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Goodbye And Thanks For The Sanctions: Trump Targets Russian Pipe-Laying Vessel In His Last Day As President

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Goodbye And Thanks For The Sanctions: Trump Targets Russian Pipe-Laying Vessel In His Last Day As President

The Fortuna pipe-laying vessel. Click to see full-size image

On January 18th, the United States notified Germany that it plans to impose sanctions on the Russian pipe-laying vessel “Fortuna” over its involvement in the construction of the Russian-led Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

“We’re taking note of the announcement with regret,” a spokesperson for Germany’s Economy Ministry said in Berlin.

The confirmation came after German business publication Handelsblatt reported that the US would be issuing sanctions under its Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA).

Both Germany and the European Union have criticized US penalties. They say Washington is using the CAATSA sanctions regime to interfere in their foreign and energy policies.

The US claims the pipeline would threaten the EU’s security by increasing the bloc’s dependence on Russia.

“Although we do not comment on future sanctions measures, we will continue to exchange ideas with allies and partners on potential sanctions issues,” a spokesperson for the US embassy in Berlin had told the German outlet.

He added that the US hoped that Germanywould reconsider its position on Nord Stream 2.

The sanctions would punish any European company that helps Fortuna complete the Nord Stream 2 project, which is designed to carry natural gas from Russia to Germany across the Baltic seabed.

The new sanctions will take effect on January 19th, one day before US President Donald Trump vacates his seat, and Joe Biden steps in as President.

Separately, Alexey Navalny returned to Russia, but after the deadline he was given and was arrested.

In response, Lithuania called on the EU to impose new sanctions on Russia over the arrest.

“We urge Russia to immediately release Navalny and to arraign those responsible for the attempt on his life,” Lithuanian foreign affairs minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said in a statement.

The Lithuanian statement, sent to Reuters, said Navalny’s arrest was in volation of human rights principles as set by the European Council.

Latvia and Estonia would reportedly also work towards imposing sanctions on Moscow.

In response, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that all the countries commenting on Russia’s internal matters should focus on what was going on in their own house.


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Laurent Parodi

What ended with sanctions just like it started? Trump presidency.

Tommy Jensen

Exactly as I predicted it.

Jens Holm

Thats highly incorrect. Dont You have internet. Or else eat some remember glue for Your brain. many newspapers has glue in them and You recycle too:)

Fx by Google:

“On 19 December 2014, US President Obama imposed sanctions on Russian-occupied Crimea by executive order prohibiting exports of US goods and services to the region. On 16 February 2015, the EU increased its sanction list to cover 151 individuals and 37 entities.”

Lone Ranger

Too lil too late.
Bye bye adolf Trumpstein…

And no, pedobide wont be much better, Im aware…


It will be much, much worse under Biden.


I do hope so.
Immense hardship of all but the super wealthy has often united all the disparate oppressed in resistance.


Trump wants a military parade as send off to the trash cancomment image


Yeah, just waiting for Bidens bunch to show just how uniform their approach will be, as in no different. I see that Biden is proposing including Arab states and Israel be included in the ‘new’ nuke talks with Iran. That will be a no-go and they already know it. Iran’s missiles will be on the block if Bidens bunch (Israel) has it’s way. Biden might not be as rabid an Israel supporter, but is owned as much as Trump, although Trump sold himself outright.


Who gives flying f*ck, that’s hardly a news.
One thing is sure, they will not stop N.Stream2 because Germany needs it (and has more future profit out of it ) more than Russia.
Not to mention the fact: that would make EU-energy hub out of Germany and facilitate task of Germany to control EU member countries through gas also.


I’m trying to learn to ignore the words any more. Just follow the actions. For Russia this pipeline is not relevant, for EU it is. BTW, this pipeline will be operational quite soon, any way.

Now, the next question is whether EU politicians are ready to get TIPP and the infamous ISDS rammed down their throats (allowing corporations to sue goverments for practically imaginary reasons for having “less than expected” sales or profit).

Tommy Jensen

You should expect the hole of EU stupidity is bottomless.

Jens Holm

Its not. I think EU is too big and complicated by those 27 countries.

I would prefare some things was not included as decided by EU and by that the rest could be kept better.


Many people expect to find a pot of gold in a bottomless pit :)

Jens Holm

Of course its very relevant for both.

Your version of TIPPs and ISDS is very much about You dont understand what EU is for.

We have solved many more problems by very different regulations and thats a part of us.

We fx has more then enough food and none will ever starve as many did and died with during WW1 as wll as WW2.

We have free crossing borderlines for jobs, so unimployed can get any job and by that send money home or settle down even getting childsupport from day one.

Where is Your problem??? We are among the highest in GDP and livingstandards for sost of us compared to the rest of the world.

We also lives longer. Maybee thats wrong too, because old ones are minus in economy ??

So I as mamny others add and subtract the whole picvturer and find plus. Of course no one can say what happend if we all were nilateral or something. But You cant just predict its better and it is.

We have raised Our livingstandards since we joined EU and the ones before them. And I do remember how it was for very poor people in Denmark. I partly was raised by my Grandparents.

Jens Holm

Partly true.

comment image But Germany and EU is not as You descriebe at all. Holland and Belgium hardly has any minerals for fuels left too.

And I allow me to add, we are aware of that dependency not by Germany but Russia and the rest of the world.

Thats why EU as the only ones in the world has a replacing plan for as much as possible in fossils. As most people know, the future also is millions of “electricfied” cars.

Peter Moy

First of all, all of the perceived enemies of the US were either created by it or are imaginary. This is a result of a reckless, paranoid, brain-damaged, psychotic, provocative foreign policy. It is obvious that this ZioNazi puppet with the bad hair still in the White House and his elephant boy secretary of state are making US relations with other countries as bad as they can until the last minute. The incoming Biden administration really has a gigantic mess to deal with from day one. Many countries will be glad Trump and his gang of Kosher chicken hawks will no longer be in office.

Frank G

wrong, neocons are replaced by neoliberals and are just as bad. vicky nuland is a good example of a neolib.


EU has come to the full realization that US is not a reliable ally, and they will pursue a policy of what is best from them.

Fog of War

Slave, vassal states have no say in policy .


EU is a bigger entity than US, they can stand on their own, distancing from US and getting closer to China is inevitable.

Jens Holm

Yes, and both EU and USA has to change relations to China – and viced versa.

Fog of War

Let me know when they kick out all US troops and get out of NATO. Till that happens you’re just dreaming.


American troops in Europe are a token gesture of their role in NATO.
EU has come to realize that US is in a downward spiral, I am sure they do not want to be part of that spiral.

Fog of War

Token force ? Germany alone has 35,000 ZioAmerican troops. Some token force.


Whoopi do, during the Cold War it was in the hundreds of thousands. Trump was moving 7000 troops to a polish base further east.

Fog of War

Once again, I fail to grasp your point. That is no token force, and even if it was, whats stopping the Europeans from kicking the ZioAmericans out ? Why not leave NATO ? Why not ignore US sanctions requests ? Why not have independent policies ? Why not and why not, and why not ?


To do those things require time. EU works as a collection of states, of which Germany and France will define policy.


Trump through his policies gave the EU proof to consider that US is not a reliable partner, and they have to stand on their own.

Jens Holm

Hard to see.

Fog of War

Open you eyes then.


i mean they have 0 backbone they are cowards but they could be something other than slaves and vassals but you are right they behave all as such so there is nothing to expect from them despite the fact that the eu project was meant to make the europeans be worth something because in the big picture they are tiny fish compared to china russia and iran and one of them would sooner fry these tiny fish

Fog of War

” eu project was meant to make the europeans be worth something ”

I disagree . The EU project was designed to trap the various European nations into a bureaucratic, undemocratic, cesspool of autocrats controlled by the ZioAmerican Empire. While at the same time, stripping them of any means of resistance, that is why there is such a push for a EU army.


it remains to be seen how much russia can get in a peaceful fashion from europe

Tommy Jensen

After 20 years of doubling downs someone is still on hopium.

Jens Holm

Thats highly incorrect. We are not black and white like that at all. Its very visible we fx like USA less by Trump.

Obama was highly respected by most of us. If Biden is close to him in many hings, we will like USA better again.

I think many in the world are reconsering whats best after Russia collapsed and China now is of importance.


US is using the EU to fight Russia, as US declines politically, economically and
military, EU does not want to be caught in the down draft.
The whole national drama that unfolded during the last year under Trump, gave EU a taste of what is to come.


europeans have no backbone that one is sure so there is nothing one should expect of them

Fog of War

All soap opera theater. Biden will now conveniently say that his hands are tied and the sanctions cant be removed unless Russia capitulates on something. Smoke and mirros all around and it looks like Russia is already folding.

– Gazprom warns investors that Nord Stream 2 could be canceled as Trump announces more US sanctions in ‘parting gift’ –


Jens Holm

Biden already has said something very different from Your fiktive insinuation.

hard to communicate with people having no eyes ears and are patheological liars too.

Biden has told most things by Trump will be removed or modified ( In my own short version). In fuel he also has told that the USA Canada relation will be shut down. The USA relations to Iran also wil be no change(apart from methids).

investers including the european ones in Gazprom of course are worried for less profit.


Probably right about the theater, it would surprise no one. As for Russia folding, I doubt Germany will let that happen, after all it’s their goose that gets cooked. RT? RT hasn’t been the RT we knew and loved for some time and most of their stuff is questionable. I figure Biden will try to find a way to profit from it.

Tommy Jensen

Trump really knows how to mud all his name the last days in power. “Remember me man, as a spoiled child taking revenge on everybody”.

Jens Holm

Thats very old news just upgrading “TARGET”, which still is the same in letters only – so far.


Will the Biden administration be any different? Trump’s main foreign policy flaw was putting Israel first ahead of America First.

Jens Holm

Biden already has told he will regain a lot of the mistakes done by Trump. Of course You cant just go back in time and say Biden is like Obama.

But You should expect that and what else he has told he will try to do better.

As for others, I hope and expect not all changes will be fullfilled. He has to get enough majority for everything and he he has not today.

In the other hand Obama only had very bad disputes about Obama care. He was clever making some silent compromises with the republicans ad most things workes – not as he wished for – but at least better.


“Will the Biden administration be any different?”

On the surface but really not much will change just as not much changed substantially from Clinton to Bush to Obama.

The USA is a capitalist country masquerading as a democracy. Americans get to choose between 2 guys funded by the same capitalist interests.

They are allowed to make minor, inconsequential changes to US policies but step over the line and do something capital doesn’t want and you lose your funding.

Case in point is the way Trump was treated.

He ordered US forces out of Syria but they never left …. someone with real power superseded Trumps orders.

They were fine with him contesting the election but when he stepped over the line and instigated sedition he was cut off not only from his ability to raise funds politically but his bank dropped him, his branding is being pulled from buildings, the PGA cancelled tournaments at his golf courses and he was cut off social media.

You’ll notice Mitch McConnell who defended Trump right up until the capital riot had to “sleep on it” before making a statement on Trumps impeachment. he didn’t have to sleep on fuck all … he had to wait for his instructions from the big boys who fund the party.


Trump didn’t need the Jew’s money or press like the political establishment does.

Why he didn’t play the trump card of a federal forensic audit of the election fraud is an unanswered question. Maybe he is going to let the political establishment take responsibility for the economic collapse, if it happens, which it looks like it’s going to. That they’re responsible for.


“Trump didn’t need the Jew’s money or press like the political establishment does.”

Need it or not Trump took campaign money from jews. It’s a fact … it’s in the public record.

Sheldon Adleson alone gave Trump over $90 million for the 2020 campaign. Adelson owns the LV Sands which is the other $45M is.

Then there’s $10M from the Laura & Isaac Perlmutter Foundation, $1.3M from the Irving Moskowitz Foundation and $60K from the Republican jewish coalition.

Start scratching the surface of those super-pacs, banks and investment firms contributing to Trump and you’ll see a shitload more jewsih money supporting Trump.



The Dominion voting machine company got $400 million from China a month before the election. Do you think that the Jew World Order had anything to do with that?



“Bloomberg gave Biden $98 million.”

Exactly … they’re all bought and paid for. You want to get bipartisan agreement table a bill limiting campaign financing …. That’ll scare the shit out of them

“Do you think that the Jew World Order had anything to do with that?”

I don’t think there is a ‘jew world order” …. there’s a capitalist world order and the US military enforces it. These billionaires could very well be as racist as you are but they stick together over matters of common interest.

“Dominion voting machine company got $400 million from China a month before the election”

I thought Trump put restriction on Chinese investment in US companies? If this is true how did Trump allow Chinese interests to invest in a company that makes voting machines of all things? He bans Chinese cell phone routers but allows the Chinese to own the machines that tally election results?


If you disagree with what I’ve written then disprove it. So far you haven’t.


“So criticism of the evil blood sucking Jew pedophile mass rape cult that rapes 1,000 children worldwide every week makes me a racist?”

You take that as an insult however you were the one who made this about race not me. I’m just using the english language … not making judgements about you.

In my experience there is nothing special about jewish bankers and businessmen …. they work to screw you over just like any other business. The one group that I refuse to work for are American businesses …. they are really confrontational to deal with, they hold back information and just plain stiff you then scurry back home and hide behind their lawyers. It’s a capitalist society … if you can’t afford better lawyers than they have they skin you alive … fair and legal’s got nothing to do with it. The only exception is Zales corporation … a jewish owned jewellery retailer out of Dallas. I dealt with them for over 20 years and they were always fair and paid in full promptly.

When I read about how Americans do business overseas I see the same behaviour. They screw everyone over and use their capital as a blunt instrument to beat you with.

I’ve never dealt with jewish bankers but I do have experience building for the jewish rag traders out of Montreal. They’re as big a bunch of assholes as anyone. They pay in full for the first few projects but then they tell you you overcharged them and expect you to do the next one for free.

Being an asshole has no race, colour or creed … assholes are assholes period. You seem to like Trump but I can tell you he’s an asshole … he doesn’t pay his bills and I’m not getting this information from CNN …. I learned this from people in the construction industry in NY that have been stiffed by him


Maybe English isn’t your first language. Because you don’t seem to understand it. Judaism is an ideology, not an ethnic group. Most are of European decent. Criticism of the adherents of that ideology victimising humanity doesn’t make me a racist.

Denying the existence of the international Jew oligarch cabal and network is an indication of ignorance, disinfo or both. They’re not the entire problem, just the biggest part of it, living out their parasitical Talmud ideology. Some adhere to it more than others. Many reject it and drop out of the cult due to it’s obvious evil.


I support the national good. And Trump to the extent that Trump’s America First supports the national good. I don’t support his Jew nexus or business failures.

He was the superior candidate compared to Biden, he won the election, and had it stolen from him by the JWO. Who have now installed the most Jew infested administration in US history that I’m aware of. Using a violent color revolution regime change involving a bioweapon attack. That they’re up to their eyeballs in staging and exploiting.


I wondered that as well. The collapse of the houses of Western cards is slowly happening now.


Maybe he’s tired of dealing with it and used it for an out. He did more to expose the corruption than anyone in history. And now with the Biden administration being the most Jew infested since probably the Bolsheviks. Even the most brain dead American has in your face evidence of the severity of America’s Jew problem.


I agree.
I also deplored Trumps policy to aid the Saudis murderous against a free Yemen.

Rhodium 10

I have doubts that ND2 will be built and operative!..among other reasons such as US sanctions vs EU companies( we have seen many of them leaving ND2)..these countries ( included Germany) are under US occupation through NATO…and all politicians are not free to decide and even less to ignore USA decisions!..the proof is the failed Southstream and now Bulgarians lost the Hub and just are receiving gas from Turkey to the reverse way to Bulgaria-Turkey gaseoduct!…


It will take a little pain to deal with the sanctions, however, EU has the resources to counteract against US sanctions. Look at Iran, US sanctions made Iran a strong regional power where US threats are rather impotent.


No sting,there shall be no bling,but shim,Trumps fraud,it will get much worse,before it gets even better:

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