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MAY 2021

Government Forces Capture Modira Town, Split Eastern Ghouta Into Two Pockets (Map)

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Government Forces Capture Modira Town, Split Eastern Ghouta Into Two Pockets (Map)

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According to pro-government sources, the Syrian Arab Army and the Tiger Forces have liberated the town of Modira in the central part of the Eastern Ghouta pocket, near the Syrian capital of Damascus. Now, the militant-held pocket is spilt into two parts.

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  1. Glen Etzkorn says:

    congrats – a good day for the world

  2. Michał Hunicz says:

    Great victory, but we shouldn’t celebrate yet!

    1. Patricia Murrow says:

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  3. antoun says:

    houuurrraaahhh great victory!! glory the SAA and THE ALLIED the pocket is couped!!!

  4. abuqahwa says:


    Now the serious battles for the heavily fortified dense urban zones of Harasta – Irbeen- Zamalka – Jobar – Ain Terma – and Duma. These are well prepared, bombproof bunkers, well supplied to withstand months of siege ( terrorist jihadis still holding Yarmuk and surrounds for example) inter-connecting tunnels etc..Very tough fighting ahead to take, one by one, well prepared positions. This is just the start. The other terrorist strongholds of Kfar Batnah-Jisreen-Sabqa-Hamourayah can be bypassed/isolated/invested then treated as no-go areas , hey just like in Malmo, Gothenberg, Paris , Baltimore, Detroit etc..!! Seriously all six of the urban zones MUST be fully secured before Op Damascus Steel (Amaliyah Folaath Dimashq) is complete.

    1. Merijn says:

      Congratulations….Honour to All Brave Men Fighting! That it may be a Quick Victory….

    2. Lupus says:

      Agree but might be less difficult because the jihad rats are outnumbered and isolated and SAA / Russia use full power and heavy gear. Nu guess is Harasta and Duma will be liberated soon to begin with.

      1. You can call me Al says:

        Keep an eye on this – https://twitter.com/easternmediafax

    3. John Whitehot says:

      where did you find the pic?

      and why there’s an australian government writing on the tool at the top, just right of the center?

  5. Hrky75 says:

    Nice! Warm up the green buses – the costumers are coming….

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      I would like to see any NATO advisers captured forced to take an Atonement March around Syria, Russia, Iraq and Iran to show the world who the sponsors of world terrorism actually are :)

      1. russ says:

        That’s as good an idea I’ve heard in weeks.

          1. russ says:

            Instructions on how to f… a chicken? I’m sorry, I digress… When the foundational belief of someone is that all creatures not them are animals in human skins(goyim), I have no delusions they can be my friend, any of them.

      2. russ says:

        How do you think the Zionist controlled mass media would spin that one?

          1. russ says:

            Bad example… Those tops are awesome looking… media spin is dark and ugly.

          2. Volker Burkert says:

            Actually, they will spin it as the top to the far left, upside down!

          3. FlorianGeyer says:

            All the tops are diverse shapes though :)

      3. Merijn says:

        Can’t they have a little accident before them is in a parade…? Like they stumbled and fell of a building or something similar….

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          A War Crimes Tribunal would be be more fitting I think :)

          1. goingbrokes says:

            All War Crimes Tribunals so far have been kangaroo courts run by the west. The west is not going to accede to having their operatives tried by The Rest. Deals will be made before it gets to that point. But after the US planes killed Russian contractors in Deir Ezzor my feeling is that the Russians will not let any spies or advisers out alive. Total loss of assets in East Ghouta will hurt western intelligence agencies massively. It will also make operatives think twice before embarking on a job like that in the future. Spy bosses will lose their positions, lots of letters trying to explain why some loved ones are not coming back from Middle East. It is the back-firing of the Arab Spring regime-change operations. The calculus now pretty much favours total elimination.

          2. FlorianGeyer says:

            I agree with all that you say. The repercussion’ of all this US/NATO/Israeli murder in the Middle east and beyond will stain the nations involved for many decades. and rightly so.

            As for the location of a War Crimes Court, I was thinking of somewhere like Chechnya :)

    2. javid soltani says:


  6. Joe Doe says:

    Great!, Now SAA should split Hirista from Duma and clean one by one, or go South many options to consider.

  7. kraaiiii says:

    6 years of trench digging and fortifications in 2 weeks overrun by tigers almost feel sorry for them :)

    1. Benjamin Facochere says:

      The same can be said of the Kurds in Afrin.

      1. kraaiiii says:

        yup, also the Kurd fortifications where ridiculous like concrete watchtowers, concrete watchtowers are waste of time en concrete in this kind of war.

        1. abuqahwa says:

          Yes the way the Kurds abandoned Jindeeris city without a fight and fled to Afrin was amazing. Now the YPG is pretty much kettled in Afrin city having relinquished all vital terrain and soon the surrounding ground of tactical importance.

  8. kraaiiii says:

    according to sources Harasta also in circled meaning 3 pockets

  9. Philip N says:

    The terrorists are being squeezed harder and harder. Very soon they will negotiate their removal and pop out like puss out of a pimple

  10. leon mc pilibin says:

    Smoke the zionist scumbags out of their rat holes,,no free bus rides,only one way tickets to HELL:

  11. Fülöp Kiss says:

    viva saa

  12. Tudor Miron says:

    As I posted at the start of this operation (some might remember) – “it will be another example of Russian military tradition of dealing with cauldrons – split it in smaller parts and eliminate one by one”. God speed SAA.

  13. Patrick says:

    This is as good of news as when Der Azor (spelling) was liberated. Go SAA and allies

  14. Richard M says:

    East Orcistan is now 3 cauldrons. Orc clans are surrendering one by one. Quit stalling and get on the Green Bus, ya stinkin Orcs!

  15. Cheryl Brandon says:

    This is what SAA soldiers do nest; They use their parietal brain/ they think/ they organize a winning strategy then they attack and advance and defeat those paid criminals pretending to be “rebels”; Paid criminals can be given loads of fancy weapons but, if they are running on acting first and acting as long as there is MONEY;They will fail.Die rats die; Viva SAA soldiers; They are the defenders/warriors/heroes and Liberators.VaVa Voom SAA soldiers.

  16. Joe Dirt says:

    Russia and SAA terrorists continue to bomb civilians!

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