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“Glorious Ukrainian terror fighters drink, rape, and assault”–Kherson inhabitant posts a letter

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"Glorious Ukrainian terror fighters drink, rape, and assault"--Kherson inhabitant posts a letter
Original by Marina Kuzina published by Nation News; translation by J.Hawk

The social media saw the publication of a letter from an inhabitant of Kherson which describes the lawless behavior of Ukrainian soldiers, and of the crimes committed by local authorities.

The 54 year old Nikolai’s open letter was published by the Ukrainian politician and blogger Aleksey Zhuravko. He worked for many years in that region, was elected to the Rada as a deputy, and Khersonians often turn to him for help.

Nikolai writes that the glorious Ukrainian terror fighters in Kherson, like in other cities, behave in an utterly lawless manner–they drink, rape, rob, and assault local inhabitants. Criminality is widespread in the region. Neither the authorities nor Arsen Avakov’s ministry does anything about it.

“All the troops who served in the counter-terror zone [ATO] have become an untouchable caste for the authorities, a caste on which the current regime rests. ATOers can stun fish in rivers and lakes with grenades with impunity, organize drinking orgies with use of weapons. All of that terrifies the people,” writes the inhabitant of Kherson.
"Glorious Ukrainian terror fighters drink, rape, and assault"--Kherson inhabitant posts a letter

“People are afraid to come out in the evenings because they are afraid of banditry and robberies. Women have even cheap jewelry ripped off.”

“People live in poverty. Due to the massive rise in gas prices, people have to rely on pot-bellied stoves, like during the Great Patriotic War. And those who have no money at all cut down trees at night in the tree farms. Coal now costs 7-8 thousand hryvnya per ton, or 15-17 thousand rubles. There are many impoverished elderly on the streets, sleeping under piles of rags.”

"Glorious Ukrainian terror fighters drink, rape, and assault"--Kherson inhabitant posts a letter

“They have deprived the young generation of their future. Technical schools are closing, there’s no place to learn a profession. But in the city you see “erotic massage” salons positively mushroom. There is a whole network of brothels in Kherson.”

“Already next week there will be frost, and many don’t turn on the gas in their homes and apartments because it is too expensive. They set up stoves and solid-fuel boilers. But again, only those who can and who can scrape together enough money. Huge numbers of people, particularly poor elderly, sleep under piles of rags, freeze. Forests and tree farms are being cut down. Which means death for the Kherson region. It is only 50 years ago that the Oleshkovo Sands were covered with pines and other trees. If they are destroyed, the sands will be on the move again. Then agriculture will be gone and some towns will start vanishing from maps. The trees are being cut down by night even in Kherson itself in order to keep homes warm. The thick-jowled governors of Kherson region, Kiev gang favorites, turned off the water to Crimea which hurt Kerson farmers in the hottest regions bordering with Crimea even more. Chaplynsk, Kalancha, Genichesk, etc. They all suffer from lack of water.

Prices keep going up, everywhere and on everything! This is why the poor, who also have to pay for utilities, are suffering from malnutrition. They lose eyesight, their teeth drop out…And this is the third millennium! Back in the 1960s we felt that in the third millennium our country will be a developed space-faring power, our people will fly to other planets and establish contact other civilizations. But those are only bygone dreams. We were pushed 100 years back! People are buying kerosene lamps, setting up stoves, get the impossibly expensive coal. Is this what our fathers and grandfathers died for?”


"Glorious Ukrainian terror fighters drink, rape, and assault"--Kherson inhabitant posts a letter

"Glorious Ukrainian terror fighters drink, rape, and assault"--Kherson inhabitant posts a letter

All the youth is addicted. Even the kids. MVD, SBU, the Prosecutor’s Office are all overseeing this trade.

“Cars are being stolen, nothing but thievery and decay around. It’s the end of the world or something…”

Many people are dying. There are more and more graves without crests or plates. Nikolai himself is living off pennies. At age 54, he’s too old to be hired.

“It’s not life but a nightmare, which one wants to forget but it just goes on and on. Are we all simply doomed, should we just die? That is so cruel and unfair!”

“In the villages where the ATOers are quartered, the local inhabitants suffer from mass theft of food, poultry, small livestock. Isn’t that just like the Nazi invaders during the Great Patriotic War? The young is the most vulnerable part of every family. All the parents want better life for their kids. But it’s the youth this government is depriving of its future. It is cold in schools and kindergartens, there is no heat. Kids get sick. Since all the tech schools have closed and there is no place to learn a trade, there is also no place to get a job and earn money. Girls are being demoralized, forced to make money by doing various “erotic massages.” In Kherson there is already a network of brothels. The main customers are people in power and with money. Shame! They are dooming the whole nation. Instead of raising future mothers and worrying about birth rates, the authorities have carried out a medical reform which makes giving birth too expensive for most. It means that few people will visit doctors. We’ll once again have midwives who will deliver kids and tie off their umbilical cords.
Cemeteries are growing fast, there are lots of burials. More and more of the graves have no plates or crosses. It’s the graves of people who died abandoned, outside their homes. There are more and more of them. One feels shame. One sheds tears. Why are they destroying us with such cruelty? We are noticing that the people who rule us are foreigners, non-Slavs. Their masters are also abroad. Their nationalism is not Ukrainian but a foreign, masonic one.
We really, really want salvation from this nightmare. We want to live without fear of tomorrow. And the main threat to us comes not from Russia but from the West, from US, from NATO, and from the current government in Kiev.”


"Glorious Ukrainian terror fighters drink, rape, and assault"--Kherson inhabitant posts a letter

"Glorious Ukrainian terror fighters drink, rape, and assault"--Kherson inhabitant posts a letter

Nikolai asked Aleksey Zhuravko, who currently lives in Moscow, to publish his open letter because he fears repressions. All the Ukrainian social media are under close SBU watch. As soon as you write about how hard life is, they “file charges, slap on cuffs, and off to prison.”

Thus for example an inhabitant of Genichesk, Eduard Kovalenko, was sentenced to 7 years for writing in favor of friendship with Russia and against the internecine slaughter on the Donbass. All the Kherson roads are papered over with “They are not our brothers” posters.

This open letter was published on Aleksey Zhuravko’s Odnoklassniki page, since his Facebook account was once again blocked for criticizing Kiev policies.

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Lazy Gamer

War makes people become animals. But if its any consolation, there are people who act like animals even without a war and I speak from personal experience.. You aren’t alone


Please don’t denigrate animals. Animals kill to eat. These psychopaths kill for greed and sport!

Garry Compton

While Crimea is booming with new roads, schools, “The Bridge”, and more jobs than in the past 5 years, it’s also getting crowded. Of course, the population exploded in 2014 because of what has happened in Ukraine. Today, less Ukrainians are granted Russian residency, but people are still coming and going since family and friends still exist to the North. The utilities in Crimea are still very, very affordable as in the past and compared to Ukraine, but we are in a much warmer climate – and I see no homeless.


You live there Garry? Your name doesn’t sound russian so just curious how you got there in the first place? It sounds pretty surprising what you’re saying because you know, Crimea is blockaded by its only land neightbor and like a third of the planet. I guess those who had businesses dealing with Russia, Asian markets etc in the past have benefited greatly, but I’ve also heard and seen some cases of people who used to export commodities or offer services to UA or EU and ended up either in reduced standard of living or going bankrupt/ losing their jobs entirely.

You can call me Al

I very well written and truly sorrowing potential future, however I would llike to point out a few things:

“Conscription might be called on in order to raise the troops needed in order to reengage those plans.” ……. BUT THERE IS ALREADY CONSCRIPTION AND DESERTERS AND SUICIDES HAVE SHOT UP.

“fith the riots worsen as army clashes with people soon some soldiers will realize that these people were their friends family as many of these soldiers would ethnic Russians that have been conscripted.” ……. BUT THIS IS ALREADY HAPPENING.

Now whether this prediction of the future is accurate, we do not know yet, but it does seem reasonable to expect this scenario.

However, people need to focus on the bigger picture, I shall mention 3 examples, if anyone knows more, please tell:

1. Gas. The fact that The Ukraine had a schemed falling out regards Russia on this issue defies logic and in some ways it is remarkable and transparent.

……Low and behold the US to the rescue with expensive LNG.

2. Coal. The fact that The Ukraine had a schemed falling out regards THE EAST OF UKRAINE AND REFUSES TO PURCHASE ITS OWN COAL defies logic and in some ways it is remarkable and transparent.

……Low and behold the US to the rescue with expensive COAL.

3. Land and Monsanto. For me, living in another part of Europe is the biggest issue. We should all know what Monsanto excels in and we should all know how dangerous that is to nature and health of not only humans, not only our food chain, but also to the likes of insects especially BEES. Anyway, please read the following article and draw your own conclusion.


This could be the most dangerous thing for Europe (excluding war) since the bubonic plague.


What this man writes about in his letter disgusts any human, but is typical of what happens to populations when the US & NATO appear on the scene to spread ‘DEMOCRACY’. I pity those poor Ukrainians who thought that Maidan was about decreasing corruption and improving life in Ukraine. It seems they hadn’t paid attention of what happened to other countries which had received a visit from that dynamic duo listed above intent on spreading their ‘VALUES’.

You can call me Al

Very good; mmm I don’t know where we are to be honest, it is such a mess, I think that they don’t really use logical progression anymore.

Ernst Lindenberg

GDP-PPP per capita in Ukraine is number 117 according to World Bank and IMF lists. Below countries like El Salvador, Ecuador, Paraguay, Columbia, Bhutan, Swaziland and Kosovo.


Kiev has the power to block a facebook account? Really? Never heard of that, how the hell is that even possible?!


Ukraine is now ruled by international organised crime, and the bankers wanted it that way. The banksters are a cruel and heartless bunch. What did Ukraine do to deserve this?

Alexei Sandakov

I’m from Kherson. Just moved back from Kiev. Well, I read here another desperate old Soviet fart trying to convince all around “it’s all awful in Ukraine, give up to Russia, they are going to take proper care”. The town isn’t in good shape, a lot could be done to improve the insfrastructure, but rapes, food theft and the rest of the bullshit is happening only in the heads of the old pro-Soviet farts under the sauce of the Russian state TV. We’ve seen that all.

Tudor Miron

“Old pro Soviet farts”(c)… This tells a lot about moral values of current Ukrainian youth – result of cuurent governing mind state. One example is that poster (picture in the article).

Alexei Sandakov

supporting Russian propaganda tells even more about your values Tudor. Now, what’s on that poster??? Ever tried to translate? Okay, I’ll do it for you. The poster says “They are not your brothers, not friends, Russian FSB (intelligence) is aiming at you”. The poster reminds the Ukrainian soldiers to be careful. Or what you thought?

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