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Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront

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On August 8, Facebook deleted all posts and even personal messages with links to SouthFront’s website (southfront.org). Facebook also does not allow to publish links to southfront.org or even send them via personal messages.

SouthFront’s backup public page on Facebook “https://www.facebook.com/SouthFrontEnThree/” still remains active. This demonstrates the systematic approach aimed to limit the access of people to SouthFront content across the platform. In late April, early May, Facebook and YouTube already censored SouthFront’s official accounts on these platforms with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. However, they do not give up and intensify their censorship campaign against SouthFront Team.

Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront

SOURCE: facebook.com/SouthFrontEnThree/

The fun fact is that Facebook’s decision was made without any explanation or warning. It seems that the fear of SouthFront is so high that global coporations tasked with censoring of our work do not even try to justify their illegal actions.

SouthFront is not included in sanction or black lists of any governments. Therefore, the decision of Facebook to censor southfront.org is a rought violation of Facebook’s own Community Guidlines, Terms of Service and the US law.

The new attempt to censor SouthFront took place just a few days after the release of the US State Department’s report “Pillars of Russia’s Disinformation and Propaganda Ecosystem”, a large part of which was dedicated to SouthFront. Apparently, the Department of State leadership was offended by SouthFront’s official response pointing apparent gaps in this brilliant report.

The State Department also requested $138 million for FY 2021 for its Global Engagement Center, which authorted this great investigation of the SouthFront activity. Taking into account the quality of the investigation, SouthFront is concerned that $138 million will be not enough to deal with such a powerful “pillar” of “Russia’s Disinformation and Propaganda” as our team.

We are pleasantly surprised to see that SouthFront is the main organization that causes concerns of the globalist establishment and Euro-Atlantic elites. The report “Pillars of Russia’s Disinformation and Propaganda Ecosystem” mentions 7 media organizations, including SouthFront. However, SouthFront became the only one, which was targeted with a new wave of censorship. Links of other organizations mentioned in the report remain active on Facebook.

Over the past few days, we have also received emails saying that some Internet providers in the Middle East started blocking the access to our website (southfront.org). If you face such difficulties, we recommend you to use VPN services, VPN integrated in your browsers or the TOR browser.

It seems that the structures trying to censor SouthFront do not understand the key point. Lies, double-faced policies and distortion of facts by government-funded, government-affiliated media and official bodies set the basis for SouthFront’s power and influence. Further attempts to censor SouthFront only inspire people who want to receive an independent point of view.


SouthFront also calls on our readers, subscribers and supporters to send complaints to Facebook regarding the censorship of SouthFront. You can make it by posting any southfront.org link on Facebook and then pressing the button “If you think that this does not go against our Community Standards, let us know” or writting to official Facebook accounts in Social Media (for example here)

A SAMPLE OF COMPLAINT TEXT: I ask you to unblock the links to southfront.org and to restore my possibility to share the information since it doesn’t violate any Facebook’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. I also ask you to conduct an investigation, because I think that this blocking was caused by a mass false flagging


SouthFront once again declares that we are open for volunteers. Our contact email is southfront.org.

The main fields in which our team needs help:

  • Sharing of SouthFront content on Social Media;
  • Writers that are interested to cover developments and prepare analyses in the field of SouthFront coverage;
  • Regional and military analysts;
  • Designers;
  • Video makers;
  • Voiceover artists.



Account: southfront@list.ru

Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront

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Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront

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Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront


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Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront

Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront


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Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront

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The Jew world order omnicide plan that the scamdemic is the opening phase of according to Alex Jones. Includes both bio and energy weapons, like 5G. Faraday cage technology may be a way to mitigate it:

“Why Is It So Important to Shield From EMFs At Night?

The studies also tell us that nighttime EMF exposures are the most harmful to our bodies. Since the advent of the wireless revolution most bedrooms have become subjected to high levels of EMFs.

Nighttime is a busy time for our bodies its when our cells engage in rejuvenation, regeneration, detoxification and production of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland when we sleep. Studies show that nighttime EMF expsoures severely curtail these cellular activities and the production of melatonin. Melatonin is vital to a number of bodily processes and our health; notably the body needs melatonin to have a properly functioning immune system. ”

– EMF Bed Faraday Canopy Shields – Do They Work? –




Farraday worked out EMF or EMI shielding in 1836. A copper mesh works excellent for this and can be purchased in rolls of very fine (.001″) fabric. In the metal wire a charge will build up on the outside from EMF effects, and an opposite charge will be on the inside surface due to electron movement. It is also true that Aluminum foil also has this effect. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/674a5867e8e19fe0f8aec3b8e9629e58739e4da75d1e2e7368361647c34b01dd.jpg


There’s probably copper plated screen at a lower price.

“Our pure copper screen mesh can be used for RFI shielding, screens, Faraday cages and insect screening. Copper screen mesh cuts easily with scissors. These are the specifications for the 100% copper mesh.”

99.999% copper 16 x 16 mesh .011 wire diameter







Back when I was working in directed energy heavy military electronics we were working in aluminum for some of the components. Which we would then send out to be anodized for corrosion protection.

These 3 foot by 7 foot aluminum screen rolls might be as good or better than copper. Aluminum is used in some house wiring. And the black coating is probably for corrosion resistance. A 6 foot cube would require 12 rolls @$8 a roll would be $96.00 before tax.

A quality Faraday cage canopy that the bed could be placed in could be built from this aluminum screen mesh, aluminum pop rivets, and a pvc pipe frame for around $200.00 in materials cost. And around 10 hours of labor.

How it would compare in effectiveness to a pure copper cage. I don’t know. But considering that aluminum is used for wiring. I’m guessing that it would be comparable.

If you left the side panels unattached on the sides and bottoms. It should be user friendly for ingress, egress, making the bed every day, and washing the sheets and covers. Fasteners could be installed to hold the screens in the open position.


I have worked in aerospace metal fab. This is a plated copper gasket mesh around foam meant to seal small openings between metal components. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/45e7df4bef272cdbb440562c8eb28c708ce3ff470ac30dfde670e6b93ee4b164.jpg


I have to stop by the UPS store and pick up this Geiger counter that I bought for ops. Given the number of bigfoot and ufo sightings in the forests where I’m running contact ops. There may be transport energy vortexes there. This could be useful to assess the safety of portals, probes and ships.



A vortex should be easy to to spot. Perhaps you lost track of time and where feeling a bit dizzy ?


I don’t know how they work. But there may be controls to activate them for use. I wouldn’t go through one alone without knowing how to use it. But I might with a bigfoot or ET that knows how to use them safely.

This one has purportedly been used by a bigfoot for transport that was recorded on camera. You can visit it to get some experience. It’s on my to do list. The bigfoot use is described in 2:40 to 3:50 in this video:



4 foot by 8 foot aluminum mylar blanket @ $1.00 each. You can make a tent with them and camp out in your bedroom emf free. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/af9b660054f835ffd1cca038d7ad53d788ec5e2c50f6e88671da8962e53c690e.png



95% works for me! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d876ae38655c8b8dd85a74fa4b9beec33c4e4660de79886802bfe521421462bc.png 2

Jim Allen

Copper is the best, Aluminum is next best, and adequate for this application. Anodized is best as Aluminum is not good for our carcasses.






You can either move out of high emf areas, or shield yourself if you’re in them. Copper screen is $2.50 s/f, aluminum screen is $0.40 s/f. 90% shielding @ $0.40 s/f is better than 0% shielding @ $2.50 s/f.

If space blankets will work. They’re $.08 s/f. And a lot easier to work with.



At a dollar apiece for a 4 foot by 6 foot blanket. These may be the everyman’s go to emf protection solution. If they test effectively.

“Adult – Space Thermal Insulator Emergency Mylar Blankets also called a solar blanket and are cost effective aluminum mylar blankets that reflects up to 90% of body heat to keep patients warm. Emergency Blanket is waterproof and windproof.”

– Mylar Emergency Blanket –



95% works for me! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d876ae38655c8b8dd85a74fa4b9beec33c4e4660de79886802bfe521421462bc.png


I bought 15. That should be enough for a sleep canopy. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/771a1b577f01cb2c790661da76b959d3e1117386fe6f4b727b25a6828de42424.png


How effective and durable this would be I don’t know. But it would be a lot easier than building something.



This might be a lot less expensive than health issues.


Jim Allen

Ever think about taking out the repeaters ?


Taking out high value targets running the omnicide project would help. The CIA/Mossad compromise operations are currently being addressed. Getting rid of Mossad and Israel that are the genesis for a lot of these problems should be on the list.

Jim Allen

Sights should be elevated above the Zionist Khazar minions to reach out and touch the decision making, and communications centers. The Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal is massive, larger than most people understand. It would I think be advantageous to by-pass what appear to be a major headquarters, and threat. Disruption of direct lines of communications, and logistics, will leave these potential hazards dying on the vine. To be cleaned up later. It will take forever to engage these individual threats at strength, and the costs in assets to neutralize them most probably unsustainable. Think of WWII in the Pacific Theatre. US military, and allies attacking every island with a Japanese base on it, well fortified, and defended. After leaving 80,000 US troops to surrender to 30,000 starving Japanese, who’s General was about to surrender to the US forces. Leaving the troops on Coregiddor, and their weapons on the main Island with no transport was brilliant. Then attempting to Courts Martial General Wainwright for this General Staff blunder, a stroke of genius. US military could’ve just as effectively by-passed most of those islands, striking only the bases that posed an actual threat to the task forces. Leaving a destroyer squadron to disrupt Tanaka, and his cargo destroyers that were the only supply line the Japanese had to these islands. Japanese destroyers were bigger than US tin cans, but still far too small to carry supplies to the number of islands occupied by Japan. Tanaka was very elusive to begin with, and an encounter with his destroyers never ended well for US Navy. The Japanese Navy was British trained, and despite not being equipped with fire control computers, were capable of devastatingly accurate fire, especially at night. Jap destroyers had 6″ guns, US had 5″ guns. Accuracy varied greatly ship to ship. Disrupting the abilities of these targets is usually sufficient, with 5G the short range of the frequencies gives the advantage to the resistance. The repeater arrays are going to be difficult to defend, and the loss of a single array will disrupt the system over a wide territory. This system is a threat to the Oxygen supply in ambient air. Among the many, and various threats to survival these electromagnetic frequencies, pose to all living things. That’s the reason for all the different shaped antennae on each array. To bend the frequencies in ways harmful to life. That would ordinarily be neutral, or beneficial to life. 5G can disrupt Oxygen molecules making them moer difficult for our lungs to process, this also affects the plants ability to absorb the Oxygen needed for the root system. In turn CO2 absorption is affected as is Oxygen production. This weapons system is an existential threat, and disrupting it’s ability to operate is critical. These are entirely hackable,


It isn’t just Jews, but they’re a disproportionate part of the problem, and have monopolies or near monopolies in key areas. Like msm news and Hollywood monopolies and deep infiltration of western finance. Dejudification would accomplish a lot of what you’re talking about. And make the remaining negative elements easier to deal with. It’s why Jews have been genocide and expelled so many times throughout history.

I’m suggesting a different approach. By not going after the people and instead going after the institution and ideology to bring an end to Judaism. So that it goes extinct.

Jim Allen

That’s never really worked, the people simply build another. In the same way prohibition doesn’t work. Actually the Zionists practice genocide to a much larger scale than has been practiced against them. Recently discoveries containing evidence the Holocaust never took place have come to light, and the evidence is growing. I don’t think the evidence is confirmed so far, and I have no opinion on this subject, simply an observation.


It’s a wack a mole situation. If dejudification is done by assimilation and volentary emigration. It can be effective locally. But it just pops up somewhere else. A UN convention abolishing it like torture and slavery should be more effective.

The holocaust probably happened at a lower level and was overstated by the the Jew controlled media for political purposes and to deflect attention from their crimes.

Rodney Loder

Better to use a tin foil hat through the day then at night your enemies will still get you because your defences are down, but at least their efforts won’t multiply because crazy is where everyone ends up due to the fact that the world ignored what was under their faces in order to get what they’re going after provided by liars at the top of the pyramid Jews murderers and homosexuals.

Potato Man

“It seems that the fear of SouthFront is so high that global coporations tasked with censoring of our work do not even try to justify their illegal actions.” When was the last time US “justify their action? They are bullying ICC/UN….wouldn’t you think they don’t care and they also know they can do it without any proofs or justification. RT is even getting hit, smaller channel don’t really have chance in FB,YT even everyone’s “safe place” Twitter.

Black Waters

Censorship it’s backfiring here in the west, It won’t last much longer without imploding.


Been happening quite often recently that the SF website won’t open in Firefox or Chrome, gotta use Opera’s embedded VPN feature or Tor-like software to get here. The global Zioterrorists seem to be tightening their grip on “freedom of speech” and the information that reaches people for some reason.


Are you saying that your government blocks access to SF IP/domain?


All good here,then again im running alternate browsers some winx os with more rigid encryption::



That fk’s ’em!

Trap Is Not Gay

I use Yandex (Russian browser).

johnny rotten

Fakebook?!? if you know it you avoid it.


Got rid of them lousy insolent fuckrz back in 09,where there’s will there a way,always a way! Even then once realised of their vile gaystappo method,give them nothing but cast them to hell!


Marcel sur Epstein/Maxwell, Clinton, Bill Gates… l’Etat Profond !


Harry Smith

Hey everyone. Make a Telegram account and follow SF there. It’s very hard to block Telegram and it’s much more secured than Twitter or Whatsup.


Interview avec le Pr Udo Ulfkotte sur le sujet des « journalistes soudoyés »


English Translation of Udo Ulfkotte’s “Bought Journalists” Suppressed?



SF reports from those areas where the Globalist advance has been halted, reversed or remains hotly contested. The Globalists don’t like any evidence that might suggest to the population that Globalism is anything but a foregone conclusion.

Concrete Mike

Agreed, i would compare to economists who say there is no other option than capitalism.

Wich is complete horseshit of course. The majority of our problems are symptoms of runaway turbo capitalism.

The same strategy to push globalization is used to push capitalism as well.

You can hide capitalism a bit better than an old factory whose jobs were shipped overseas in the 1990’s. In the end though globalism profits only the capitalist class and no one else.

Trap Is Not Gay

It’s funny, but people that refuse to name the Jew always get fucked the worse.

Concrete Mike

Ive been listening to rage against the machine for almost 30 years now, their best song is “know your ennemy”.

You cant fight them is you dont know them.

I must say, blankly saying all jews are the ennemy is intellectually dishonest. There are some jews on our side, although they are few and far between as they are sick with the zionism cancer.

Trap Is Not Gay

The “good” Jew is like the “based” nigger in the USA.

Same category

Trap Is Not Gay

Also, “our side”? “We” who? I’m not on your side either and no Jew is on my side.

My side is China/Russia/Iran.

My enemy is the Jews/USA/Israel (and the like).

Don’t count on me to “help” you whoever you are (or think you are), rather being alone than siding with anything from you.

Ryan Glantz

badge of honor https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/93393abbf094d0526c584cbfb93744a976df683114a2f457a1529a891984c88d.png


This video can be watched by clicking on the link below the screenshot.




Alex Jones avoids talking about the Jew link to humanity’s problems to the extent that I and others address it. And he demonizes China and Venezuela instead in a blame shifting effort cover up Jew crime and evil. But most of his analysis has a lot of credibility and is supported by quality evidence.

In this video he completely ignores the Jew world order attack against Venezuela and instead blames communism instead. When China has done more to improve the material well being of people on this planet over the past 20 years than anyone else. And zioNATO democracies have have been on a non stop global rampage and killing spree for the entire post WW2 era.




Just shows Jew and WASP desperation.

Concrete Mike

I am seeing the WASP term more and more. Im glad Malcom X’s wisdom permeates to this day still.


Here we go vuturus policy as against the fake billionaires (nocaneverdo) zombie affiliates of lucifers, To think these fkogs assume god reward them freedom,either way they shant take it with them(period) Time to kick their ass for good,once gold returns,their fake,phoney and false riches will turn to debts!

cechas vodobenikov

the American anglo mind is already bureaucratized —inaccessible to truth, craving the lies of wikipedia and the guardian…..”amerikans Iive in a thicket of illusions; amerikans demand illusions about themselves….amerikans have been liars and braggarts for 3 centuries” Daniel Boorstin “the men amerikans most admire tell them the most extravagant lies; the men they most despise try to tell them the truth” HL Menkhen “amerkikan parents lie to their children; amerikan children lie to their parents–it’s expected”. Geoffrey Gorer “Obama’s job is to lie to a nation of liars”. Kiese Laymon


The US State Dept should have been honest and called it the Global Censorship Center. It would be shocking to see any truth and honesty come out of that den of morons.


I often type ‘South Front’ into Google search engine page to get to this website – repeatedly doing so ensures that South Front website remains first in the Google search result algorithm for this phrase – this outcome surely irritates Google – as evidenced by Google continuing to post info about ‘Southern Front’ (a now defunct and defeated Syrian FSA terror faction) on the right side of search results page!


Be realistic: you can’t defeat Youtube on Youtube, or Facebook on Facebook. They don’t even pretend any more – the whole purpose of these imbecilic brainwashing platforms/machinery is : supporting degenerate ideology of the evil empire, promoting their sick (anti)culture, poison the world with garbage and lies… They don’t need truth, they won’t tolerate any different opinion. Or any opinion at all: only obedient slaves, clones and zombies are allowed to exist. The western liberty, if it ever existed, has fallen. They don’t even try to hide their brutal tyrannical censorship any more… and it will be only worse……

So stop trying to play their game, you can’t defeat them. Instead, Russia should ban all US-based garbage, Fecesbook, Instagram, Jewtube, Twitshitter… all of them. As soon as possible. And prepare for war. You cannot peacefully coexist with them. No one can. Appeasing, delaying… only make them more aggressive.

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