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Barbed Wire And Witch Hunt: Globalist Joe Took Power In United States

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The moment of destiny has finally arrived – Joe Biden is now US President, and Kamala Harris the very first black, Asian and woman Vice President.

As Biden himself proclaimed: Democracy won. And he couldn’t be more right.

After all former US President Donald Trump is now gone, disgraced, deemed a puppet of Putin, having even almost, allegedly, led his supporters to attempt and carry out a coup.

The Republican party capitulated in its entirety, and true Democracy has finally come. Likely, not the kind that most people are expecting – it is simply the kind in which Democrats are in power. And not just any Democrats, but only the most hardcore neo-liberal clique.

Joe Biden’s inauguration as president was spectacular – it is likely a unique event. Not that other US Presidents haven’t been inaugurated, or that they’ve not been Democrats, but it’s likely the first time there’s more National Guardsmen than actual audience.

The impressive event featured everything that true Democracy signifies: barbed wire, armed troops, censorship, and a good, old-fashioned witch hunt for “dissidents” – or as they are now called “Kremlin Agents.”

In contrast, Donald Trump, who was elected after alleged Russian meddling, a “puppet of evil overlord Vladimir Putin” was greeted with a significant crowd, with a mere one third of the number of National Guardsmen and much fewer creative decorations.

Until the end Trump refused to accept that he had lost the election, and it would surprise no one if even his farewell words turn out to be in denial of the results.

Times sure have changed.

And they are changing even more, as Biden’s first undertaking was to issue 17 executive orders. This turned the United States’ policy direction almost 180 degrees on a plethora of issues such as immigration, climate and more. The primary objective declared by the new president is to undo all that was done by his predecessor.

The novelties are of an impressive nature, such as including the first transgender federal official – Rachel Levine. She will assume the post of assistant secretary of health. Finally, Biden officially promised to “promote diversity and accountability in leadership”. So more to come.

Biden’s election and inauguration appears to be a gift that keeps on giving, and it is still in its infancy.

One should remember that nothing speaks of confidence in legitimate election results quite like the presence of the National Guard in such extreme numbers, a barbed wire fence around the Capitol building, the complete shut down of the country’s capital, and the blocking all negative or simply differing opinions on social media. The future is now.

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viktor ziv

and so, new president of the US is here…. so, fucking what…


southfront is pointing it out what the difference is the globalists are capable the americans are not so the trump admin was a joke


if you think that ukraine was a mess than you must believe that alot of more troubles will be ahead because russia is in the crosshair still and this bunch isnt giving up ever

viktor ziv

Truth mate, but men behave wisely once all other alternatives are exhausted. So, I hope Americans will take wheel in their hands.


hmm they will be taken the weapons out of their hands


nra and co will be dying out sooner or later


they will push all their money into cyber and robotics going forward


ukraine sold all its armament after fall of soviet union and the same kind of thing will happen going forward with american power and all power will become centered in silicon valley where the globalists have the control and of course science power is cern and american science is dying


supranational techno oligarchy or something like this you could call silicon valley control going forward

Jim Allen

Not the ‘Mericans ya’ gotta’ worry about. It’s the Zionist Khazar pretenders, and there’s nothing that will stop them short of dying. Arrogant sociopaths, and lunatics, that have packed a large grudge with them since around 1250 AD. They’ve not stopped, they’re not going to stop until Russia, and Iran are destroyed, , and the world population is half a billion goyim. Or, run the murderous pond scum down to the last pretender, see them tarred, feathered, and rode out of town on a rail. (usually fatal) It’s what they’ve earned over the centuries. Should a given country strike the Zionist Khazars first, and continue to strike the key points, hard, there’s a lot of them, and spread everywhere. No one can say that country is “aggressor.” Zionist Khazars history of aggression, criminality, for over 2,000 years, most of those years with impunity, the people these Godless eugenics fanatic’s have murdered, must be in the hundreds of millions. Mostly unarmed civilians, and killed in the most horrible ways. Starvation is the Zionist Khazar favorite. It really is, “us,” or “them.” The intended effects of these mRNA genetically engineered bio-weapons nanotechnology will start to show in the survivors of the injections, soon.

Evan Vokes

the DNC aka the new communists have a pathological hate of the bin there, got the ragged tee shirt and we aint goin back communists Putin knows the DNC is an existential threat to Russia and now they have the idiot with the football Trump would rather make a deal but the deep state made sure that never happened


its not even closely the same thing


iran has freemasons such as rouhani and eslah talab people but america isnt even a nation its fake to begin with and the globalists own it completely meanwhile iran is owned by velayate faqih system not this republican mess which is basically the most incompetent institution inside and is going to be gone sooner or later


iranian “globalists” are lackeys of the west which makes them extremely lesser than the globalists of america and what they are is a joke at their best days


It’s pretty clear that Biden didn’t win. He stole the election with vote fraud. What we have in the US at this time is a more extreme version of Jew World Order fascism. With the most Jew infested government since the Bolsheviks genocided 20 million Russians and Soviets. Or the Zionists stole Palestine.

Trump neglected to conduct the election audits of the ballots, voting machines and vote processing videos that he was authorized to do and easily could of done. To insure his second term in office. What he did do was expose the depth of political and judicial system corruption in the US.

Where it goes from here will depend on the ability of others to bring the judicial and political systems into compliance with their design parameters. Or to change them to correct systemic flaws that lead to the current debacle.

I haven’t seen credible evidence of why Trump neglected to verify and prosecute the fraud with the audit process. But it’s clear that he did.


Democrats elect Jews, Republicans with rare exception don’t. 95% of Jew federal legislators are democrats.

Jews have collaborators, they’re called Zionists. Yes Christian Zionists and Jew corruption of the GOP are a big part of the problem.


Time to move to China. I’m. leaving.

Fog of War

Make sure you stray out of politics there.

Jim Allen

Me thinks you’re somewhat confused. First, they’re Khazars. Second they were Orthodox, until they were attacked as a result of their aberrant behavior. The survivors were stripped of their religion, and run out of their country. Khazars created Zionism, a Godless religion, but this wasn’t well accecpted in the circles they wished to travel. Third, in their study of religions to find one that suited their criminal needs, and being in the Middle East at the time. They liked the Babylonian Talmud. the liked Judaism, but weren’t fond of The Torah. The money changing caught their eye, and could slide in as the tribes of Israelites, having returned to the promised land, to await God, and His permission to settle. So, swapped the Torah for the Talmud, adapted their language to sound Hebrew, the Zionist Khazars became Jewish pretenders. When the Zionist Khazars reached Rome, they created Catholicism. (see Borgias) The Left/Right thing is an Illusion, created to divide the people. The Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal runs US Government, Bolsheviks actually.

Icarus Tanović

Do you have any links to this, books? What about borgias? Can you explain that pls. Looks like much like Wahhabis are pretending to be Muslims. Give us some more info, man.

Jim Allen

Not anymore, lost everything in a fire. History is written by the winners, and is rewritten incessantly which include multiple versions, for various purposes. Mostly to hide the winners, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and glorify the military, it’s leadership, and the “brilliant” politicians, for high school history. Multiple accounts of the same history, “adapted” to confuse the reader, and bury the factual history even deeper under layers of bullshit. History is being re-written in US now. US history, and world history. Everything about the US Civil War is being taken down, written out of history, and a complete fake history narrative in it’s place. As it was there’s no high school history that is the factual history of the war. I’d look for late-50’s, to mid-70’s university level history. Also The US Library of Congress. Other countries histories, can be more accurate, and more detailed. Or, pure propaganda. With the heaviest military PsyOps, propaganda, and censorship of everything in our lives, particularly to the internet, with all information, of all subjects that is in any way unflattering, not precisely in sympathy with the approved narratives, has been scrubbed away completely. And they said: “If it’s online, it’s there forever.” “They” lied, I’ve gone looking for things of all kinds I’d searched before, usually multiple time’s, to find them gone. Some of the best sources I’ve found, have died, sold out, or lost when G+ changed format, and recently getting 86’d outta’ U-tube. Which was censoring out of control already. There was a series on HBO, or Showtime back in 2011-2012 “The Borgias” about the Church during that period. I’m sure there’s history, in Italy, The Vatican, or religious historians. There’s a San Jose State University professor, Brent Walters that has spent decades separating fact from fiction on religion. Old Testament, New Testament, generally focused on Christianity. He used to do a one hour show early on Sunday mornings on a San Francisco radio station called “God Talk.” A good historical accounting of the Bible, with the facts separated from the fiction written into the Bible in the around 500 rewrites of God’s word to suit whatever tyrant wished to use for population control. The King James Bible is currently the most popular version, (or perversion) with the zealots swearing it’s “perfect.” As if King James wasn’t a rotten son of a bitch. Walters’s does good work in his confirming/denying the facts, and discussing his process. Search his name online, it’s where I would start.

Icarus Tanović

There was something like 12 years ago site called Nothing toxic, on which one one can find any sort of super disgusting stuff. But there were also videos on how, say in Colombia they treat those who works in coca plant fields that produces toxic substances, how some guy who has stolen some of that toxic they have chopped both hands off. One day Colombia will destroy America with those toxic substances with government approval. But I guess someone makes mountains of money with that, only in Hollywood. Maybe, that site was run by CIA, maybe not. Now it is nowhere to be find with those video content. Pornography will destroy America alongside. Look at that punk deniro. Colecting money for IDF, he thinks of him self that he’s a jew, in fact he’s a snake of zionist origin. That porn where he stars, and many other actors could have been purchased, now it is utterly gone from internet. Tell me what state you’re from? Wahhabis are just extract of that Satanic worshipers mammon priests. And this rot for decades. There are many things that common people like you and me aren’t aware of. The rot and gluttony taking its toll.

Jim Allen


Icarus Tanović

You sound like you’re from south. Thanks anyways.


The Khazar theory has been debunked:

“A 2013 trans-genome study carried out by 30 geneticists, from 13 universities and academies, from 9 countries, assembling the largest data set available to date, for assessment of Ashkenazi Jewish genetic origins found no evidence of Khazar origin among Ashkenazi Jews.”

– Ashkenazi Jews –


The surviving Jews from the Roman genocide after Christ’s death either fled or stayed in the Levant outside of the immediate genocide area. And repopulated the genocide area after it was over.

The diaspora, which existed prior to and after the genocide, continued and was genetically absorbed into the host communities until the original Hebrew Canaanite DNA was bred out of them and they became genetically the same as the host community with the exception of the inbreeding. Which in some areas made them a genetic subset of the host community. Such as the AshkeNAZIs of Europe. Who are genetically European with no middle eastern DNA. The Italians and Greeks have more middle eastern DNA, about 20%. Than the AshkeNAZIs who have zero middle eastern DNA in the vast majority of cases. They’re a blood sucking inbred European pedophile rape cult.

“Finding a DNA result of an Ashkenazi with a trace of ME ancestry is like finding chicken with teeth! They do not exist. What you see below are how the DNA of the people of the ME compare with that of the European Ashkenazi. The ME region is highlighted in color for the Arabs to reflect where their ancestry comes from whereas for the Ashkenazi, the ME is totally left blank indicating their DNA shows no trace of ME ancestry but was found only in Europe. The map of Europe is highlighted for the Ashkenazi. The countries that make up the major area of Ashkenazi ancestry in Europe are:

Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Germany, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Bosnia, Serbia, Estonia, Austria.”




The Jews who remained in the Levant, which is the vast majority of the genetically original Hebrew Canaanite Jews. Over time consensually rejected Judaism and converted to Christianity so that Palestine was a primarily Christian country for centuries. Until they were forcibly converted to Islam after the 7th century.

The genetically Hebrew Canaanite Jews went extinct in Palestine and were replaced by immigrant Jews of other races. Who were and are religious Jews, not genetic Jews. The Christian and Moslem Palestinians and their immediate neighbors in the Levant are the primary genetic descendants by far of the original Hebrew Canaanite Jews. Not the Israelis, who are an invasive species.


– Demographic history of Palestine (region) –


Jim Allen

And…the “vaccines ” are safe….


What’s your point?

AM Hants

There is no difference, which is why the Republicans did not complain when faced with evidence of voter fraud. Check out the sponsors of those in Congress and the Senate. Nice little earner, for them all.

Raptar Driver

Free America is dead If it was ever free? Now the whole world can see that there is no democracy. A fairy tale that our mother’s told us and now they behold US. A beast with it’s fangs out, and now you can have no doubt. Run and hide for your freedom has died.


Trump was up against an entrenched Jew infested political establishment that serves the Jew’s and their collaborator’s parasitical interests over those of the national good.

How much coercion he was subjected to to allow the election steal to facilitate the color revolution regime change has yet to be determined. But the capitol storming false flag, farcical kangaroo court impeachment and 25th ammendment attempts at the end of his first term indicate that it was substantial.


Trump gave the Jews Jerusalem and the Golan. It’s all a Jewish shell-game.


Biden is not globalist, he fight for americans empire. Glibalists move to china. Autor should first study amd than write ….

Trap Is Not Gay

Globalism is the USA.

Biden is just another fake president, like Trump was. .

AM Hants

How much has Biden made from China and how much has his family made from Biden’s Chinese connections? Not just Ukraine that paid the Bidens.

Jim Allen

Yes, he is.

cechas vodobenikov

there are no substantive distinctions between dems/republicans; this binary game exists to convince their peasants that they do not live in a military dictatorship oligarchy


A neoliberal military dictatorship oligarchy


https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d3aa227aeaddcbf82faa89e46ff7b094171d6d8f702fc9e4e39fa0308d284bb6.jpg https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/01/breaking-gop-lawmaker-marjorie-taylor-greene-introduces-articles-impeachment-joe-biden/

Ivan Freely

Nothing burger. Just like the two impeachments of Trump.


Trump wasn’t guilty, Biden is. And the evidence of it is substantial. Where it goes from here is an open question. But with the majority of the population against the agenda that he’s trying to implement. A lot of people are working to counter it and use his cimes against him.



AM Hants

The military do not seem impressed with Biden, as he drives past:

US Military Turn Their Backs on Biden Motorcade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qbugXmJzkg

Then you have Biden’s first day in the Oval Office, which looks out on the car park and just over 14 minutes into the video, is that Trump walking past? Thought he was meant to be in Florida?

Biden In The “Oval Office”, New Parking Lot In The Background, and LOL Trump Walks By In Both Windows… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTz558zraQU&feature=emb_logo

Rodney Loder

The difference between the old Biden and new is that China and Russia are un-splitale if there is such a word, maybe not, even so China won’t succumb to maggot Jew posturing because according to Martin Jacques the IMF and World Bank are running out of cash, think about it, the West is burdened with enormous debt due to COVID-19, (all praise and thanks to Allah) on the other hand China and Russia are debt free ( China doesn’t have to pay back because they can easily put the hard word on their domestic creditors, anyhow China has got the same voting rights and leverage in the IMF as Belgium, ( how pathetic), plus China has already got way they wanted from the IMF, membership of WTO and Renminbi accepted as member of Special Drawing Rights, so Beijing Biden hasn’t got much to offer as well as being tied into supporting Taiwan.

Would have been better has Trump gone on for another 4 years, but I can’t see him pulling the plug on his anti-Global positions and support base which is contracting the maggot Jew’s plans for their survival when the true story of the homosexual Sid Loder being dumped as Jesus Christ gets out.

IMF needs China and Jews need China.

So I’ll just hang about here till it does, I’m Jesus the queer maggot Freemason Judens always agreed with that, it’s just they thought I would be tortured and tormented untill I voluntarily agreed to represent the homosexual Sid Loder who donated me to Israel after he murdered my mother.

Icarus Tanović

Just fuck off.

Rodney Loder

That’s not what my Salafist Brothers and Sisters say, I know you’re a dirty Jew maggot.

Icarus Tanović

No, you’re Zionist dirty work.

Rodney Loder

Everyone knows that is crazy talk, I spoke from the cradle before my mother was murdered by the Freemason Jews, really that’s where modern Zionism came from, the homosexual Sid Loder a Freemason 3 years after my Holy birth.

At that stage had the Christians been honest Judaism would have reverted back to assimilationist, but that would have destroyed the purpose of the Second Coming of Christ, probability.

Anyhow the Christians threw their lot in with McCarthyism the was early 1950’s but even that wasn’t good enough for the Christian Traitors who found a purpose for the Zionists and invented Jew Maggot Evangelism, never heard of until then, they got away with it because they had the World convinced that I would support them one day.

I never supported the the Christians at all since they pulled that stunt also they were torturing me and my children every day and night using the Holy Ghost that I brought to Earth, bescides all my thoughts have been recorded with not one entry supporting my having any support or sympathy for Zionists or Christian Traitors.


Both you and Icarus can fuck off for all I care, I have sent many of your Hamas brothers to meet Allah. I have no problem sending both of you to hell, just give me a reason. Kalb iben kalb ben sharmuta.

Rodney Loder

Your just a sore loser, think about it it took a willingness to sacrifice Civilization as well as our environmental sustainability to catch you Jews out for being a defunct Religion and not obliging Allah (swt) to go quietly, so it must be a pretty big deal.

Maybe some of you Jew maggots might have even been able to be listed in Heaven, none have been so far and I should know because I just come from there and never encountered not even one, – but hay !! there’s always a first-time or so they say, I’m not judgmental and have no ideas on the subject.

Evan Vokes

clearly you have not read the koran and hadiths maybe you should go find out if the sun does in fact set in a muddy pool as the white supremacist, slave trader, pedophile narrated.

Rodney Loder

So every racial group every cultural identity according to the interpretation will have substance going foward except Caucasian un-meltables, that’s not what the Qur’an or Hadiths intended, actually identity comes and goes but never comes back from the melting pot, you can scramble an egg but try reversing that process and you’ll see what Allah (swt) was getting at The Immunity Sura 9 Rodwell since you called it the Koran not Qur’an. Verse 33. He it is who hath sent His Apostle with Guidance and a religion of truth, that He may seek victories, over every other religion, albeit they who assign partners to God be adverse from it.

The white race can’t be shamed out of existence and Islam be a Religion of truth, races and cultural identity will just be seperate.

AM Hants

Remember the Italian Judge, who was involved in the Trial, relating to Leonard SpA and their involvement in the US Presidential Elections? Haven’t the Italian Government had problems with Renzi’s Party and it might fall? So what else is happening in Italy, with regards Mafia and Politicians and does it all link into Leonardo – US Presidential Elections and Biden?

Over on RT, and interesting article:

Politicians among 48 arrested in huge Italian bust on ‘Ndrangheta mafia, hundreds of millions in cash seized… Russia Today.

AM Hants

Have they declassified 9/11 files, back on 17th January 2021? If true, an interesting read.


Albert Pike

Your first link doesn’t look kosher: “Kevin Spacey, Actor (House of Cards) (2013-2017) Charge: Treason Looking at his film the “Usual Suspect” perfect jab to make it appear that Israel was the sole instigator of 9-11 Penalty: Up to 30 years in GITMO or execution by firing squad”

Since we know from Victor Thorn that Israel was behind it: https://ia801207.us.archive.org/15/items/ThornVictorMadeInIsrael_201608/Thorn%20Victor%20-%20Made%20in%20Israel.pdf

AM Hants

Must admit I could not understand why Spacey was amongst all the others. Have not seen it anywhere else and would love to know if they did de-classify the records, a week ago.

Just popping over to your link as USS Liberty also comes to mind, with regards false flags.

Paul Gover

Saddest day in American History. The Day the Republic Failed and the globalist took over control of our great country which they are in the process of gutting.

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