Government Forces Ambush Group Of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Members In Northern Lattakia


Government Forces Ambush Group Of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Members In Northern Lattakia

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An officer of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) told SouthFornt that units of the SAA ambushed a group of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) fighters near Abu Ali Mount in the northern Lattakia countryside on December 30. The officer said that HTS fighters were on their way to attack positions of the SAA when they were ambushed.

As a result of the ambush over twelve fighters of HTS were killed. A Libyan commander “Abu Sufian al-Libi” was among the killed. Several other fighters were also injured.

Government Forces Ambush Group Of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Members In Northern Lattakia

“Abu Sufian al-Libi”, Click to see the full-size image

Syrian oppositions sources claimed that HTS fighters killed ten soldiers of the SAA during their failed attack in northern Lattakia . However, the SAA officer told SouthFront that only five SAA soldiers were killed and six others were slightly injured during the clashes near Abu Ali Mount.

This is the second attack of HTS against the SAA in northern Lattakia in the last ten days. On December 22, a group of HTS fighters killed three soldiers of the SAA in a hit and run attack around the village of Kabani in northern Lattakia.

These limited attacks are likely aimed at drawing some government forces from the ongoing military operation of the SAA in the southern Idlib countryside.



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  • Serious

    You must not give them access to the sea. Protect these positions at all cost and level the ground if a bad situation happen.

    • Wegan

      Well said, no matter the cost.

  • World_Eye


  • Sadde

    Hell, losing 5 soldiers and 6 other injured in an ambush where 12 enemy combatants were killed. It does not sound very successful ambush but on the other hand I have zero military experience.

    • Potato Potato

      CIA training is top of the line.

      • Gabriel Hollows

        >shooting blindly on full auto
        >top of the line training

        • Potato Potato

          Certain HTS combatants do actually aim. CIA can’t train all the jihadis.

          • Gregory Louis

            If they did they wouldn’t have had so many casualties even if it was an ambush just look at other firefight footage of ambushes….these guys are just shit tbh

    • electron

      You beat me to it. This likely wasn’t an ambush; but a bunch of militants trying to sneak up on SAA positions; or the other way around.
      Which ever side was sneaking up on the opponent, considering 5 KIA and 6 WIA among SAA, it makes me think that militants noticed them first and fired a SPG-9 or ATGM at the group. That first shot likely caused majority of casualties.

      • Sadde

        no pressure, mine was just a statement while yours an explanation :)

      • Carolyn

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      • Gary Sellars

        Pfftt… do you read tea leaves as well? idiot…

  • adzsiam

    Sounds more like the aftermath of a ‘meeting engagement’ than an ambush.

  • Peter Jennings

    For the five SAA soldiers who gave their lives protecting their people and country. We salute you. Your people will remember you.

    To the Libyan commander and nato sock puppet who died with his bandits. Goodbye and good riddance. No one will remember you past your obituary.

    • dontlietome

      Amen to that.