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GoPro Video From Polish SDF Volunteer From Tabqa Battle

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A Polish volunteer from the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released a Go-Pro video showing some moments of his participation in the battle for the town of Tabqa in the province of Raqqah. The town had been controlled by ISIS terrorists. Now, it is under the control of the SDF.

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Lol AC/DC nice


Polish volunteer? No. Polish mercenary. It’s not called volunteering when you’re getting paid.


YPG and YPJ are volonteers, are not getting paid.

The new HXP conscripts are said to get $ 100 a month.

Even in Poland that is not considered to be wages.

Huisje tuintje boontje beesje

you believe in ferrytales ! War is expensive , very expensive , the ISIS youth who is shanghaied in the Dutch moscks (with permission of our AIVD ) gets 400 US dollar / month base wage plus what they can collect with blackmail and other illegal things Polish “voluntere” specialist will also be paid according to the usual dayrates plenty job opportunities in Dombass or Syria @ the moment anyway it’s less boring than anti piracy guard duty in the red sea or gulf of aden .


Sorry to hear you think that way, but is is nonsense in this case.

SDF has no shortage of volonteers, from internal sources or from abroad. They are not paid, not even airfare.

They bring their own weapons or have to buy them locally. This goes too for the KRG, where numerous dutch kurds are fighting within the peshmerga and there are written statement of them they had, like all pesh merga, to buy their own weapons and often even their own ammo.

I am not talking about IS, it is well known they pay their fighters. However, even they lowered wages as their ill gotten funds were reduced.

Huisje tuintje boontje beesje

Though AC/DC is nice ,if it walk like a mercenary if it “talk” !? Like a mercenary , then most probably it’s a mercenary , anyway polish don’t have principes , they would sell their mother for a few quid , and they are competing with the Ukrainians for the first place in this case

Cezary Sturgulewski

Well we still are way better than filthy goth fuckers, mate. Our Honor, bravery and prowess is known worth wide

Huisje tuintje boontje beesje

as long as the money is good , otherwise you have a problem !


I can only say that most dutch people have rather fond memories of Poland and the polish fighters that helped liberate the Netherlands in 1944 and 1945. There is a large cemetary for the polish fighters that got killed in the liberation of Breda, 1944.

Dutch army is nowadays training in Poland for their larger exercises.

Huisje tuintje boontje beesje

We train but also parade quite often in the east indeed ! We the Dutch paraded in Narva on 25/feb/2015 (to implement the european values and to fight the Russian aggression ) but Narva is also a important historical city for us dutchman , yes ! it is the only city in the world with a dutch SS monument in remembrance to the decimated SS seyffart regiment who was part of the 23 rd SS panzergrenadier division ! (Maar wel schijnheilig 4 mei herdenken en 5 mei vieren zo zijn we weer wel ) The germans are a bit more familiar with their historie of WW 2 and they politely refused to take part to the parade ! About the polish who liberated Holland most of them stayed in Holland as they could not go back to Poland , but the unsung Polish hero’s of the war are the ones who took part of operation bagration and afterwards the liberation of their homeland ,yes german occupation was swopted for Russian “occupation” but still it must not have been that bad as General Jaruselski managed to keep the Warschau pact at bay during the troubled 80’s History is a collection of lies on which men agreed on ( Napoleon) And War is about money interest resources , the idilic vieuw you give me about SDF YPG ect ect , i don’t buy it sorry ! The US UK France Israël SA Turkey and the Golf states have to much @ stake in this Conflict , and the Gopro video is only a confirmation of our involvment in this war !

Tom Tom

training for WW3 which they will lose.


Any army is training for a future war, no exceptions. It is hardly relevant traiing for WWII is it?

I have no opinions on a WWIII. I rather hope there wil not be one, though no doubt, somewhere in the future there will somewhere be a WWIII.

Let us hope that it won’t be in Europe.

Wahid Algiers

The whole world have seen that in 1939 when the polish army was herded like cattle in the Weichsel plains and beaten within six weeks.

marcin nowy

nie znasz więc nie porównój Polaków z banderowcami

Tom Tom

Twoja matka jest kozła

marcin nowy

ruchałeś kozę?jak było ? haha

Jacek Wolski

Haters will always hate. Seek help ISIS sympathizer.

paolo duchateau

I read volunteer from S-F, i’m not on site and i’m not a juge. Nothing against polish people; bad people and good people everywhere… But it’s not so bad for a war video: a beginning, a crescendo and a end… A life in a minute.

Tom Tom

His name tag says “Archer.” Is that Polish? (nope)

El' kerym

Polish volunteer? Hahaha

sure, there are exclusions to every rule, but from my experience of working with poles – they easily volunteer only to drink beer, have sex, and say ‘kurva’ :D

I’d like to believe there are good ones though, that are not crazy with russophobia or other stuff they are realy famous for… cheers from Baltics ;-)


I bet they have put ACDC song on top just so you wouldn’t hear all of those “kurwa” yelling. XD


whats kurwa?


its regular swear on daily basis- f.u.c.k in polish



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