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GNA Supporters Claim Lists With Russian PMCs Names Were Found In Southern Tripoli

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On May 31, supporters of the Government of National Accord (GNA) in Libya released photos of what they claimed to be lists of Russian private military contractors (PMCs) fighting for the Libyan National Army (LNA).

The lists were allegedly found by GNA forces in the Yarmouk Camp south of the capital, Tripoli. Heavy clashes between GNA forces and the LNA have been ongoing around the camp for several weeks now.

While GNA supporters claimed that the lists contain names of Russian PMCs, a quick look at the lists reveals that the names are in fact Arabic ones.

The Arabian names were translated to Russian, likely using some translation app (or just via Google Translate). The patronym of each alleged PMC was “Russianized” in a weird, desperate attempt to make the names more Russian.

The names were first written in Arabic order: first name, patronym then surname. In the Russian translation, the format was changed to surname, nameand  then a Russianized patronym.

For example, one of the names was changed from Shadi Ali Khalil [شادي علي خليل] in Arabic to Khalil Shadi “Alievich” [Халил Шади Алиевич] in Russian. In official documents, names are not manipulated like this. This is a one more indication that the lists likely were forged by GNA supporters or fighters.

There is no secret that some PMCs operate on the side of the LNA. Nevertheless, their presence is very limited. The GNA, that’s employing more than 11,000 Turkish-backed Syrian militants (many of them linked with various al-Qaeda-style groups), is clearly attempting to exaggerate the issue in order to justify its own reliance on foreign forces.


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Yet more infantile and puerile propaganda from Turkey.
The dumb Turks must have had training in propaganda from the US/UK, as both of those nations propaganda is on the level of a childs comic book.

Ton Smit

Good analysis, Southfront, well-balanced. Thank you.

Chinese Dog

Turkey making sure arab assholes get destroyed :D

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Look, a list of names.

Up until the fall of the Soviet Union, such stupid statements would never have been published by any self respecting news agency.
That’s what American leadership of the “free world” has come to, pathetic propaganda and lies.

Lone Ranger

They also found a letter beside it signed by Lee Harvey Oswald claiming he was a lone gunman…
Come on CIA trolls, you can do better than that…


And a bunch of passports from the terrorists of Bataclan! LOLOL

Rodney Loder

Haftar is a Jewish maggot.
Lots in common with the homosexual Sid Loder.

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