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GNA Suspends Participation In Libya’s Military Talks


GNA Suspends Participation In Libya’s Military Talks

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The Government of National Accord (GNA) announced on February 18 that it had suspended its participation in the Libyan military talks.

In an official statement, the UN-recognized government said that it won’t be attending the talks, which are being held in Geneva, any more. The government said claimed that the step is a response to recent attacks by the Libyan National Army (LNA).

A strike by the LNA on an alleged Turkish arms shipment in the GNA-controlled Tripoli port was likely the direct motive behind the government’s decision.

“Without a real ceasefire that would guarantee the return of refugees, secure the capital and other cities from any threat, any talks are meaningless … There is no peace under bombardment,” the GNA’s statement reads.

Beside suspending its participation in the military talks, the GNA vowed in its statement to response to the strike on Tripoli port and several previous similar attacks at the “right time and place.”

The situation in Libya reached an unprecedented tension in December 2019 when the LNA launched a large attack on GNA forces in Tripoli. An international summit held in the German capital, Berlin, last month helped to restart the peace process and implement a shaky ceasefire in Libya.

Now, Libya could witness another major military confrontation between the LNA and the GNA. Any further escalation could lead to the complete collapse of all peace efforts made by the international community.

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