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GNA Captured Tripoli International Airport, As Haftar Requests More Tangible Support From Egypt

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GNA Captured Tripoli International Airport, As Haftar Requests More Tangible Support From Egypt

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On June 3rd, the Government of National Accord (GNA) and its Turkish support took control of Tripoli International Airport from Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s forces.

This was announced by GNA military spokesperson Mohamad Gnounou.

“Our forces have fully liberated Tripoli international airport,” Gnounou said.

The airport has been closed since 2014 and had been held by the Libyan National Army (LNA), commanded by Haftar, since 2019, when the operation to cleanse the capital from terrorists began.

And wherever the GNA enter, photographs with vehicles with the image of ISIS terrorists are quick to be published.

Clashes south of Tripoli around Gharyan are also continuing, with the GNA reclaiming control of Alsbaya.

The LNA is carrying out airstrikes on Gharyan, but there’s little other progress being made in the area.

In southern Tripoli, the LNA appears to be losing positions and withdrawing from areas, with the GNA capturing armored vehicles and weaponry.

The GNA is reportedly pushing further south, towards Suq al Khamis bridge.

In the diplomatic field, GNA President Fayez al-Serraj traveled to Istanbul to meet Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Meanwhile, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar is in Cairo, and he said that no negotiations would take place until there are GNA militants in Tripoli and around it.

Some sources claimed that Haftar requested further, and more direct, support from Egypt in his fight against the Turkish-backed GNA.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Russian prisoners in Tripoli complicated any cooperation with the GNA.

However, the GNA Deputy Prime Minister was in Moscow for discussions, and it was expressed that there was chance for a truce between the GNA and LNA.


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Badis Badis

It seems the situation is getting worse for LNA . Hopefully Egypt will intervene and crush the GNA terrorists .


There are no good guys in Libya.

Badis Badis

True, but still some are better than others.


Sisi needs to stop being a Sissy!



Badis Badis

Yes he needs to do more actions and less talk .

Mustafa Mehmet

comment image Dreaming dream bastis

Badis Badis

i don’t think you’re capable of thinking ,retarded Turk .

Mustafa Mehmet

ya bahsis mesnun bahsis you having a turkish nightmare aging you sweating


Mongol Turk tell me, if Egypt does decide to intervene directly what are going to do? I will tell you what, nothing.
You dont have the power or the forces to operate so far from your home turf, especially when Egypt has on of the largest armed forces in the region and they are next to Libya.

Mustafa Mehmet

no prop


Egypt can’t take Sinai which is plain desert

Concrete Mike

Egypt has a deal with israel that it can only.deploy small forces in Sinai.

Convinently enough ISIS seems to thrive next to israel, who would have thunk!



Badis Badis

Sinai is under Egyptian control ,it’s not easy to get all the jihadi rats hiding in their holes .



Chinese Dog

Hopefully Turks wipe out arab culture and introduce some civilization to that desert


How can they do that while supporting jihadists? If anything they are sending Arab culture backwards.

Lelouch Vi Britannia

Great Job Conqeuror Turkish Army <3

Assad must stay

What the fuck haftar?


“Hence, though an obstinate fight may be made by a small force, in the end it must be captured by the larger force.”
~ Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”

This is the same problem Syria ran into when too much foreign cannon fodder was thrown at it. At some point, the GNA will need more outside help, or it will lose just from attrition.

Assad must stay

I have full confidence houthis cam handle anything

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