Government Forces Attack Militants’ Supply Lines In Eastern Daraa (Map)


Amid a deployment of heavy rocket launchers and the liberation of Musaykah and al-Dallafa, Syrian government forces have carrid out attacks on militants’ supply lines near the villages Busr Al-Harir, Malihat Al-‘Atshan and Al-Herak in eastern Daraa.

According to pro-government sources, government troops used guided missiles and rocket launcher systems to target vehicles and positions of militant groups opearating in the area.

Thus, the Syrian Army and its allies have further increased pressure on the militant-held villages besieged in the district of al-Lajat in northeastern Daraa.

Government Forces Attack Militants' Supply Lines In Eastern Daraa (Map)

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  • Rob

    Any prime minister or president supporting these child butchers Trump, Salman, Netanyahu and their states is in fact declaring himself the child butcher, terrorist and thief…..

  • Smaug

    Sign that static warfare is being fought at point blank range: anti-tank rockets are being used like artillery.

    • jorge

      Sign that you are also an ignorant in the matter. That one is for the Guiness, a multiple rockets launcher is a… “anti-tank rockets”!!!!!