turks and they had a lot of longe range weapons to cover it with.


They haven’t been pronounced closed, but only that there is fire control over the road. At that moment, any attempt of complete retreat would only end up as Yoube video with lot of exploding vehicles. After all, these are Tiger Forces, not some kebab army.

Jens Holm

Well the last news seems to be they have retreated from Hafer. How comes.


Not over the road.

Trustin Judeau

Hayat Tahrir Al Toilet announces Hama offensive.6 positions captured

DJ Double D

New Terrorists offensive ongoing in several Syrian cities. God help Assad. The terrorist sponsors are making final(?) push and they promise it to be messy.

Trustin Judeau

In North Hama is the offensive .I knew this will happen . The useless ceasefire again have died.For the third time . But dont worry Russia will make another and this time should work . Believe me


Awesome keep going don’t give up I believe in you SAA!!!!!

Solomon Krupacek

they should close this sack. here and now the ratio between government forces and isis is 20:1. it is easy to destroy them. the isis warriors cam remove, but the SAA not, they must stay bacouse of turks and others jihadists in alppo and idlib. the removed isis jihadists evwrywhere else cen be destroyed onky for higher price. and can cous the final collaps of deir ez zor.

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