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JUNE 2021

Government Forces Break US-backed Militants Defense In Damascus Desert

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Government Forces Break US-backed Militants Defense In Damascus Desert

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On Friday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies captured Rajm al-Arnab and Bir Mahroutha southeast of the Sis Mountain and Ard Jalyghim east of the Abu Khashba dam in the southeastern countryside of Damascus.

Moreover, the SAA advanced 4 km from its positions in the Al-Jreen Mountain and reached the strategic Am Azn hill. During its advance, the SAA managed to kill and injure several fighters from the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA).

The Syrian Defense Minister General Fahed Jassim Al-Fureij visited yesterday the SAA troops in the southeastern Damascus countryside, where he met SAA soldiers at their positions and congratulated them on the victories they had achieved.

“Our battle against terrorism is continues and the terrorist project in Syria is collapsing and retreating thanks to the heroic steadfastness and courage of our people standing alongside its army and wise leadership, and the support of sincere friends, especially the Russian Federation, Iran and the Lebanese Resistance,” Al-Fureij said.

From its side, opposition sources claimed that on Friday the FSA managed to capture 10 fighters from Iran and two vehicles in the southeastern Damascus countryside.

They also claimed that FSA managed to repel the SAA attack. However, the Hezbollah media wing in Syria said that the SAA troops are only 12 km away from surrounding the militant-held area south of the al-Seen military airport and secure the entire southeastern Damascus countryside.

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Trustin Judeau

2 months ago MaT and allies promised to break the siege of East Qalamoun and East Ghouta . So when they claims something this comes to my mind

John Whitehot

he he true.

Gary Sellars

These raghead goat rapers are seriously deluded. Have they been trained personally by John McCain and his cuck boyfriend Lindsay Graham?

Tom Tom

yep, and also Nancy Pelosi and the Obomber.

Charlie rad

Nancy & Obummer played the parts of goat #1 & goat #2. Baahh


whats MaT?


I assume it’s this outfit Mughawir al Thawra or something like that which has been in the news a bit recently–though more for what they don’t want to do than for concrete accomplishments.

Trustin Judeau

Maghaweir al Thowra .


Are they pro govt or terrorist?

Trustin Judeau

MaT are the American backed rebels in Al Tanf . One of the groups there .


Ah okay thanks so they are fair game for SAA and allies’ weaponry :)))))




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Solomon Krupacek

i am curious, will be fullfilled the idea, that they will retreat? unlike to isis, these green jihadists love be besieged in pockets.


Only if there’s something to hold, like cities, or major parts of major cities. Empty desert, methinks not so much.

Solomon Krupacek

that is the reason, why am i curious.


But in this pocket are much “more” villages and moderate terrain than in the real desert around Al Tanf.
The US would have to build some more shelters there. Jordan doesn’t want them entering either.

Gary Sellars

Pockets always collect miscellaneous detritus, like fluff, lint and crumbs. How appropriate then that these goat rapers do the same…


What is interesting here, is that this is a fully intact pre-war regular army unit. They’ve even still got their now unfashionable mustaches.

Similarly, this recent video:


Shows a straight up Republican guard unit.

Critics like to emphasize the paramilitary and privatized nature of much of the present SAA, and indeed much of the SAA has reconstituted itself into informal, ad hoc, and unconventional formations under the stresses of the complex and unusual conflict to which it found itself initially somewhat unsuited.

However, some intact traditional formations have always been there, effectively in reserve, securing the most vital core areas, particularly around Damascus. It appears, with increased security due to the reduction of many pockets in these areas, and new military goals in the east, they are now being used for something they are very suited for – conventional military offensives in non urban terrain.

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