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JUNE 2021

Government Forces Advance On Misraba And Beit Sawa In Eastern Ghouta (Map)

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On March 6, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Tiger Forces and other pro-government factions stormed positions of Jaish al-Islam, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra), Ahrar al-Sham and Faylaq al-Rahman in the areas of Misraba and Beit Sawa in the Eastern Ghouta region, near Damascus.

According to pro-government sources, government troops were even able to capture some farm area near these key towns. However, the militant remained in control over the towns.

Additionally, the SAA reportedly established control over the area of Hawsh Ashari. This should allow government forces to secure the southern flank of the troops advancing on Misraba and Beit Sawa.

Meanwhile, clashes continued in the village of Rayhan. The SAA still has problems with consolidating its gains there.

Government Forces Advance On Misraba And Beit Sawa In Eastern Ghouta (Map)

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at misraba jaish al islam evacued the town and was replaced for “wolksturm” young civils boy armed!!


the town rayhan libered according to site eu.live map syria!!

Richard M

LiveEUMap AKA Jihadmin! :-}

Elisabeth Jenders
Pave Way IV

Snackbar! The Tigers are here. Someone call CENTCOM…
We’re gonna need more f’king arms!
comment image


…more likely they’re gonna need some more green buses and quick…

Pave Way IV

I think the video production company had already arranged transportation for the cast and bugged out. From this guy’s other tweets, I’m guessing this was in Saqba last week. Does that make sense?

Pave Way IV

OK, I can see why SF took down their story on this. The pictures are of a movie set, but the movie – Revolution Man – was being made by the Syrian Ministry of Culture about the western propaganda, staged CW victims, assorted White Helmet fakery and the MSM demonization of Syria. Directed by (Syrian) Najdat Aznour. It sounds like it’s already opened in Syria, and will eventually be posted online. Revolution Man facebook page:


Would be forbidden in the west by the ministry of propaganda.

Daniel Castro

Ministry of Truth.

Alejandro Bonifacio

thanks for the info


Harvey Weinstein looks after his employees.


Wait, apparently there are pro gov protests there so it’s either off or that will be the target.

javid soltani

hahaha more arms lol


Something I don’t understand. they are running from towns to towns ?? XD.

What the f…ing purpose of that ???? They don’t see that they are surrounding and thatthey are fighting a loosing war ?


Falling back to damascus suburbs where defenses will be stronger…

They think that some UN/NATO presence is gonna come to the rescue if they can hold out long enough with enough “dead women and children” and along with a few fake gassing episodes…

This line of thinking occured after obama and his “red line” bullshit, along with kindof trump too..

But history suggests that the losing team in a major conflict almost always becomes insane resulting in alot of innocent killed. Case in point: WW2 and the final battle for berlin.


Yes. South west is destroyed. There is nothing left there.

Yes, these terrorist sunnis hate the kuffar shias but love the west kuffar. XD.


yup that sunnis


That is right, their attitude is like a drug person. They can not rationalize anything and even can realize that they are totally lost already. Firing bomb to civilian people in Damasco ? please, this totally crazy. We hope that Syria-Hezbolah-Iran-Russia ground troops and Russia aerospace force finish with this nightmare of terrorists.


There may be reasons that I am not aware of but can someone explain to me why the SAA arent attacking on both sides? Shrink that pocket from both sides killing every CIA rag-head in the way


Basically, they are pushing the terrorists into towns to to level the ground once trapped. But, these stupid terrorists don’t seem to understand that they are surrounding.


They’re trying to pressure the militants into a negotiations for peaceful take over. Hopefully like in Aleppo last time where they can quickly get some respite and relieving the civilian in the area.

Richard M

The western front is heavily fortified as evidenced by years of ineffective SAA offensives there. The cost in Syrian lives is prohibitively high, so the best solution is to attack from the east. The Orcs will try desperately to duplicate their Western Front “Maginot Line”, but they don’t have the time or the resources to do so. That is why the Axis of Evil of US, NATO, Wahhabistan, Ottomans, Israel, GCC and UN are screeching autistically for a cease fire so their puppet Orcs can be reinforced, resupplied and given the time needed to dig in on the Eastern Front.


Good observation.

Mustaffa Ashaa

logical explanation. But you assume the terrorists have a unified Communication and Command Centre. However, activating the western side by static attrition will pin up a good proportion of the terrorists, also rekindle the betrayal accusations between them. I must admit that SAA and its allies have much clearer vision of the operation’s theatre.
I trust SAA and I should avoid playing the role of Armchair General. I only wish that the SAA plans exclude any green buses but only Body Bags for the terrorists.

Richard M

I fully agree that static pressure on the Western Front is a necessary tactic to keep the Orcs from freely moving forces and reinforcing threatened areas. I’m also sure that SAA has no need of my advice as they have competent advisors from Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, if they need them. I would also prefer to see the Orcs bulldozed into trenches, but SAA may deem it advantageous to keep the Green Bus option open.

Lastly I will continue to play “armchair general” as that is the basic point of a comment board. I can even hope that those decision makers in Damascus may sometimes consider the opinions posted here.


I’m glad that the map maker has added a distance marker. I was that all of the maps had this.

Richard M

Liveuamap and Syrian Civil War Map both have measuring devices attached to their maps.


What is the URL for Liveuamap ?
Thank you in advance.

Richard M
Deo Cass

The US/Western weapons supplies under the guise of the UN humanitarian convoy are bearing fruit. No aid convoys until Eastern al-Goutha is fully liberated from these Western/Zionst scum terrorists.


Someone can ask these terrorist sunnis why they hate Iran (who basically did nothing to them and support Palestine) but love the west who kill them since 200 years and occupy Palestine.

Please someone can ask them. I very want to heard the answer.

Pave Way IV

Wahhabis are the only ones claiming to be Sunni. The rest of the 2 billion Sunnis on earth don’t agree so much. So your pretty much insulting 2 billion Sunnis by calling Wahhabi head-choppers ‘terrorist sunnis’. But you really seem to want to demonize Sunnis anyway, so… whatever.

The al Saud royalty hates Shiite Iran and treats their own Saudi Shia as infidels, idol worshippers and second-class citizens, so there’s the Sunni-Shia thing. But Saudi Arabia really went berserk after the Iranian revolution. Ayatollah Khomeini publicly pronounced that the filthy-rich, western butt-kissing al Sauds were corrupt and degenerate and had no right to claim the title of “Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques” (important to all Muslims). That wasn’t an Iranian or Shia attack on Sunnis – it was directed specifically at the Saudi monarchy. The al Sauds were horrified (because it’s true) and went full-retard.

Wahhabi clerics started to spread the head-chopper love around to counter what the Saudis thought was evil Iran trying to spread its Shiite influence. “Kill all Shia”, “Destroy Iran” and “The al Sauds are devoted Sunnis [chuckle] and rightful Custodians of the Two Holy Mosques” seem to be important parts of the Wahhabi Death Cult ideology. But Wahhabis also hold non-Wahhabi Sunnis in contempt, especially if they won’t convert to Wahhabism at gunpoint. Wahhabis seem to slaughter way more Sunnis than Shia, so head-chopper motivations seem confusing at times.

In any case, the anti-Shia part of Wahhabism is intermingled with their very strict version of Salafism. Same as the ‘Obey your Saudi masters’ part that has been slipped in. Both were added to and amplified in Wahhabism by al Saud influence. Non-Saudi Wahhabis don’t know exactly why they should, but they know they’re supposed to adore the Saudi monarchy and hate all Shia and Iran.


They are Sunnis. Don’t tell me they are not. They are Sunnis. Sunnis are cheaters, liars and terrorists.

People who said “Oh it’s not sunnis” are the same americans who say “Oh it’s not the people, it’s the government”. After that, they think it’s OK, they save themselfs.

No. If these are not sunnis, so sunnis must stop them. It’s the american gov, the american people has to stop it. Period. Don’t give a fuck about false excuses.

Pave Way IV

“…They are Sunnis. Don’t tell me they are not…”

Do you have an extra chromosome by any chance? People here are perfectly aware of your bizzare pretzel-logic arguments, Serious. They don’t need to hear it from me and, frankly, I don’t give a damn what you think. You don’t sound American, but you sure as hell sound as ignorant as one.


Like it or not they are Sunnis. It’s a trick to say that they are not sunnis to don’t take responsability. If they are not sunnis, why “real” sunnis love so much Saudi Arabia and don’t stop these terrorists ???? Of course,they don’t.

Just like americans hide behind “It’s the gov, it’s not the people”. I thought you were a democratic country and the “free world” you shit ??? XD.

Don’t talk me about fake excuses.


Broad generalizations about entire groups of people aren’t very helpful. There are many different types of Sunni Muslims. They are not some monolithic homogenous group. Noone needs to “take responsibility” because of some loose association you slap on them with someone else that may be doing something bad. But you already knew that, but you’re an ignorant retard nonetheless because you dont care. You only care bout venting your uninformed frustrations. It must anger you how powerless you are, and what a fucking pathetic loser you and your life has been.

Pave Way IV is correct. You got an extra chromosome for sure. Why don’t you take responsibility for that and go take responsibility for your medication first before you go barking from your mother’s basement for innocent people to take “responsibility” for crimes they have nothing to do with.

You’re a completely useless waste of organic material, you will never achieve a thing in your life and you will lay on your deathbed thinking back with regret about how useless your life was. Pathetic!

I don’t blame you tho, autistic fuckboy. It’s in your genetics. You were born a fucking retard, and its your piece of shit parent’s fault.


Told me about one sunni country that demonstrate to help Yemenis. Zero.

That’s absolutely false. You only try to make you feel good. It’s like some Christians who tell me “Oh Muslims did that or that” to lower their crimes. It doesn’t work. It’s worthless. It’s useless. It makes the situation worse.

And, to finish, it’s the job of the west to tell you how sunnis are good. Why ??? Because they need sunnis to stay shit and say nothing so that they can use them more. So, you are using the exact same rhetoric as the west in that subject.


Why should any country be “required” to help any other country? It’d be nice if they could, but that doesn’t signify anything. It would be nice if they did, but you cannot go from “No Sunni Majority countries are helping Houthis” to “all sunnis are stupid” or making broad generalizations about sunnis as a group, or implying that something about Sunni islam specifically is directly responsible for all atrocities. Its just bullshit simplistic thinking by a moron who likes to play identity politics. People are individuals first and foremost. Sunnis living in Kazan, Russia are not “responsible” what some dumbfuck Wahhabi ideologues do.

Same thing with Christians. Not all christians should take “responsibility” (whatever the fuck that entails) for things that other self proclaimed christians did in the past. It is bullshit SJW logic of collective guilt, collective accusations and collective punishment based on flimsy group associations and labels. That’s not “western rhetoric”, that’s just common sense.

You do not cherry pick a portion of an individuals, or group of individuals identities, look at the action some members of that identity and the haphazardly with a broad brush make generalizations about millions of people who have nothing in common with one another except identifying with a label.


Why are sunnis worried about Syria, Royingas but not Yemen or Libya ? Because, sunnis are killing shia yemenis. Because sunnis love glory, power and money. It’s not bankable to help Libyans. That’s it. So, sunnis are not smart enough and honest enough to help.


What the fuck does that mean “why are sunnis worried”? Some of them are worried, some of them are not. In many countries, sunnis don’t give a fuck about politics. Again, the problem is you’re throwing the word “sunnis” around as some sort of monolithic block of people with one mindset. IS there a general bias, particularly by some sunni leaders with power to pay more attention to certain conflicts than others?

Sure, but everyone is guilty of that to some extent. None of this supports the broad generalization of you implying that something about being a Sunni necessitates that one loves “glory, power, and money”.

If you were a little more nuanced and mentioned specific powerful individuals, or individual government policies of specific countries that happen to be Sunni majority, then maybe peple would take you seriously.

Otherwise you’re just spilling filthy drivel and painting everyone with a broad brush.


I don’t know. Sunnis always talk about Islam. So, they must be worried about what happen in yemen or Libya or Iraq, … They are a waste of time and energy.


what the fuck does “talking about islam” have to do with anything? are you fucking dense dude?


saying broad brushed insulting nonsense such as “Sunnis are liars, cheaters, and terrorists” is just cringeworthy nonsense. Some of them are, some (most) of them aren’t.

These broad generalizations and pathetic attempts to categorize and label an entire group of human beings based on some loose common traits is precisely why some relatively small conflicts spiral out of control into massive conflicts, genocide and ethnic cleansing.

The world is a lot more complex and nuanced than any of the pathetic dribble that comes out of your mealy mouth.


I’m not insulting. Sunnis are insulting themselfs. I killed nobody.


“Sunnis” did not kill anyone either. Specific individuals and groups that happen to be Sunni killed people are certain places in certain times for certain geopolitical reasons, some justified, some not. If I take a random Sunni off the street, they are not going around killing anyone, more likely than not. Again, dumbfucks like you don’t understand things like nuance. Its quite important for productive human interaction.

Joe Dirt

Serious is a full time active troll, his/her account set to private, with over 12,000 comments.


You are naive, these are not run of the mill Sunni jihadist. Top commanders are on black water, MI6, CIA, musad and any other acronym that secret services operate under payrolls, the rest are foot soldier that do what they get told to do with help of amphetamine and dollars to get by in a world that work is none existent. They have to in order to survive.
You would do the same!!
Iran is a emerging super power. Big boys in the club trying to close the doors.


It’s false. USA just take advantage of the fact that sunnis hate shias. That’s it. They create Al-Baghdadi and then they made a propagenda to push sunnis to fight shias. And it worked because sunnis mindset is to hate shias. They provided weaopns, intelligence and logistic because sunnis are so shit that they would have been unable to do it by themselfs.

USA find extremist sunnis and put them in command. The sunnis always follow the first goat that say “Allah Akbar”. So, it was so easy to do.


The US created hatred between Christians and Muslims in Yugoslavia, then used that hatred to slaughter both sides.
First the US crushes the targets economy, then it tells the poor and hungry, that they are hungry because Muslims, or Christians took your job. The same with Sunnis and Shia’s.
The facts are however quite different to the lies of America

Sunnis Shia’s and Christians fight side by side against the terror armies of America, who are mostly Sunni, but the US has been using Catholic Columbian terrorists in Yemen.
As an example, Sunni Turkey pillaged Aleppo, a Sunni city.

Wars are about money, they use religion to get simpleminded people to fight and die so America, UK, France, Israel, KSA and others can pillage.


The sunnis are working with the “kuffar” christians to kill the shias in Yemen. Go ask some sunnis about that. XD.

Just another endless example who shows you how hypocritical and cheaters sunnis are. These were the same you were telling you Russian christians are bombing Aleppo. XD.

Don,’t waste your time with sunnis. They are liars, cheaters and very stupids.


Religion is only ever a banner a war.
A banner for the cannon fodder to collect and die under.


Sunnis have no logic.


Iron Man 3 is a story which talk about the globalists led by the west interpreted by Aldrich Killian use a fictional character Al Baghdadi interpreted by the Mandarin to create terrorist attacks and take over the world.

But, there is no Iron Man in reality.

That Guy

Tomorrow, the army base might be recaptured. Well…. hopefully ….

Trustin Judeau

Once Mesraba and Beit Sawa are liberated East Ghouta will be split into 2 pocket.Then the pockets will be green bussed and after 6 years finally East Ghouta region will be cleared of terrorist groups

Richard M

It may be amusing to leave a narrow gauntlet open between the two pockets. The North Pocket Orcs will attempt to flee through the gauntlet. Convoys of Orcs will be incinerated and used for target practice. Hope there is video!


ouch, how great, you observed bacils in shit :-O


Syria-Hezbolah-Iran-Russia ground troops and Russia aerospace force can finish with these terrorists in this area in ONE WEEK !! They must attack fast, strong, brave, without mercy, without putting attention to west cry, and forgetting about any terrorists agreement. Russia aerospace force must use much more high precision missiles.


Tunnels will make separating douma from irbin inconsequential. Just put pressure on all fronts, force defenders to spread out and storm from opposite ends. Maybe the civilians will stage an uprising and help.


Apparently it’s already stared in Saqba, i hope it spreads.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

How long do u think it will take to clear the western urban part?


Sunnis = LOOSERS. They loose everywhere. Big loosers. Take the L. They always ask there mommy USA to help them but USA is only using them. USA is not stupid enough to ally with stupid sunnis. Better use them.



Is this woman helping the terrorist sunnis ??? XD.

RIP sunnis. XD. Maybe in the futur brain transplant can help you. XD.



WOW, what a shit show.


This woman is sunni terrorists best friend. Of course, not best friend of Syrians or Palestinians.

Maybe sunnis start to understand how stupid they are. But, I doubt they ever understand. So, it’s better to laught at them and their stupidity.

bernie garland

Dirty Yid slag,and warmongering bitch,all can be said about her in all honesty


I knew that Nikki was, is and will always be an idiot


Not an idiot, a terrorist supported by the sunni terrorists.


She is the quintessential expression of “pretty stupid.” She is half pretty but her heart is corrupted–evil. It is just another narcissistic, egoistical numb-nut.


Look at the pathetic sunnis at Hollywood. Pretending helping people in Ghouta just like pretending helping the Palestinians. After that, go see a movie. XD.

What pathetic people.
comment image:large


Basma Kodmani, the french spy. “Save Syria” from Bilderberg council. XD.

Shit everywhere.


Every fascist state has his propagenda agency. Way before, we warned that Hollywood was a propagenda tool. I wonder why the f…k always at look at a movie, they always talk about Syria, Iran, Russia, China or WW2. Last, I was watching the series Star Trek. Two episode was about WW2 and Hitler. XD. Of course, I didn’t watch them. I can’t stand propagenda. A f…ing movie about starships and space exploration and they put f…ing WW2 in it. Fu…ing shit.



leon mc pilibin

The zionists are famous for their BS movies,just look at Hellywood,and they have a branch in Syria ,run by the oscar winners the White HelMUTTS,lol


Sunnis worship Saudi Arabia and want to become like Saudi Arabia : a country of illiterates occupied by the “kuffar” americans. Something I never understand is why sunnis support the west “kuffar”, they go to “kuffar” Hollywood,… but they hate Iran. It’s a big puzzle. Please, explain to me.

Of course, USA loves illiterate slaves. Illiterates know shit, are weak and are easy to manipulate.


It’s a west rhetoric to say that sunnis are good, honest, perfect, …. They say that in order to sunnis don’t sort out their problem so that they can use them.

It’s like Putin saying that ISIS has been created by Al baghdadi no one knows how. Now,,how Putin will expell USA ?? He can’t. He can’t because he didn’t make clear that USA created ISIS to invade Syria. Checkmate.

The same way, people still saying “it’s not sunnis”. So, impossible to reverse the situation because most sunnis support the west and to topple Assad because they hate shia and above all because they are braindead who follow everything that USA made for them.


I think you mean wahhabism, or if you want to be more technically correct, salafism. Salafism is the state religion in saudi arabia.


It’s like Morsi. Morsi was elected and the first thing he did is toppling Assad. Of course, he is so stupid, he didn’t see anythinbg. The knockout didn’t came from Assad but from … Saudi Arabia.

Eat shit. Take the L. You hate someone who did nothing to you but you love the cheaters and backstabbers.

I don’t know about people who always loose. It’s unbelievable.


EVERY inch of Syria will be retaken by the SAA and the rightful government of Syria protect its country and its people from foreign backed jihadists.



In whole world, Sunnis are not concerned about who is AL Baghdadi ? XD.
But, they are very concerned about the “dictator” Assad. XD.


There are many Sunnis, not just in Syria, but across the Muslim world that support Assad. There are many Sunnis serving in the SAA. And why do you post “XD” after some of your sentences? You do realize that makes you look like a fucking retard, right?


less offensive spoken: It makes him look childish.

Rakean Jaya

I’m a sunni muslim and I support Mr. President Bashar Al Assad to crush this wahabi terrorist 100%. What’s your problem? Should i remind you on every article to not make stupid generalization.

Mustaffa Ashaa

The sectarian justification for the Syrian crisis has been exposed to be fraud. Even the Gulf Wahabis dropped that sick argument. It is about time for you and all religious Fascists to realise that neither Trump nor Natanyahoo and king Salman are devout Sunnis. Also neither Hisbollah, or Khamenaei and Putin are Alawites. If you couldn’t, after seven years, understand this, then do something to increase your limited number of your brain cells.


And east of the Euphrates?


SAA took 3 towns, slowly but sure cimes to Velociraptor-line (popular name: line of death of jihadists). :))

unfortunately, as usual the former information about fall of raytan was not true, part till hold by terrorists.
so, florian geyer, you scotch commie rat, my critique on sites of AMN was right and actual :P

you can go there to masturbate again :))))


Obviously SAA trying to split this pocket on three parts:
comment image

After encircle those parts next step is surrender and green buses…


I wonder what’s stopping that naughty neighbor from making another bombing run they love so much. (Sarcasm off)

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