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Government Forces Are Massing Troops On Eastern Bank Of Euphrates – US Officials

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Government Forces Are Massing Troops On Eastern Bank Of Euphrates - US Officials

FILE IMAGE: twitter.com/ISIS_Hunters

On March 8, three US military officials told CNN network that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies are massing their troops on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, on the same positions from which they had launched their attack against the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on February 7.

Pentagon spokesman Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway said that the US-led coalition is not seeking a military confrontation with the SAA. However, he stressed that the coalition will respond to any attack on its positions.

“[US-led] Coalition forces will not hesitate to protect themselves when they are threatened … Coalition forces maintain good situational awareness of military developments throughout Syria and take appropriate force protection measures to ensure our forces are safe and can carry out their combat missions to rid Syria of ISIS,” Maj. Rankine-Galloway told CNN.

The US-led coalition responded to the alleged SAA attack on February 7 with heavy airstrikes that led to the death of dozens of pro-government fighters. According to the US-led coalition, the SAA attack was aimed at capturing the strategic CONICO gas facility, which had been seized by the SDF from ISIS in late 2017.

CNN’s report suggested that the SAA might be trying to take advantage of the fact that the SDF had redeployed large forces from eastern Syria to the Afrin area few days ago. However, Syrian pro-government activists doubted that the SAA could launch a second attack similar to the one that failed on February 7 and even from the same positions.

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Miguel Redondo

Looks like a preparation for a false flag attack. US needs desperately to attack directly the SAA…. (in retaliation to that false flag atack)


They will manufactured a FALSE FLAG like they have always done, the UNITED STAES, DEEP STATE IS A DEMONIC ENTITY.


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I think exactly the same, this would be typical of the scumbag hypocritical imperialists…

Cheryl Brandon

UK just did one in UK using 2 anti Putin Russians. Before bloods were even drawn and the chemical I’d{notified_ They started blaming Russia: false flag: hehehe


I think this time SAA is not that stupid not to have Air defence system ready.

Last attack was ppurely from the air and SAA was defenceless.

If SAA repeats the same mistake, they can go home and fly kites

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Only problem is the US had already made the claim ISIS was amassing in that pocket on the East Euphrates river nearly 3000 in that region. US will have no excuse as there are no SDF in the region.


I believe this time they will shoot down US planes as SAA cannot be that stupid to mass troops for planes to slaughter ….. cant be that stupid right?

A fight there will be , but have sufficient air defence or get slaughtered.

Michał Hunicz

Are there any strony Syrian units that are not involved in Eastern Ghouta? The first thing that popped in my mind are the Syrian Marines.


They are needed in Latakia I think as a reserve.

Joao Alfaiate

Now that the Kurdish invaders are gone the local residents of the trans Euphrates region would be wise to make their peace with the Syrian Gov’t. I would expect local resistance to the foreign occupiers to begin shortly. We can count on over reaction on the part of the occupation to ensure that resistance continues and grows.


They can’t as long as this paret of Syria is still occupied by the US-NATO imperialist invading army. Moreover any movement towards liberation may result in carpet bombing by the NATO imperialists.

turdkey warrior

Murikkka and the turdks for the win


ISIS hunters are hunting USIS. So, nothing wrong about that. It’s not USA business what is going on in Syria.


It seems to me that this is a fake news with the real intention of USA to attack again SAA in this or other areas (Ghouta). Why ? Because everybody in the World (even inside of USA) knows that the so called “Syria chemical attack” is a false flag, and white helmet are good actor who won an Oscar. So, USA is trying to find the way somehow to attack Syria……THERE MUST BE A WAY ! “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”


” and white helmet are good actor who won an Oscar. ”
The White Helmets are actually very bad actors who won an Oscar Gustavo :)


Agreed. +10


Actually SAA should not fear US threats. SAA need only to take precautions against air attacks which can be done like Hez or Houthis.

US is defenceless in Syria actually.

US cannot even reinforce being practically surrounded.

The only set back is US can carpet bomb other areas of Syria’s infrastructures like Israel did to Lebanon.

However, country is more important to Syrians than infrastructures.

So as sure as the sun sets tomorrow , US has no chance to keep the land



I spend 33 years in the Marines, most of my time being a high-class muscle man for big business, for Wall Street and the bankers, I was a racketeer for capitalism. War Is a Racket.

Brigadier General Smedley D Butler.


tell us more sir


I surprise that UN only send humanitarian assistance to East Ghouta instead of Palestine and Yemen where there is famine and whole population is suffering due to starvation. The famine and starvation that brought by Zionists coalition.


Imagine if we swap the positions of Russia and US with each other in Syria. For example, US with Assad government and Russia with terrorists in Syria. Then can we imagine that Russia would be able to intrude or to cross Syrian border or can Russia would be able to transfer weapons to Israel, ISIS, FSA, SDF and to other terrorist groups. What would be the reaction of Trump administration?

US: Today our US force have eliminated all Russian hideouts from whole Syria and now the whole Syrian map is blue. Or

Today our US air force in immediate response air stroke the positions of freshly attacked Russian machinery and then they retreated. The whole Syrian aerospace and land would be in US army control. Would Russian aerospace forces would be able to air strike Syrian government forces which is illegal? Would Washington listen to Russia?

But now Russia is with Syrian government and of course on a very strong authoritative position and in fact have full legal right to defend Syrian aerospace and land from illegal intruders and occupiers by use of air strikes and missiles. Let the Washington cry. Legally they cannot do any thing because Russia defending Syria and Washington destabilizing it.


I would think that the SAA deployment is sensible as the US / ISIS gangs will start to push West and Northern Deir Ezzor City is a thorn in the US side.

The US also need an ISIS presence to justify in their own minds their illegal presence in Syria.


Exactly, that is why they keep protecting, arming, training and funding their INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORISTS, with the TOTAL COMPLICITY of their European and UNITED NATIONS VASSALS.


The Yankers did the same in Afghanistan.
The home-grown Afghan Taliban had thrashed the foreign Chechen/Saudi/etc/etc Mujahideen of Osama bin Laden, who had turned to pillaging & raping the native Afghans after the USSR had withdrawn.
The Taliban, tough fighters, had banned the growing of poppy for heroin, which was unacceptable to the mad U$Asylum Empire/CIA deep state which needs the drug money to fund their worldwide black ops including heroin to ruin the youth of the West & worldwide, & to further their world depopulation plans, UN agenda 21.
2001, well prepared in advance of the “surprise” attack of 9/11, the mad Yankers attacked Afghanistan.
With good intelligence, a 50 to 100 man specials forces operation may have sufficed to snatch OBLaden, but the mad Yankers wanted to occupy Afghanistan. So they refused to accept the surrender of the Taliban, who were totally demoralised at the ferocity & success of the Yanker bombing sorties.
They needed an enemy to fight, to justify their occupation, so the Taliban were chosen for that part in the farce.
The mad Yankers have truly learned well their lessons, from their mentors: the Rothschild Brit Empire, perfidious Albion.
The Brit army lost 2 armies & 3 wars in Afghanistan, then they waltzed in the dumb doughboys.
When your aim is world depopulation, casualties do not matter: your own, your opponents, military, civilian, all are good.

John Doran.

Joe Doe

I hope SAA will not make any move against SDF in EASTERN BANK OF EUPHRATES. This is not the time right now. First SAA needs to clear the east ghouta, dumayr packet, than Homa packet and Deir Ezzor packet, before any movements against SDF in EASTERN BANK OF EUPHRATES


Let’s let the experts decide when the time is right. After all, they are the ones with all the resources that we cannot imagine. They have the experience, and it’s their lives at risk. We don’t know shit about it.

Concrete Mike

Why not probe them a little. I will speculate, turkey is forcing ypg to go north, if SAA can get some more land on the cheap why not?


The SAA takes advantage of the fact that nobody is supporting the SDF anymore. They’re just being opportunistic. The only entity that is still US backed over there is IS and some other gangs.
Other than that… I think by now everybody is tired of the US’ blatant and obvious games. Build up a radical menace, only to move in to remove that menace and extend power. Hitler, Pol-Pot, Bin Laden, Al-Baghdadi… you name them.

Joe Doe

I wish you are right, unfortunately there are still many world leaders that will fallow theirs masters in Washington


Action – reaction – solution, the philosophy of Hegel is the strategy of the Banksters.
David Icke has been banging on about this for 25 years +.
I think you’re bang on the money, Davki.
John Doran.


Amazing they are building forces on their own land to maybe go over the other side which wait for it is still their own land!

leon mc pilibin

Isis is not where the SAA are situated,they are on the Iraqi border area,,all they are doing is protecting the stolen oil and gas fields.Or else they also have a plan in mind based on a false flag attack to drive the SAA out of the east bank.Nothing surprises me about these zionist gangster warmongers and liars.

northerntruthseeker .

I call bullshit on this one… For the simple fact that the SAA is right now concentrating their efforts on the removal of the “pockets” in western Syria…

This smells like the usual CNN bullshit propaganda…

Cheryl Brandon

The Universal Sadistic Aggressors have lost 50% of their KURDS so, they might be a bit perturbed! SAA soldiers fight with their brains with weapons as part of their strategy: The Illegal Squatters /Unwelcome Interlopers fight with weapons/act first and think after: SAA, may your ancestors guide and shield you from these foreign illegal immigrants !! die Rats die!

Manuel Flores Escobar

SAA troops need mobile air defense system like Pantsir S1/2/ + Verba manpads to take its own oil fields as these system are enough to keep US jets away..especially apache helicopter, AC-130,A-10 and B 52!….


So what, again, this is the test, balls or no balls, Russia, the only way to wake up an psychopath is to be equally brutal, nothing makes an Psycho think and reflect over their stupidity, as when you kick them in the nuts, and when they then fall on their knees, punch their face, and after that, I can assure you they will think twice.
And this time, every Russian killed, should be retaliated with sinking one of their ships, more than one Russian, sink everything, every dammed floating shit, all of them, whats left would not be an problem what so ever, what lacks, is balls.

Wack em all.

And Lavrov, uh…. an “weapon of mass destruction”, able to bore everybody do death, because the Trumpsteins insane reality, we all are enemy’s, you cant talk, trust or make deals with psychos at all, never have and never will, so do the world an favor, wipe the uISISa off the face of our earth, just nuke that shit-hole to oblivion.
I know I would die immediately or within minutes, if I survive the initial blast, but when and/or if, I see vapor trails go west, I will die in peace, it will be an good day to die, knowing that nothing would be left of the insanely evil uISISa, the bitch of ISISrael, witch then have nobody to help, and can be wiped out and this time, wipe the land clean.



Massive co-ordinated censorship of TRUE (note fake Soros funded) indy journalism on Youtube et al. Huge uptick in psy-op demonisation of Russia, culminating in MI5’s false-flag nerve agent poisoning of wring-out russian traitor residing in Britain. Something EXTRAORDINARY is coming- a 9/11 scale event.

Britain, France and the USA are poised to deliver a huge week long bombing and missile strike campaign in Syria to reverse all the government gains. The leaders of these three nations have given the greenlight to the strike. They are currently trying to get on board the military and political layer of leaders immediately below them who still think Putin is a ‘threat’. War, behind the scenes, needs the active permission of far more people than most of you here realise. Events like that seen in Britain with the nerve agent are designed to be ‘CONVINCERS’ to people that Marcon, May and Trump need to go along with their war plans.

Putin is being battered left right and centre and is in a perpetual daze these days. His “we can nuke the world” announcement was a sign of his weakness, not strength.

Britain is due to introduce the most vile censorship of the internet ever seen in the ‘free world’ next month, and this month Britain is lauding the king of the wahhabi horrors. None of this is a coincidence. All of this is in preparation of greater wars.

Will the ‘West’ psyche itself into an all out bombardment of Syria? Well because of the Russia factor, it is still up in the air- but what matters is that the West desperately wants to do this- and Putin is too weak and zionist to make the right moves to shut down this demonic idea.


Probably just an insurance policy in case the US decide to attack the SAA over their East Ghouta operation I.e. if they (US) attack SAA in E Ghouta with air strikes, then the SAA can attack SDF-held territory where they’re weakest (due to the Afrin operation).

Floyd Hazzard

At the end of the day, all that’s being displayed to the world here is why you should never allow US/NATO troops on your soil or enter into any agreement with them.


If recent history over the past few years in Syria is any indication, what Pax Jewmericana wants, and what they get are two different things. After the recent attack on Syrian government coalition forces on the east side of the river, it’s unlikely that the Syrian government coalition is going to allow a repeat of that. So the troop build up may be an indication that that issue has been sorted out, and that the continuation of restoring Syrian government administration on the east side of the river is set to expand.


“Pentagon spokesman Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway said that the US-led coalition is not seeking a military confrontation with the SAA. However, he stressed that the coalition will respond to any attack on its positions.

“[US-led] Coalition forces will not hesitate to protect themselves when they are threatened … Coalition forces maintain good situational awareness of military developments throughout Syria and take appropriate force protection measures to ensure our forces are safe and can carry out their combat missions to rid Syria of ISIS,” Maj. Rankine-Galloway told CNN.”

This is an obvious misrepresentation of what’s happening. The regime change secessionist criminals that the US “coalition” is supporting are blocking the legitimate Syrian government from carrying out it’s duties on sovereign Syrian soil in blatant violation of Syrian and international law. The SDF are the ones resisting arrest and initiating hostilities, not government troops carrying out their duties. The only way that the SDF is holding their illegal positions is by firing at government troops attempting to secure positions illegally occupied by the SDF.

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