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GNA Forces Claim They Capture Tripoli Airport From Libyan Army (Videos)

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The Government of National Accord (GNA) operations room, “Anger Volcano,” announced on June 3 that its forces had captured the Tripoli Intentional Airport from the Libyan National Army (LNA).

“Our heroic forces have liberated the entire Tripoli International Airport, and our heroic forces are chasing the remnants of Haftar militias, which are fleeing towards Qasr bin Ghashir,” Col. Mohamad Qununu, a spokesman for the operations room, said in a short statement, without providing further details.

Pro-GNA sources shared several videos of Turkish-backed forces inside the Tripoli International Aiprot, which is located 20 km to the south of the capital.

A few hours earlier, the LNA claimed that its troops had repelled a series of attacks on the airport and other positions south of Tripoli. According to the army’s claims, seven military vehicles were destroyed around the airport, while eight others were captured. Eleven Turkish-backed Syrian militants were also killed.

The battle of the Tripoli International Airport has been ongoing for more than a week. GNA forces, reinforced by Syrian militants, managed to reach the vicinity of the airport a few days ago only.

The capture of the Tripoli International Airport is without a doubt another blow to the LNA. Turkey’s support to the GNA is starting to make a real difference in the battlefield. Yet, this could change if the LNA’s backers step in.


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klove and light

lolololololol……..both sides ……Zionist jew controlled …..and the typical jew Modus Operandi Plays out…

has been so for CENTURIES….lolol…best example is the so called “civil war” of the USA…both sides bankrolled by the rothshilds…lolol

same with WW2…….allied Forces sponsored by Zionist jews……so were the Germans……..and the russians…lololol


Has your mind always been all mixed up?


Well, he has some truth in his posts; Sadly he mixes it up into a pretty black and white worldview that has no space for any other aspects of the truth.
So mixed up may be a correct description. Still at least he has some facts right. That is at least better than many others. ;)

Lone Ranger

Turkisis trolls are dying faster than flies in winter…

Icarus Tanović

Wahhabis are dropping like flies.

Felipe Luker

The cowardice of the President of Egypt is leaving the terrorists now very close to his territory, which Turkey already considers weak, a los Egipcios while Russia must be quick in its air support and the blocking of Turkish drones now knows what the Turkish tactic is. . ….. This must neutralize Rapido Putin


very disturbing news. GNA is advancing everywhere …Turkey is winning the war slowly ,with drones mainly along with mercs.

Kim Jong-un

Most of the oil filed are in the east side of Libya controlled by Haftar forces.

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