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Globaleye Multi-Role Airborne Early Warning & Control Platform (Infographics)

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Globaleye Multi-Role Airborne Early Warning & Control Platform (Infographics)

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GlobalEye is a multi-role airborne early warning & control (AEW&C) platform developed by the Swedish defence and security company Saab. It consists of a suite of sensors using Saab’s Erieye ER (Extended Range) radar and mission system installed in the Bombardier Global 6000 long-range business jet.

SAAB Delivered First GlobalEye Airborne Warning And Control System To UAE (2.05.2020):

Globaleye Multi-Role Airborne Early Warning & Control Platform (Infographics)

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On April 29th, Saab delivered the first GlobalEye Swing Role Surveillance System aircraft to the United Arab Emirates.

In total, the UAE ordered 3 such aircraft, with the contract initially concluded in 2015. In November 2019, it announced that it plans to amend the contract and purchase 2 additional systems, meaning 5 in total. But the contract hasn’t been finalized yet.

“The delivery of the first GlobalEye is a major milestone for Saab, but also an important step in the history of airborne early warning and control. We have set a new standard for the market and I am proud to say that we have delivered the most advanced airborne surveillance solution in the world to the United Arab Emirates”, says Micael Johansson, President and CEO of Saab.

As per Saab’s website:

“GlobalEye is Saab’s new airborne early warning and control solution. It provides air, maritime and ground surveillance in a single solution. GlobalEye combines Saab’s new Erieye Extended Range Radar and a range of additional advanced sensors with the ultra-long range Global 6000 aircraft from Bombardier.”

Globaleye Multi-Role Airborne Early Warning & Control Platform (Infographics)

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According to spotter aviation resources, the second GlobalEye aircraft built for the UAE, which made its first flight at Saab in Linkoping (Sweden) on January 3rd, 2019, was actually the first to be delivered.

In the evening of April 28th, 2020, this aircraft flew from Linkoping and arrived in the morning on April 29th at the Emirate Air Base Al-Dafra (Abu Dhabi).

The first GlobalEye aircraft built for the UAE was pumped out in Linkoping on February 23, 2018 and has so far been tested and tested on-board systems. The third GlobalEye aircraft built for the UAE was deflated in October 2019 and is also being used for testing. All three aircraft under the terms of contracts should be delivered by the end of 2021.

In November 2015, the UAE signed a contract with Saab AB worth $1.27 billion for the supply of two GlobalEye control systems based on a Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft, and in 2017 signed an additional contract for the supply of the third system. In November 2019, the UAE began negotiations on the order of two more GlobalEye aviation systems, but the contract has not yet been concluded.

The UAE Air Force became the first customer of this AWACS system and GlobalEye control, previously designated the Swing Role Surveillance System (SRSS), which is a new generation of the well-known Saab Erieye radar system, with a new more powerful Erieye ER radar with AFAR with gallium nitride antenna elements.

The GlobalEye aircraft is also equipped with an additional Leonardo Seaspray 7500E marine target radar with AFAR in the ventral fairing, Star SAFIRE 380-HD round-the-clock electronic surveillance system, HES-21 radio and electronic reconnaissance system, AIS automatic defense identification system, airborne defense complex.

According to Saab, GlobalEye’s continuous patrol duration is up to 13 hours.

Currently, the UAE Air Force is already operating two AWACS and Saab 340 AEW&C control aircraft with the Erieye radar system, supplied by Saab AB under a 2009 contract.

Aircraft AWACS and control with a complex of previous generation Erieye are also in service with the air forces of Sweden, Greece, Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Thailand.


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thought sweden like a few other countries in europe prohibited sales of weapons and attached paraphernalia to countries engaged in wars – must be the ever evil disintegrating states of A meddling in the affairs of these european countries – you sell or we’ll cut off deliveries of vital parts to your industry. does it work – yep apparently.

denmark is another kettle of fish since it has crawled so far up the disintegrating states of A’s backdoor that it no longer has a clear view of anything, except that the noses are all brown.

Ooga Booga

These companies are run by the Swedish elite consisting of the Wallenberg family for example, and they will do anything to keep their money and power. They rule the politicians, just look at when former Swedish foreign minister pissed of the Saudis by calling them medieval. Soon after the Wallenbergs forced the government to apologize to save the business deals.

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