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Government Forces Advance In Western Ghouta East Of Damascus

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Government Forces Advance In Western Ghouta East Of Damascus


On Friday, they Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies captured several positions and hills north of Beit Jinn town in the Western Ghouta region, according to pro-government sources.

The SAA also repelled a counter attack of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies north of the town.

Syrian Ari Force attack helicopters destroyed an oil storage facility, ammo depots and armed vehicles of HTS around Beit Jinn, according to pro-government sources. The sources added that HTS is now redeploying many units to north Beit Jinn town in an attempt to repel the SAA attack.

An officer of the SAA told South Front that the SAA and the local National Defense Forces (NDF) – mostly Druze – launched the military operation in the Western Ghouta region to put an additional pressure on HTS and its allies in it. If the SAA makes major gains in the region, militants will likely accept an evacuation deal to Idlib governorate.

Beit Jinn was among the first areas that were captured by Jabhat al-Nusra [now known as HTS] back in early 2012. Since 2014, the Western Ghouta region has been mostly calm.

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Moussa Saab

I am still being surprised by the battle effectiveness of the SAA. They have been fighting on so many front lines and are gaining slowly on each front, except with the ISIS front in Deir Ezzor.

That, the SAA is crushing rapidly. :-€)


lool. Russia, Iran and The US has been doing all the fighting for them. Without the US and Russia involved Assad would have been gone back in 2015 together with SAA, Hezbullah and Iran. They were effectively defeated but what won this is Russia and the US


You must be mistaken a bit. “Without the US” Assad would never have a necessity to plead for russian and iranian help.


Very true.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Very correct.Dumps up for you on our behalf.


Can somebody send him this Video where the US Officials OPENLY Declare Support for ISIS and other Militant Groups, he still thinks that US is there for “HELPING” the Poor syrian People.


I’d say: no even need in videos! Let him (and everybody else) see the syrian map ot the 2010-2015 period the US “struggling at full speed (of NATO) with the universal evil”. And the same map of the 2016-2017 period of Russia just giving air support and several special corps and military advisors (we can predict the map by the end of the year)…

Deo Cass

Actually in Deir Ezzur the Syrian government forces are facing a joint ISIS/US/SDF terror coalition army. However I’m surprised too why such a slow advance and why so little air support by the Russian airforce while knowing pretty well that this Deir Ezzur battle is the most vital battle for the survival of Syria as a state and for the recovery of 80% of its valuable natural reources. Top priority should be given to this Deir Ezzur front where the biggest threat to Syria’s existance lies. Instead most of Syria’s troops are being wasted elsewhere for battles of little significance for Syria’s survival.

MD Ranix

God bless the russian led coalition … including the druze … victories ahead are inevitable in the blessed month of Muharram


Yes im surprised they are still chipping away at Ghouta despite the SAA requirements elsewhere, I think the costly battles in Jobbar should be stopped for the time being untill sufficient forces can be massed to deliver a decisive blow, I think they are watching the area and where its found that forces are light or have been moved they are taking chunks which is wise.


There are always battle-ready forces in Damascus area regardless of what is going in the other fronts.

Moussa Saab

That is why they tried ceasefires

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