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GNA And Turkey Primed For Offensive On Sirte, But There Appears To Be No Rush

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GNA And Turkey Primed For Offensive On Sirte, But There Appears To Be No Rush

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On June 10th, the offensive on Sirte by the Government of National Accord (GNA) and its Turkish support are on-going.

The GNA is yet to undertake a ground operation, and is rather shelling Libyan National Army (LNA) positions in and around the city.

There are several reports claiming that the shelling has killed and injured numerous civilians.

Meanwhile, in the city of Tarhuna, which was recently captured by the GNA Jordanian-made weapons were allegedly discovered in caches.

The GNA is spreading security forces in Tarhuna to consolidate its grip over the city.

According to GNA army spokesman, Colonel Pilot Mohamed Gnunu, LNA positions inside Sirte itself have been targeted in shelling.

In the southern part of the country, there is a relatively small area controlled by the GNA, where the Sharara oil field is located.

On June 9th, the LNA sent 80 armored vehicles and additional troops to wrestle it away from GNA’s control.

In a rebuke to Egypt positioning large numbers of forces and equipment along the Libyan border after its call for a ceasefire was rejected, the Head of the Libyan High Council of State (HCS) Khalid Al-Mishri said that there is no possibility of Egypt having a “military adventure” in Libya to support Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

Al-Mishri told Al Jazeera  that GNA considers such news as unconfirmed as there isn’t any official statements about Egyptian Army presence near the Libyan border, adding that Cairo fears that security violations can take place on its borders after the defeats of Haftar’s forces, which include mercenaries from Sudan, and that the reinforcements inside Egyptian soil are Cairo’s owned right.

He said the Egyptian initiative, which was rejected by the GNA, means that Cairo is approaching Libya peacefully not militarily.

“The Egyptian administration won’t go for the option of entering Libya but for improving its relations with it and with the GNA. If Egypt entered Libya, the situation will get complicated and it will cost Cairo a lot, a thing it can’t bear in terms of security and economy.” Al-Mishri said.

“However, Egypt isn’t looking for direct escalation in Libya even if it it’s a staunch supporter of Haftar. If such a thing happened, eastern Libyan nationals can turn against Cairo.” He added.

In another push against Turkey, Theodoros Mikropoulos, from the Hellenic Navy became the new chief of the EU’s Operation IRINI, which seeks to enforce the maritime weapons embargo on Libya.

Greece already has a warship taking place in the operation – the Hellenic Navy’s Hydra-Class Frigate Spetsai.


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Chinese Dog

Arabs will lose and turkey will win

Brother Ma

Only in the wetdreams of Oghurs.

Zionism = EVIL

This cunt troll with shit for brains first claimed to be an Indian, but was laughed off. Now with a trolling account one liner nonsense. Just a turd seeking attention.

Brother Ma

I can smell his fermented mare’s milk from here.

Zionism = EVIL

PP shithead you back you little turd.

cechas vodobenikov

regardless—the USA, turkey are incompetent—the LNA controls the vast majority of Libyan oil and enjoys the support of Egypt, Greece, France—Egypt alone possesses a superior military to Turkey—they are moving military to their border w Libya—temporary setbacks mean little; the civil war continues—created in Washington, London and Paris

Zionism = EVIL

Some “mysterious” Migs bombed the shit out of a Turkey headchoppers convoy on the coastal road to Sirte last night. The Turkeys will certainly be hit by more UFO’s soon.

Brother Ma

Can’t wait. I’m so tired of that try-hard Er -dog -an

Mustafa Mehmet

no need to wait .you can go and jump front of fast speeding train ….no more ma ma


Once the Turks/GNA advance to Sirte and beyond, it’s as good as calling Egypt’s bluff. If Sisi just gives more verbal threats, Edrogan wins the oilfields.

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