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Good Old France – No More

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Good Old France - No More


COVID led France into a recession that the country had not known since 1949. Compared with the previous year, French GDP fell by 5.8% in the first quarter of 2020. The organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) predicts that France could lose up to 14% of its GDP this year. In this case, it will be the world biggest drop in the economy. The recession is accompanied by a catastrophic increase in unemployment. The number of registered “temporarily unemployed”, 80% of whose wages are paid by the state, exceeded 12 million people. It is almost half of the working age population. According to Pôle emploi, the French state employment service, the unemployment rate rose by 22% in April compared to March, which was 843,000 people.

Having realized the need to resume economic activity and having started to apply measures to get out of quarantine, France faced other challenges.

Despite the ban on demonstrations in many major cities of France, such as Lille, Marseille, Lyon, thousands of people continue to hold the protests against racism and police brutality. They reach the largest scale in the capital. Already on the first day of getting out of quarantine the 3rd of June, the protests, which according to various sources involved from 15 to 30 thousand people, ended with riots in the area of Clichy in Paris. The “Truth for Adama” committee is calling for protests. It was created by Assa Traore, sister of a black young man Adama, who died in police custody after being arrested in 2016. He became a kind of French George Floyd.

Good Old France - No More

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The ongoing demonstrations are accompanied by numerous acts of vandalism and clashes with the police. The French are particularly outraged by acts of desecration of monuments of Charles de Gaulle in Hautmont in the North-East of the country and in Pavillon-sous-Bois near Paris. Busts of the General are painted orange and written “slaver” despite the fact that de Gaulle in the late 50s, overcoming the resistance of the far-right, initiated the process of decolonization, which led to the independence of many African countries, including Algeria, Senegal, Mali, etc.

In response to the protests in Paris, there are demonstrations of police officers who resent the actions of Interior Minister. The manifestations are organized by police unions, outraged by accusations of racism and violence that they consider unfounded. Discontent was caused by the words of interior Minister Christophe Castaner, who in his speech declared “Emotions exceed legal rules”. He also demanded the police officers to be suspended from work “at the slightest suspicion” of any violations. In many cities in France, the policemen held protest and defiantly placed handcuffs in front of city police stations.

“My colleagues are no longer protected, they are left to their fate by their Minister, so I call on them from now on not to detain anyone and not to interfere in anything,” said Yves Lefebvre, head of the police Union Unite SGP Police – FO.

This situation contributes to the development of impunity and arbitrariness throughout the country. While racial riots continue in Paris, mass clashes between migrants from the Maghreb and Chechnya have been going on for almost a week in the Eastern city of Dijon, the capital of the Burgundy region. (LINK, LINK)

The reason for the riots was a conflict in a cafe, where migrants from Algeria beat a 16-year-old teenager from the Chechen diaspora. In all likelihood, the dispute was related to the drug trade. After that, there were calls on social networks for Chechens to punish the perpetrators. Representatives of the Diaspora began to come to Dijon not only from neighboring French cities, but also from Belgium and Germany. By Monday evening, when the robberies of representatives of the Chechen Diaspora began to subside, the Arabs, having also gathered a sufficient number of people from different cities, in turn took to the streets of the city and organized pogroms. If the Chechens were mostly armed with knives, baseball bats and rebar, representatives of the Maghreb community armed themselves with pistols and AK-47.

The fire from Dijon is already spreading across France. On Sunday night, three Chechens were injured in a shootout during clashes between the communities in Nice.

Similar clashes have occurred in France before but on a smaller scale. Back in April during the quarantine, tensions were observed in areas of Nice, where a network of drug dealers operated. Irritated residents tried to take control of the buildings to prevent the drug deal. It led to a clash with automatic weapons, two men  were injured. After this incident, there were acts of vandalism in the city with the burning of cars, the walls were painted with anti-Chechen inscriptions. Also in March, there was a shootout in Toulouse, apparently related to drug traffic. It injured 6 people of Chechen nationality who were employees of a private security company.

Chechens living in France say that problems with people from the Maghreb have been occurring for a long time. The reason was the fact that refugees from the Caucasus were settled in rough areas next to Africans, where their own laws had already been established. The Africans allowed themselves to search the residents of the houses where the drugs were dealt, suspecting them of police agents. It was extremely unpleasant for the Chechens. Over time, the degree of opposition increased.

The Diaspora of immigrants from the Maghreb countries is a direct consequence of the large flow of migrants due to the decolonization of Morocco and Tunisia in 1956, and Algeria in 1962. Migrants from this African region, primarily from Algeria, have formed a stable and very active Diaspora in France, which is the largest in Europe and has, according to various sources, up to 9,000,000 people.

The Chechen community in Europe, particularly in France, Germany and Belgium, is significantly less numerous. It was formed in the late 1990s and early 2000s. They emigrated after the second Chechen war, when Europe was willing to accept refugees from the war-torn Caucasus. More than 60,000 Chechens have been granted political refugee status in Europe. The largest Diaspora is located in the Eastern regions of France and has more than 20,000 members.

Both diasporas deal with crimes. In particular, Algerian groups, according to the French police, control a significant part of drug traffic in the country, while Chechens prefer theft and fraud, which does not cause mass discontent among the population.

If the Chechens have earned more trust from the French than the Arabs by their “peaceful” trade, today’s clashes in Dijon show that they are still belligerent and ready to take up arms if necessary. Chechens have a reputation for being strong soldiers. It also provided them the leading positions in international terrorist organizations such as ISIS. Clear examples are Abu Umar al-Shishani, a former “war Minister “of ISIS. Musli Margoshvili or Muslim Abu Walid al-Shishani is one of the leaders of the rebel coalition in Syria. The prefix “al-shishani”, indicating Chechen origin, has become a standard in ISIS intelligence.

Today’s confrontation between diasporas is taking place at a time when the country’s police system is very weak.

Today both Arabs and Chechens strive to expand the confrontation and to force as many people as possible to take to the streets of the cities. Mass performances are actively fueled by infusions of videos into the network from fake accounts. For example, a video of Arabs defiantly waving automatic weapons at the camera appeared on Youtube on Monday evening, and was distributed by suspicious accounts. These videos do not apply to official media, as the Arabs declare “Putin”, praise Kadyrov, and paint the walls “Vive Poutine, vive la Russie”.

According to few eyewitnesses, men distributed the Kalashnikovs right on the streets of the city.

Chechen and Arab groups are much better armed in France than in the rest of Europe. They are likely to be able to obtain arms from North Africa, Kosovo and Albania. Also in the immediate vicinity, there is the North of Italy, where mafia groups like the Camorra are involved in the arms trade.

The French in this situation apparently expect that during the clashes, Chechen groups will be able to pacify the Algerians and reduce drug traffic in the country. However, while they wait and hope that the warring diasporas will not switch to them, there are more clashes with the gendarmerie and special forces of France. Two special forces units were recently sent to Dijon.

Security forces will give a “tough response” said Secretary of state under the Minister of internal Affairs Laurent Nunez.

So far, approximately 10 people have been injured and only 4 have been detained.

The fact that the groups do not face each other, and that migrants from the Maghreb countries took to the streets only when the Chechens stopped to stage riots, proves that neither side is ready for the actual use of force, but only to demonstrate it.

Usually ethnic criminal organizations demonstrate a violent-oriented behavior because they are mostly involved in street crime and operate on the fields of organized crime assuming regular acts of violence (human and drug trafficking, prostitution, robberies etc). However, the current situation is a result of not only the usual approaches of gangs. Both sides of the conflict actively exploit the religious factor. In the future, this may either escalate tensions between them or become a uniting factor that would shift their aggression towards a third party. Expected large-scale provocations are likely to attract the attention of the greatest possible number of destitute, impoverished and still hesitant migrants across Europe and attract them to fight but not with each other.

Thus, at a time when the racial conflict is gaining strength in the north of France, a religious conflict emerge in the east and the south of the country. If the central government does not start employing direct steps to contain the threat of organized crime complicated by ethnic or religious factors, the affected social groups may become the basis for further destabilization of France. The situation is further complicated by consequences of the COVID-19 and migration crises. The conflicts are likely to cover a large territory of the country, or even pass its borders.

The only way that would allow France to settle this situation with minimal losses is to consolidate its entire forces to maintain order so that today’s contradictions do not lead to future civil clashes.


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Pave Way IV

I was hoping for the arrival of extraterrestrials or the impending pole flip since the coronavirus thing seems to be dying out. Instead, we got an Arab-Chechen chimp out… in France.

I don’t know… I guess my money is on the Chechens with rebar in Dijon.


Things will end violently in France, Mark my words. On one side you have the various Islamist groups, far left Communists and naive liberals who support or tolerate them and on the other you have normal moderate French (mostly natives) whom are quietly dispairing over the former groups attempts to destroy their nation and livelihoods.

Ashok Varma

Western racist colonization and on-going brutality and savagery in their own police states is causing mayhem. Europe is now weak and demographics will turn all of Europe brown in a few years. Western women have emasculated the “white” male who act as eunuchs now as western women prefer Asian and African men. Even British women prefer to marry Indians and move to India. Mumbai high rises are full of mixed marriages.


Not all of Europe will be turned brown. Slavic states will leave EU and join new Eurasian Russian sacurity project. Slavic people will be the last white people on Earth. Why? Because the war in western EU will start sooner than global oligarchy manages to start islamization of eastern EU. And a war in western EU will cause the public opinion in eastern EU to shift towards leaving EU asap.


Lets hope so..


Jews in Ukraine and Russia will disagree.


Eastern Europe has almost none existent islamic minority. Sion does not rule over Putin.


Ok sicko, despite that being complete and utter bullshit/wishful thinking on your part, attitudes like that are exactly why people are hostile to mass immigration. You literally want a demographic war to wipe us out and you have a stupidity to call us racist for calling you out on it.

Literally no one in the west wants to move to India, but half of you want to move to the west. I can’t imagine why though, since we’re such evil racist people and all…


leave the comunists out of this. There is no real comunists anywhere west of Czech republic. I was born i a comunist country and there was law, order and a safe society. Comunists would never alow islamisation, vandalism or colapse of society. All this is done by the global oligarchy, which is capitalist by nature, and its various useful idiots groups such as antifa and liberal youth….


Communists were Jews who killed millions of Christians and Muslims in USSR.


Nope. That is lack of your understanding of history. I will try to tell it shortly how it was. In 19. century an idea of just world was arriving. Global oligarchy knew that that was the idea, which could destroy their rule. So they decided to infiltrate and destory it. They used Marx, Trocky and others to infiltrate the idea in its early days and lead it the wrong way, so it could be discredited later. But Stalin turned out victorious in the fight for power in USSR after Lenin died. But Stalin did not work for them. He begun to impement the idea of a just society. But the USSR aparatus was still full of Trockysts and agents of global oligarchy. They begun the purges and deaths. But Stalin won again and managed to sent to death those, who were sending to death others as part of global oligarchy fight against the real just world idea. Hitler did not understand that Stalin was not working for them, so the global oligarchy made Hitler attack Stalin by giving him flase info. Stalin won again. And socialism started to work for the people. In 1945 – 1989 when i was born socialist countries wwere enjoying safe, stable, social and just societies. But then Gorbatchew and Jelcin came and betrayed the idea of a just world again. Ever since then the real living standards of people in eastern Europe is going down. And since global oligarchy no longer needs the western world prospering as a tool for convincing people that capitalism works better (capitalism does not work better, minority of rich capitalists countries were always exploiting the majority of poor capitalists countries) west is being destroyed by islamisation now. Its more complicated than this, but i tried to explain in a short way.


In the past no, but most Communists today very much believe in everything these terrorist street thugs do.


Comunists today are pretty much non-existent. Its fake news when media label anarchist, liberals, antifa and others as comunists.


Communists ended ww2 ok!maybe them head up ass nwo/facists ought study history,before ranting the others big fat mouths like soros far reight sect belief capitalismists straight,really?

Conversely got the other bit right,sure gonna hit the fan,better late than never,so eugeddon!


Communists are just as bad, they ruin everything they touch. Ask eastern Europe how much they loved Communism… maybe that’s why they aren’t falling prey to this Marxist racial BS going on.

Brother Ma

Screw France! I detest whiners who who take in rabid dogs and then cry when bitten.

Al Balog

Agreed, France should be like Hungary. At least I’ve noticed smart people in the Yellow Vests movement. These are the good people that France needs more of, could make positive change. No to corporate imperialism. No to the elites. No more colonization.


Zionism = EVIL

100% simpatico. These cunts colonized other and killed millions and stole all or Africa’s naturaal resources and are still doing doing in Mali, Niger, Chad, Mauritania etc. I have some news for these froggy and other colonizing morons, millions of Africans will be coming to Europe since in their greed for OIL, the stupid fuckwits destabilized Libya and soon Tunisia and Egypt.


Colonization always backwashes into it’s origin country. When it does, it looks something like the UK or France…

The current fvckshow going on in the western world and specifically western Europe should be held up as a cautionary tale against military adventurism and colonization.


Jews have killed more white people than any colonialist.


How many people did Russia’s Bolshevik Communists kill?

#1 Israel’s respected YNET News admits: “at least 20 million.”

Ashok Varma

Colonization was a white racist project, primarily to plunder the resources of the culturally superior orient. The British with their devious divide and conquer plundered all of India’s wealth in mere 150 years. India in the 17th century under the Moguls was the richest nation on earth. One of our Congress party leader Shashi Tharoor has written several excellent accounts of the theft of India by British.


Tommy Jensen

Im concerned for our cops. With alle these staged violence and unjustified smearing of Police officers in the media, it looks like some operation with the aim to set in semi- or military forces.

This was done under Hitlers occupations. Hipo corps, Gestapo corps, SS corps and all kind of sick organisations. Whatever our normal Police are doing and could get away with, they are in general too civilised for those $billionaire psychos who are behind and paying for the show.


I’m not really a fan of cops, but the Mob is far, far worse.

Who would wanna be a cop in a major city these days? Theyre being assaulted by the Mob, while simultaneously the ratfink mayors and local oafishuls undermine them from the rear. Morale is abysmally low.


I agree, the cops are reaping the seeds of the brutality of the few and the rest who turn a blind eye. But as you say, the mob is far worse and their hypocrisy is sickening.


Trained by Israel in brutality.


Western police forces are KKK or fascists and only low IQ racists join them.


All major cities in Western Europe and USA are devolving in to hellscapes where mobsters ‘dismantle systemic racism’ by beating whites and destroying/defacing historical monuments while the so-called security forces are ordered to stand-down and let the fussy babies throw their tantrums.

Decent people need to arm themselves and adopt a war footing, the government will not protect you and the Mob hates you, no amount of grovelling and genuflecting to the Mob will satiate their bloodlust.

Ivan Freely

Many Western countries don’t allow their citizens to arm themselves. They’ll have to resort to fashioning their own weapons or via blackmarket.

Ashok Varma

America is armed and what a great success that is :D

Al Balog

This is karma against France for the collapse of Austro-Hungarian Empire ??, and for the hundreds of years (and current) colonization in Africa. Hungarians stand with you against the Western puppet of Macron and his elite cronies. Hungarian-Magyarab brotherhood ??.

#LongLiveAfrica #LongLiveHungary




Beautiful. A jew would be proud


The FRENCH Reap what they SOW ..Muslim fighting Muslim ..ARABS V EUROPEAN MUSLIMS

Zionism = EVIL

Seriously kids, the froggies are absolute savage cowardly cunts who like rest of the pip-squeak shits like UK, Belgium and Holland had built a facade by killing the Africans and looting their natural resources. Now the cycle of Karma is coming full circle. Who asked these worthless faggots to colonize others?


Hey had to be colonized because they where too much primitive, you do not understand it.

Ashok Varma

That is a little racist child talk. All humans originated from Africa.

Decatur Guy

You’re correct, John. However, the approved narrative is the OOA BS “theory” supported by “government” institutions like the Smithsonian (read: follow the (monopoly) money). Way too many people are complete science deniers when it comes to genetics. Sub-Saharan Nubians have archaic hominid DNA found in no other humans on planet earth. Repeat, no other humans on planet earth.Genetics do not lie, just ask a forensics expert. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/science/news/article.cfm?c_id=82&objectid=11894688

James Adams

Vote for Le Pen !!!


lol, France should let more Muslims in. We can send them some 5M stinky Palis if they love them so much.

Ashok Varma

lol, you are an Iraqi Arab/Jew yourself.


I am Ashok, and you said it right – I am a JEW. We came to Iraq from ancient Israel after our Temple was burned down, now we are home again. Who is not home? you guessed right it’s the Palis that while we were exiled took over our land and now claiming it is theirs. They can sign a peace deal with what we offer them or get the fuck out to Jordan.

Ashok Varma

You should respect your Arab brothers and all humanity. In any case your dreams of stealing more lands in Palestine will not materialize. July is coming and I will hold you account about your silly bragging. Stop posting after that as not an inch of west bank will be “annexed” as your aid providers will not allow it. Learn from sophisticated Asians who prefer dialogue over violence. The Chinese and Indian FM just pick up the phone and talk and diffuse tensions. You write like an angry petulant child with an inferiority chip on the shoulder as massive identity crises. Jews are not a “race” but a desert Abrahamic cult, like your Arab brothers.


Again Ashok they are not my brother and we share different culture, language and lifestyle. July 1st will be a great date, we will reclaim back what is ours and was stolen from us by the Arabs. Like I’ve said they can accept 70% of the West Bank or get nothing at all, well actually they would get something – a nice kick back to their Arab peninsula.

Ashok Varma

Silly child talk. Amyway, my advice grow up and respect humanity. So-called Israel is basically nothing and smaller than New Delhi capital territory with a population of 22 million. The western racists see you as a brown Arab and it hardly makes a difference to them which Abrahamic cult you belong to. I personally hate racists.


I’ll keep that in mind Ashok.

Ashok Varma

Good, I think like most extremists whether Muslim, Jew, Hindu or even Buddhist learn hate in their angry environments. The best way to spread hate is to denigrate and malign your victims, US racist police is a classic example, who see all black or brown people as inferior and their enemies, hence the brutality. Sadly, the Zionists are promoting the same hate. Palestine is a small sliver of land and the Palestinians are not going anywhere, in reality they will be a majority soon. So my advice is to make peace as the US is going downhill and will not help you. Even Modi rejected the US agenda of a suicidal war against China.


Correct,cia ain’t getting their stinking war,infact india + china both iun sco+brics! Much,much more incentives than cias lies and shtfights(period)

Trap Is Not Gay

Let JEWS put them into France, shut up kike!

Cikitas GAYreecepulos

Peh, good old skull hunter, slave dealer is better to say france. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d1647583fc7f5cfe00203c32017a8e10647edaafb6d20138a9123c439e08ac3b.jpg https://twitter.com/hashtag/libya

Sylvain Jeuland

Let’s wait for the economical crisis first. All this will be very interesting to handle in France.

Trap Is Not Gay


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