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JULY 2020

Google Involved In Campaign To Fuel Anti-Government Protesters In Moscow


Google Involved In Campaign To Fuel Anti-Government Protesters In Moscow

IMAGE: Alexander Pohl / ZUMAPRESS.com

Foreign forces used YouTube video hosting during the August 10 rally on Moscow’s Sakharov Avenue in order to manipulate Russian citizens, the chairman of the Federation Council’s temporary commission for the protection of state sovereignty and prevention of interference in Russia’s internal affairs, Andrei Klimov, said on August 11.

“Simply speaking, people started receiving on their gadgets information from the sources, for which they had never signed up,” the senator said.

He added that the provided information was of instigative nature, encouraging citizens to violate law by sending them to protected federal facilities.

These technologies cannot be used without the assistance of certain Western organizations and owners of network companies, Klimov said. He also warned that these developments won’t be left unanswered.

Klimov recalled that on August 8, the temporary commission for the protection of state sovereignty and prevention of interference in Russia’s internal affairs cited the facts of blatant and illegal foreign meddling in Russia’s sovereign affairs in connection with the election to the Moscow City Duma.

The August 10 rally was the fourth in support of opposition candidates that failed to collect signatures to participate in the election to the Moscow City Duma (local parliament). The “non-system opposition” (the hardcore pro-US part of the opposition that declares an intention to overthrow the Russian government) called this a blatant example of anti-democratic actions by ‘the Putin regime’.

Responding to the Google meddling, Roskomnadzor, Russian telecom and media watchdog, sent a letter to Google demanding that it stop using YouTube video hosting for promoting unauthorized rallies.

“Roskomnadzor has sent to Google a letter demanding that it take measures to prevent the advertising of unauthorized mass events on YouTube video hosting owned by the company,” Roskomnadzor said in a statement on its website.

The statement said that “some structures” were buying YouTube advertising tools (push notifications) with the goal of disseminating information about unauthorized events aimed at disrupting elections at various levels across Russia. Roskomnadzor clarified that these push notifications are also sent to the users, who have not signed up for YouTube channels of these structures.

Roskomnadzor said that, unless Google takes response measures, Russia will consider this as meddling in its sovereign affairs and hindering democratic elections in the country. In this event, it would give an adequate response to these actions.




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  • Pave Way IV

    “…Roskomnadzor said that, unless Google takes response measures, Russia will consider this as meddling in its sovereign affairs and hindering democratic elections in the country…”

    Oh FFS, it’s Google. They’re f’king EVIL – that’s their job. They do the same thing here in the U.S. (when they’re not helping the government spy on its citizens).

    • stupid is as stupid does

      Now is clear…That’s why they have used that motto;
      ” Don’t be EVIL ! ”
      ( It’s Google’s trademark and they didn’t want to share it with anyone else ( being EVIL like them ) cheap copy of their style ) “

  • Rob

    If US and NATO perverters exist then don’t look for peace in the world. Recently China caught red handed the US councilate member in between Hong Kong protests.

    • Jens Holm

      You forgot jews, gypsies, armenians and kurds Iddi.

  • occupybacon

    This protesters are the bravest people of Russia, the rest are pussies

    • You can call me Al

      Yanker muppets, should be hung in the streets.

      • occupybacon

        Putin the highest

        • Gary Sellars

          Pootie is the Highest. He stands head and shoulders above the muppets who rule the West (as empty suits working for the Banking Cartels).

          • occupybacon

            Putler is Your Highness. Why do you have an anglosaxon nickname Putler troll?

          • Gary Sellars

            You can talk – your handle sez pig-fucker.

          • occupybacon

            Your mom is a pig

          • Gary Sellars

            wow… is that the best you have? Obviously the Queens English is not your native tongue :-D

          • occupybacon

            Your mom is the queen of all pigs

    • Gary Sellars

      “authoritarian regime is collapsing”

      Authoritarian… yet they can demonstrate freely as long as they remian peaceful and stay within their alloted space. I don’t see any goon squad shooting rubber bullets at peoples faces like in France.
      Not exactly Mao’s Red China is it?…..

      This is why idiots like you always get it wrong. The Russia of your imagination is just that… nonexistent.

      • occupybacon

        Do you have the link to the video in which they didn’t stay peaceful? Maybe riot police did their job, just like that?

        • Gary Sellars

          If there were arrests, it was because, like every other time, the provocateurs tried to march in areas that weren’t authorised or they started to confront the police.

          Break the rules and indulge in nonsense and they get tyo cool their heels overnight in a cell. Seems reasonable to me (as compared to losing an eye in France for standing still on the sidelines and getting picked out by an Imperial Legionaire with a rubber baton round).

          But I guess since you’re a fucking hypocrite you’re not interested in supporting democracy or the right to protest in France?….

          • occupybacon

            Do you have any video or you pulled that right from Putler’s arse?

          • Gary Sellars

            Wow… life must really suck for you and your buddies at Langeley. No-one lstens to you anymore, nor your fellow esatablishment scribbelrs in the MSM.

            Whats a poor frustrated agitprop peddler supposed to do?

            /picks up 38 snub nose
            /points at temple

            Problem solved.

          • occupybacon

            Putin’s days as president are numbered, Russia economy stopped growing, the Ruble is falling

          • Gary Sellars

            You’re dreaming… or on krak… either way yer street cred is shit.

            BTW God-Emperor Putin is Prez until 2024. Thats a lot of time for you to carry the stigma of failure and denial.

          • occupybacon

            He won’t be president by then, his oligarchs pillaged the country, Russians are starting to wake up

          • Bob

            Dude – you are pathologically fixated on Putin – and apparently suffer from deeply intrusive and unhealthy thoughts about Putin’s anatomy.

          • occupybacon

            I just like to provoke seizures among the Putin lovers.

          • Bob

            Keep telling yourself that – denial is a powerful drug.

          • occupybacon

            Denial of what, is that midget so important for you to believe others have that obsessions too?

      • Tudor Miron

        How dare you! Those bullers in france are democratic bullets! That eye was taken away with dignity and freedom on Macrons part. Those 11 killed during protests in Paris surely prrof that democratic regime is thriving!
        Where those pesky Russkies dare to object street riots and braking of the law. Don’t you see the difference? How dare they… and you :)

        • Gary Sellars

          I hear you :-D

          The fuktardishness of the Murikkkan troll fuckwits like bacon-boy here is truly hilarious. What sort of fucking retard is this bufoon??? It re-affrims my total lack of faith in the natives of Exceptionalistan…

          • stupid is as stupid does

            Somebody told me he is not even Americunt but troll from Romania.

          • Gary Sellars

            No wonder he/she/it has a bad attitude. They filmed Borat in Romania cuz they couldn’t find a sufficently shitty village in Kazahstan (which is light years ahead of Romania these days).

          • stupid is as stupid does

            It was Moldavia I think, not Romania.
            But still very much alike as mentality to the Romanians.

  • occupybacon
    • Gary Sellars

      She’s lucky she’s not French. She’d have lost an eye by now….

    • grumpy_carpenter

      That’s not a beating that’s a love tap. I had my ribs broken and eye closed shut by the cops in Calgary just for lipping at them. No medical treatment or anything they just kept me overnight then let me out with no charges at 5AM to find my own way to a hospital. I’ve seen worse too. A friend of mine dies in a cell after being beat by a cop back in the ’70’s …. they said it was natural causes, a brain aneurism ….. they beat the shit out of him then wouldn’t respond when his cell mate told them he was seriously fucked up. He was a teenager and so was I when I was beaten for no reason.


      • occupybacon

        Seriously? black lives matter? there could be plenty of other more relevant examples of US police brutality. However USA doesn’t ask Google to stop posting this kind of stuff, that’s the fucking point.

        • grumpy_carpenter

          “Seriously? black lives matter?”

          Sorry. I forgot you’re American. Black men are considered people in most of the world outside the USA. Perhaps if they were considered livestock in the USA the SPCA and PETA would take up their cause and this kind of shit wouldn’t happen?

          “there could be plenty of other more relevant examples of US police brutality.”

          There are but I chose the first one to pop up in my search because I’m lazy.

          “However USA doesn’t ask Google to stop posting this kind of stuff, that’s the fucking point.”

          Oh yes they do … https://thehill.com/policy/technology/413241-youtube-outpaces-facebook-twitter-in-clamping-down-on-misinformation

          • occupybacon

            You gave me the link of an article about a teacher from some university, not American state official asking Youtube and Google what to ‘post’ – like Russia clown state did.

            “There are but I chose the first one to pop up in my search because I’m lazy.”

            ^^here is where you actually give me the answer but also gives your way that neither you believe black lives matters propaganda but you still feel the need throw the oldies but goldies racist imperialist accusations from the cold war era

        • Bob

          Google are a tech-services company, and like any company in mainland US they are subservient to the US government, only more so, as US legislation allows the NSA to filter all US based internet data and traffic flows – and Google by and large have done what they have been told.

  • Jens Holm

    No opposition allowed.

    All excuses for bad Governess are.

  • Rob

    Economic sanctions = Economic terrorism.
    Interfering in a state = State terrorism.

    These are the crimes that the US and NATO perverters are currently committing.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    A special malware needs to infect most or all of googles servers at the same time and wipe them all.
    Let people loose their gmail mail and such. Use “Destruct Ware” wipers.
    Also, people should just switch to Protonmail.ch

    • Harry Smith

      Yeah. And use the Telegram messenger instead of WhatsUp, Snapchat etc.

    • occupybacon

      HAHAHAHAH Google annual profit is larger than Russian army budget, Google could wage cyberwar alone against Russia.

      • Bob

        What rubbish. That is just lazy, childish, playground level, trolling.

        a.) As a modern military, the Russian Federation army has dedicated cyber-warfare units.

        b.) Google is global tech-service company, not a military arm, it operates on a commerce model – which would not last very long if it engaged in active or malicious cyber-warfare.

  • Black Waters

    I noted this, but it’s not new (but google should be santionated) they use YT to promote not only regime change but to promote dangerous propaganda to childrens, the U.S has gone completely mad.

  • Icarus Tanović

    Oh give me a break, these moves are funny! What they want to accomplish with this, people ain’t THAT stoopid…

  • Nassim7

    Ukraine banned Yandex some time ago.

    This means that if one develops software for a website or an App to be used globally, one cannot use Yandex Maps https://yandex.com/maps/ or Yandex Translator https://translate.yandex.com

    Essentially, by banning Yandex in one country, it is banned globally. There has to be some retaliation for this. Banning Google is all of Russia would quickly ensure that Ukraine reinstated Yandex

    The same applies for VKontakte, Odnoklassniki etc.

    • Harry Smith

      Ukraine is not such a big market for developers.

  • hvaiallverden

    Hehe, never mind the bollocks coming from uh…. eh….. Al-CIAeda trolls, usually, easily recongised by their inability to, be honest, and uses their idiotic rethoric on isses that is dead by birth, Russians are even kinder than the French, and beating the shait out of people, yeah, even the Norwegian inbreed montain monkey police is entuiastic when it comes to wave with their batons, when they can, but then again, the JooTube removes them so we cant find images, even from beating women and children, with an eagerness only scums can muster.
    I would be much more brutal, not against the people whom is, even maybe sincere, some is, but impale the rats in charge infront of the AmerCutns ambasy, just to make it clear, we know whom and by what means you have and what you do, and here you have the stinking corpses.
    And again Russia, I warned you, and your Gov is in denile of whom is behind this, whom have the means, the control of the information flow, and yet, if we open our mouths, I can go to jail, upto 15 years, Russia, either are you stupid, naive or simply to corrupt to care, but the same scums that is fueling and now armying the NK rat pack, the same people whom was behind Ukraina (remeber the Cokie monster, F…. the EU Nuttland thing), and dont for an moment think they will stop this, never, its an prodject they have drooled about for decades and now is kicked into motion.

    Hell, I bet even some of you think just by critizising Russia we hate them, no, but I can shure you I will kick in every f…. consivable direction when I see something I dont like or when the idiot propaganda takes over.
    But hate, nope, I only hate two kinds of people, apologistas and revisionistas, nobody else.
    So wankeedoodle, you may think you are cool, and smart, yeah, equally cocky as the HasbaRats, witch is riding in their own manure because the MSM is complisit and now even in Russia, and my last question is simple, are you blind, Russia.
    Nobody is hopelessly more blinded than those that refuses to see.


  • Harry Smith

    Canadian jurno Eva Barlett

    I’ve been to many protests, in DC (2006, against Israeli bombings of Lebanon and Gaza), in Bil’in (at least 10 times, 2007), in Gaza (too many times to count), in Toronto (Quds day protests), in Venezuela (2.5–the .5 was the pathetic turnout of opposition supporters, 15 here, 20 there…)…

    Yesterday’s protest in Moscow may have had numbers (20,000 according to Russian interior ministry; 50,000 according to anti-government media), but they were the most APATHETIC protesters I’ve ever encountered. Little bursts of chanting then silence, silence and standing still…waiting for orders? They *almost* seemed like their hearts weren’t really in it. Just an observation…

    When the singers started playing, these protesters with so much on their minds were transfixed and almost seemed to forget their purpose…

    Later, at one of the unauthorized protests, when people were being detained by security, some being detained were smiling and laughing. I asked someone here about this:

    “They are fully aware the police won’t do anything extreme unless they themselves turn to something extreme.”

    This person also gave me some personal insight:

    “Some of them are paid to protest and antagonize. When I was a student in 2001, there were people who offered something like $15-20 to protest for 2-3 hours in front of the State Duma holding whatever banner they give you.”

    On twitter, I found this:

    Many young people who came to Sakharov Prospect today in order to take part in protests do not know the names of their “leaders”, neither their political agenda. Nothing.They demand «fair elections» into Moscow State Duma but fail to even name their candidates.They’ve been fooled

    -Do you know your candidates running for Moscow State Duma? -Well.. I wouldn’t vote for anyone.. -But you know them? Can you name them? -Well… approximately… I guess not. Hahaha #moscowprotests

    #Russian journalist Pavel Lobkov from liberal channel TV Rain (the mouthpiece of opposition) is praising police live on TV saying the policemen are extremely gentle and polite. I wonder what would
    say about it?

    **I observed the same thing, police actually very polite.

    On the note of police/security brutality, we have countless examples from France to Canada to the US to beloved Gaza. In the latter, in the 10s of protests I accompanied from 2009 to 2013, Israeli elite snipers didn’t even bother with tear gas, they started with live ammunition, and didn’t only aim for the legs but murdered unarmed Palestinians easily. Since March 30, 2018, elite Israeli snipers have murdered over 300 Palestinians [https://www.facebook.com/EvaBoBeeva/posts/2569977726345539].

    *Not ‘intense’, CBC, child’s play.


    Robert Inlakesh:
    19 July

    BREAKING: Israel shoot 49 Gazan’s with live ammunition and injure 97. Amongst the injured are children, journalists and medics. One of the journalists injured, named Sami Masran (32 yrs old), has been shot in the eye and is currently in critical condition.

    2. Deconstructing CBC lying tweet about ‘intense’ police repression.

    3. Journalist bravely taking selfie with big bad police standing calmly behind 🙄

    4. Protesters at unauthorized protest being detained–not murdered…

  • Dragos Ionut

    Google is a State owned propaganda machine.