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GNA Accuses LNA Of Using Child Soldiers. Claims It’s Advancing On All Fronts

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On April 10th, the Government of National Accord’s forces published photographs of teenagers lined up with signs stating their dates of birth. They were purportedly captured while fighting against the GNA’s forces as part of Haftar’s Libyan National Army.

The Tripoli Protection Force, which is allied to the GNA also allegedly deployed surface-to-air missile systems to defend from the LNA Air Force.

In their April 9th press briefing the GNA forces praised their efforts against the LNA and claimed that they are in the offensive.

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They also condemned the alleged use of teenager soldiers that were captured, while some were even killed in action. The statement claimed that LNA fighters were attempting to infiltrate the Yamruk camp and take photographs to carry out their alleged propaganda, but they were stopped.

According to the GNA, the LNA reports of any captures and advances are fake and that it is simply a row of propaganda and that Haftar’s forces are not as successful as they make it seem. The GNA also claimed that it had captured the area of Wadi Rabia from the LNA.

GNA Accuses LNA Of Using Child Soldiers. Claims It's Advancing On All Fronts

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On the LNA side, on April 9th, the Commander of the Libyan Air Forces operation room at the Libyan National Army (LNA) Maj. Gen. Mohamed Al-Manfour released a statement after the strikes on the Mitiga International Airport.

“The militias that govern Tripoli had opted the use of Mitiga airport as a safe heaven and used it and still using it for military purposes that continue to treat the safety of the civilian operations to and from this airport.

LNAAF had tried with all possible means to prevent the militias from utilizing the Libyan air space and airports and to avoid using it in the current fighting at Tripoli suburbs between LNA and militias controlling Tripoli.

It came to our knowledge that the militias are forcing technicians to rectify a fighter jet in order to use it against our forces and that they recruited foreign pilots after the Libyan pilots refussed using those fighter jets against their own army.

That said, we had no option but to send them precautionary message that we can reach, stop and prevent them from using the airport in any military activities.

I would also stress that its within our duties to keep the Libyan airspace and the Libyan airports safe for civilian operations and we hereby call upon Libyan civilian flight operators to continue their normal operation to and from Mitiga airport.”

The LNA also released pictures showing its forces after capturing 4th bde. camp in al-Aziziyah, located approximately 40 km south of Tripoli. Furthermore, the LNA’s Special Forces also joined the operation in Tripoli.

The LNA Air Force responded to GNA strikes on Al-Watiya with three strikes on a weapons store and strikes on positions of terrorist groups in Tripoli.

LNA Force also captured several facilities belonging to pro-GNA forces near the town of Azizah, south of Tripoli.

Meanwhile, it appears that the US is beginning to undertake movements after it withdrew some of its force. On April 9th, US Special Operation Command Dash 8 Q200 RO-6A N8200R started moving towards Libya from Souda Bay.


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Promitheas Apollonious

17-18 years old is recruiting age. That every one using children of that age in war times is generally the case. beside young people is time to take responsibility for their future and not waiting someone else to shape it for them and war force you to mature very fast if you survive it that is.

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