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Google Demonetizes Zero Hedge

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

As you may have read on NBC, Google has decided to suspend ad hosting on the “far-right” Zero Hedge (which apparently can be anything from “batshit insane Austrian school blog” to Russian propaganda or framed in any other way that serves the agenda of those who disagree with our views – which apparently these days is a lot of people) along with The Federalist, a decision that would have a materially adverse impact for both websites. The reason presented to us for this decision is far more mundane than what has been disclosed by NBC: we are currently appealing it, and expect to remedy it.

That said, we were surprised by the framing of the suspension by the NBC article, which disturbingly appears to be another attempt at activist targeting of inconvenient media outlets, especially since the core argument presented by the NBC employee is different than what Google actually has said. In fact, half the NBC article just happens to be dead wrong.

It is also notable, the two articles that are referenced in the NBC article – which in turn is based on a complaint by some self-appointed arbiter of free speech, the UK-based liberal Center for Countering Digital Hate  – were not ours, but were contributor op-eds by third parties (here  and here) one of which is from 2016. Do we now live in a time when ad platforms will suspend, say, the New York Times for publishing highly controversial Op-Eds?

We were also surprised that the NBC journalist activist who wrote the inaccurate article, Adele-Momoko Fraser, deleted a tweet in which she admits to actively collaborating with “Stop Funding Fake News” and the Center for Countering Digital Hate.

After deleting her original tweet, Fraser retweeted it without the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag. Why?

Google Demonetizes Zero Hedge

It is also notable that the reactions so far have been a near-unanimous condemnation of a journalist using her platform (the same one which killed Ronan Farrow’s Harvey Weinstein scoop) to silence competitors she and/or her employer disagrees with.

Even more disturbing, shortly after publishing its rushed hitpiece, NBC proceeded to do stealth edits based on actual feedback from Google, with the result a mess.

In any case, we hope to resolve this matter and continue doing what we do best: presenting you, our readers, with the truth no matter how inconvenient it may be. Meanwhile, for those who can afford it, please donate: we would be very grateful.

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The Farney Fontenoy

This is the biggest problem-Google is one of the largest web-hosting companies on the planet-bend to their petty rules or get punished.
But ZeroHedge is largely controlled opposition, this move is designed to increase their grassroots support, this is really a collaboration between the two sides, just like the artificial spat with Infowars.

Zionism = EVIL

In all fairness, Zero hedge is nothing to write home about, it is just another dumbass alt-right Americunt rag that sometimes gives some realistic perceptions about the deep shithole the bankrupt Americunt dumbasses are in. It is like Michael Moore bi-polar. But on the whole, it pushes Jew MSM line. Not a big fan kiddies!

Ivan Freely

A long time ago it was pretty good when it stuck to business / financial news. It’s garbage now.

chris chuba

It can be entertaining but it’s dubious but I of course I wouldn’t ban it and I bet that most people here are against censorship even if they think a site is loony tune.

Tommy Jensen

Disagree completely with you both.
Zerohedge is a very talented site keeping to factual issues related to big business.
I know business and finance dont appeal to many of you ideological hotheads, but Zerohedge is a rare alternative site within the business world that matters.

Thats why big corp are feeling uncomfortable. Zerohedge is telling the story not to negative big corp, but to inform its readers about financial and economic facts beyond Wall Streets manipulations.
Zerohedge is not an activist site. It just give good economic and financial advises beyond the MSM bs.

Charles Homer

Here is an article that looks at how one prominent American politician has attempted to censor the internet and the narrative on vaccinations:


In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the significant volume of information that is both promoting the pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine agendas, we should not be trusting either Google or Facebook for unbiased and completely scientifically accurate information on vaccinations and the current pandemic.

Trap Is Not Gay

I stopped using Jew’s Google back when they started to stamp two colors-footed big lipped stinking niggers on the home page, all docile for the kike taking all money (and millions of people suffering, sad, starved, in free wars, poverty, etc).

I only use Yandex (Russia), search engine.

The rare Jew-associated things I use is Youtube and Windows (of Jew’s pawn Bill Gates), but soon every Jew app I use I’m going to dump it.

So I can bet many have taken the same decision, if you don’t you can’t complain.

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