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JUNE 2020

Government Forces Advancing East Of Deir Hafer (Map Update)


In the province of Aleppo, Syrian government forces advanced east of Deir Hafer and recaptured the village of Rasm al-Fallah from ISIS terrorists.

Government Forces Advancing East Of Deir Hafer (Map Update)

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  • El Diablo

    Ok, now encircle the Jirah Airbase.

    • Thegr8rambino

      Yes that should be next in line!

  • Daniel

    South Front what about using the term liberated instead of captured? ;)

    • Aquartertoseven

      Liberated is massively overused, captured is a welcome alternative.

      • Daniel

        Capture is more something you would say when something which wasn’t yours is taken. Since the army is freeing the villages from a foreign force I would say it’s liberating. Liberated cannot really be overused since it only can be used for the army’s actions.

        • Bill Wilson

          What if the territory was in open revolt against Assad when ISIS took over?

          • Daniel

            Well if it was in revolt it would also be mainly by foreign fighters. Syria was invaded by around 200.000 foreigners to start the revolt.

    • abuqahwa

      How about military neutral : retook/have retaken, secured, ?

      • Daniel

        Secured would be okay, but to take still sounds like it wasn’t theirs in the first place.

  • Thegr8rambino


  • Trustin Judeau

    ISIS probably have withdraw most of its forces in the region . Despite that TF have largely left the advance will continue

  • John Brown

    Within 2 weeks at most the SAA will be advancing from Palmeria, Deir Hafa and
    Deri Azur towards Raqqa. This announcement of an attack at Deir Azur is a US
    Trump plan / faint to distract ISIS so they don’t bring more reinforcements to
    Raqqa.. Taking Raqqa will be tough as it is the holly city of the Califate. Let
    the kurds and the USA sustain big losses there. The SAA can move in to help
    when the battle is almost over. The Kurds won’t be staying in the Raqqa or any
    non-kurdish area once the Turkish army launches a full scale invasion to attack
    them in North East Syria, which may be any day from the looks of it.

    Good news in Hama as well. Now the SAA and Russia must make sure those
    terrorists taking part in the Hama offensive do not escape.

    This Turkish dispute with Russia is just part of what I believe is an ingenious
    Russian / Turkey secret plan. Turkey threatens Russia etc. while at the same
    time giving the Zionist empire an ultimatum on the Kurds. Looks like Turkey will pull out
    of NATO and attack the Kurds in Eastern Syria which is good for Syria, Russia
    and Turkey as it defeats the Yinon plan to carve up Turkey, Syria and Lebanon for a
    greater Israel.

    It’s no coincidence that Russia just completed its MIR payment system
    to connect with China’s payment system and possibly Turkey, Iran and
    Syria and others to replace and bypass SWIFT; as the Zionist empire will
    certainly cut Turkey out of swift to try to destroy the Turkish economy
    for leaving NATO and defying the plans of the racist supremacist master Jewish
    race, so turkey will need to be part of the Russian Mir payment system to avoid
    economic collapse and regime change.

    • Thegr8rambino

      what ultimatum to the kurds?