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JUNE 2021

GoPro Combat Footage: Syrian Troops Clashing WIth ISIS In Al-Bukamal

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This GoPro combat footage shows an intense fighting between government troops and ISIS terrorists during the battle for the Syrian border city of al-Bukamal. As a result of the battle the strategic city fell into the hands of the Syrian Army and its allies.

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What is unknown is when this was taking place.

After it was announced as liberated?

Bill Wilson

Who knows, who cares? ISIS most likely will run the SAA et al out of town again just like in the past.


It would be interesting as it tells something about the trustworthiness of Ru and Sy public announcements. Otherwise, you could be correct. Seems IS is slowly reviving in Iraq, aided by, surprise surprise, sunni arabs. This will likely have an impact on the Syrian border regions.


Sure they can try but it is not easy now as they cannot supply these forces with the big armour and vehicles like before with impunity.

Now more likely on guerrilla warfare with hand carried arms and cannot hold territory as their current supplies run out.

These Terrorists are using up whatever they have now and pretty soon would be out of ammo


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