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Global Hunger, COVID-19 And Corporations Controlled World

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Global Hunger, COVID-19 And Corporations Controlled World


In recent weeks and months, countries around the world appear to be bulking up their food stocks.

This is the case in Jordan, which built up record reserves.

It is also the same in Egypt, which is the world’s biggest buyer of grain, and began buying grain from international markets, even during its local harvest. Cairo has boosted its buying by 50% since April 2020.

Taiwan said it will increase strategic food stockpiles, and China has been buying to feed its growing hog herd.

This behavior is not an accident, it is a result of various causes. The most obvious one is COVID-19, the hysteria and lockdown brought forth by it.

Global shipments were disrupted due to the lockdowns, and there’s concerns that if there is a sharp increase in cases of COVID-19 there could be more restrictions incoming.

The pandemic has so far led to food being abandoned at ports, since there’s nobody to transport it, there were trucking delays, as well as jams at warehouses, since storage space is scarce.

Supply chains are vulnerable, and those that can provide the full package also do not shy away from providing it at a very high price. The situation appears to have deteriorated dramatically with either a complete lack of food supplies, or them being provided at a very high price.

Countries that wish to bulk up their food stocks and have the resources to do so are fortunate. However, increased purchasing also means that the price is going up, and those countries that have less resources, or too many people to cover will begin to struggle.

This is further exacerbated by the fall of the population’s real incomes, and this relates to almost every country – US and Western Europe included, citizens appear to be making more money, but they can actually buy less.

The entire global financial and economic situation is in a state of disaster, which was initiated by Saudi Arabia’s crude oil price war, the disruptions in supply chain and, virtually, every sphere of life, by COVID-19 have brought forward the accumulated structural problems of the global economic model.

Capitalism is struggling and it shows its biggest proponents are willing to sacrifice lives in order to keep the economy afloat.

This was all caused not so much by actual issues, but rather by fearmongering and widespread hysteria, which continues in the 4th quarter of the year.

This has led to an unconditional increase in hunger-related mortality, either due to reductions in necessary rations, or due to the forced consumption of low-quality (and as a result cheap) food which leads to various diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular issues, metabolic diseases and more.

One would say that there have been hungering people in Africa and Asia for decades, how is that different now?

It’s different because it doesn’t relate to Africa anymore. It relates to traditionally rich countries such as the United States.

In the United States, 14 million children regularly miss their meals every day.

That is three times more than during the Great Recession and five times more than before the pandemic.

It’s even worse for Latino and Black families, whose rates of nutrition insecurity have spiked to 25% and 30%.

Even before the pandemic, the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimated 37 million people in America struggled with hunger and nutrition.

The Centers for Disease Control reports 76% of people killed by COVID-19 had at least one underlying condition, most of which were diet-related. Diet-related diseases also fuel skyrocketing health care costs, which rose from 5% to 28% of the federal budget in the past 50 years.

And one would say that is an issue caused by COVID-19, but in 2019, some 13.7 million households, or 10.5% of all U.S. households, experienced food insecurity at some point during the year.

For about a third of these households, access to food was so limited that their eating patterns were disrupted and food intake was reduced. The rest were able to obtain enough food to avoid completely disrupting their eating patterns, but had to cope by eating less varied diets or utilizing food assistance programs.

38 million people used SNAP in 2019. One in nine people in the U.S. used SNAP — the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (also known as food stamps) — in 2019, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

During COVID-19, many Americans report that they do not have enough to eat. This is not a problem limited to certain populations or regions. Approximately 1 in 5 Black and Latinx adults say they do not have enough to eat, as do 1 in 14 white and Asian adults. In the vast majority of states more than 1 in 10 adults with children don’t have enough to eat.

In the U.S., the government’s hunger-relief plan known as the Farmers to Families Food Box program is starting to wind down. The supplemental $600 a week in jobless benefits authorized by Congress in late March expired in July, and lawmakers are still wrangling over another large stimulus bill.

School lunch programs were already struggling to meet rising demand before the pandemic. With COVID-19 now keeping children out of school, many don’t have access to school lunches at all.

“The other thing that COVID has done is it’s really affected kids a lot in terms of food insecurity,” Guardia said. “One of the things we’ve noticed across the board is that households with children are more food insecure. And we believe that also has to do with school closures. So a lot of kids get their nutrition from school meals, and that’s been disrupted.”

If the world’s superpower, the richest country on the planet cannot feed its population then what’s left for the others?

A study by the United States’ Food Research and Action Center looked into how COVID-19 exacerbated the food crisis.

It provided some notable insight for inside the United States. Such as that it’s not just the poorest families who are facing this struggle; among those who don’t have enough to eat, 1 in 4 have usual incomes above $50,000 per year.

Additionally, many other spheres of live have been made worse by the pandemic, and have negatively impacted access to food.

Those who report not having enough to eat are also experiencing other aspects of economic turmoil. As shown in Figure 8 below, a majority of those without enough to eat say they expect to lose employment income in the next month.

One-third say that they are not at all confident that they can make their next housing payment, and nearly half are not at all confident that they can afford the food they need over the next month. More than one-third report that they did not make their last housing payment.

Global Hunger, COVID-19 And Corporations Controlled World

Click to see full-size image

Global Hunger, COVID-19 And Corporations Controlled World

Click to see full-size image

More than 80% of those without enough to eat reported experiencing bad mental health symptoms at least half of the days in the prior week, including nervousness/anxiety, inability to stop worrying, little interest in doing things, and feeling down, depressed or hopeless.

Rates of bad mental health symptoms among those without enough to eat are 20 to 30 percentage points higher than those among the population overall.

There is also another side to every situation, and every crisis for some (or many) is a chance for others.

Who benefits the most?

Some obvious and very apparent beneficiaries immediately jump to mind – Big Pharma, Biotechnology companies, as well as Western food industry corporations.

More than ever they are pushing towards producing even more genetically modified foods, artificial meat and other ‘tweaked’ products.

Biotechnology is one of the praised “food for all” technologies, that would guarantee that no child (or adult) suffers or dies of hunger in the 21st century.

Gordon Conway, of Imperial College London looks into how it can be done.

“Hitherto, the success of the Green Revolution has depended on working with blueprints of “creating” desirable new plant and animal types through painstaking conventional plant breeding. Biotechnology, and especially genetic engineering, offers a faster route. Moreover, it will be essential if yield ceilings are to be raised, excessive pesticide use reduced, the nutrient value of basic foods increased, and farmers on less favored lands provided with varieties better able to tolerate drought, salinity, and lack of soil nutrients.”

The Green Revolution means less land being used for agricultural and animal rearing, so that there is less soil erosion and so on.

According to him, 2020 has proven that this is necessary.

Additionally, the above-mentioned biotechnology approach is largely safe for humans, according to reports, but there are some risks.

“The most serious environmental risk is the likelihood organic varieties escaping from cultivated crops into wild relatives (or contaminating organic varities on nearby farms). This is a justified concern. Genes from existing commerical crops can and do pass to organic crops, and vice versa, and genes from both transfer to wild relatives Even self-pollinated crops. such as rice, will cross with wild rices. The question is whether the genes remain in the wild relatives and whether they result in adverse ecological effects, such as the production of superweeds. Only extensive, well-designed, and monitored field tests will provide answers.”

Also there are threats of viruses, but at this point how much of a novelty would that be?

“Another potential hazard arises from plants containing genes from viral pathogens that confer resistance to these same pathogens. Expressing the viral genes in plants somehow disrupts the virus infection process. But exchange of these genes with other viral pathogens may be possible, creating entirely new virus strains with unknown properties.”

And the last risk relates to bacteria becoming resistant to toxins and then having super-resistant vermin that destroy natural and artificially created food, but how is it no worth it when there’s billions, or even trillions to be made in profit?

“A third significant risk-the potential for pests to evolve resistance to the toxins produced by Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) genes-is well known, as are some of the counterstrategies, One answer is to employ refuges of non-Bt crop plants. Another uses two or more toxin genes each with a different molecular target. Experience indicates the need to anticipate the eventual breakdown of control. Introduction of Bt into a wide range of crops implies a much higher selection pressure than from spraying the insecticide on a single crop. Insect populations need to be carefully monitored for resistance and alternative strategies continuously developed.”

Gordon Conway concludes with the following:

“It is possible to provide food for all in the 21st century, but there is no simple or single answer. It is not just a matter of producing more or enough food. If hunger is to be banished, the rural poor either have to feed themselves or to earn the income to purchase the extra food they require. This means a new revolution in agricultural and natural resource production aimed at their needs, which cannot be achieved by ecology alone or by biotechnology alone or by a combination of the two. It requires participatory approaches as well-involving farmers as analysts, designers, and experimenters.”

Essentially his proposal is such that individuals in rural areas should be stripped of their livelihood, and be given the chance to become “analysts, designers and experimenters,” as unlikely as it sounds. Another solution would be – either eat more of the food they produce and as such make less money and be incapable of affording basic utilities and commodities, or “earn the income” to purchase the extra food they need, how that would happen remains a mystery for an individual who earns income by producing food.

This is only one direction, in addition to developing biotechnology, there are requests to fully open the global market of all developing countries, which would lead to even worse crisis in all of them, or potentially including small producers in the global networks (which means that they will simply be bought out and then resold). Neoliberalism is openly being promoted, with the idea of traditional communities leaving the rural areas, and them being entirely abandoned, since the big cities always need more consumers or untrained labor.

As mentioned earlier, this is not a problem for the US alone, according to the United Nations World Food Program (which won the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize), the global pandemic has the chance to double the number of people experiencing acute food insecurity, from 135 million in 2019 to 265 million in 2020.

After all, this relates to the livelihood, and little is more frightening than hunger, as such, a massive change of direction and the establishment of a new order to follow is made much simpler – after all, if it’s not implemented and followed through on, millions, or even billions would die a death of starvation.


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It’s a no brainer, I said it from the beginning when the economy damaging restrictions began. That it wasn’t the way to handle a marginally dangerous disease far down the list of rhe leading causes of death.

It’s an obvious power grab by bad people supported by a lot stupid people in the general population.

I’m getting ready to walk into Walmart and continue my inventory builds of priority items. The risks of shortages and rising inflation are the motivating factors.

Harry Smith

Hi Richard. Just interested what are your priority items except canned food and ammo?


All consumables. Paper towels, cleaning supplies, tooth paste, water anything that you’d purchase as a staple of daily life that could become unavailable from supply chain disruptions. Or overpriced from hyper inflation.

Ultimately money. I’ll be beginning course work within a week or so on mortgage loan originator licensing. With a transition, assuming that I get a license, from approximately $50,000.00/yr as a rideshare driver to $150,000.00 to $250,000.00/yr starting out as a loan originator. Hopefully complete or well on the way to completion by the time that I travel to Washington, DC the week of January, 20 to monitor events there.


comment image


This is a year end silver options ladder that I’m building. Right now I have 19 contracts. I’m planning to have it complete with 25 contracts before the election. Probably from $24/oz. to $49/oz.

Once the price of silver reaches the strike price of the contract. Each contract increases $100 for every $1 increase in the price of silver above the option strike price. These options expire at the end of the year. If the price of silver reaches $49/oz. before then. For every $1 increase in the price of silver above $49/oz., the 25 contract option ladder trade block will increase $2,500.

By the time that I buy the remaining 6 contracts to complete the ladder. I will have spent about $1,300 to buy all 25 contracts. So that will be my breakeven. Anything above that will be profit.

At $30/oz. the trade block will be worth $1,500. Which will be a $200 profit. So breakeven will be around $29.50/oz.

This is what the option ladder trade block will be worth at prices ranging from $25/oz. to $100/oz. by year end. Fighting in the streets of Washington, DC probably begins somewhere above $75/oz..

$25/oz. – $100

$30/oz. – $1,500

$35/oz. – $5,500

$40/oz. – $12,000

$45/oz. – $21,000

$50/oz. – $32,500

$55/oz. – $45,000

$60/oz. – $57,500

$65/oz. – $70,000

$70/oz. – $82,500

$75/oz. – $95,000

$80/oz. – $107,500

$85/oz. – $120,000

$90/oz. – $132,500

$95/oz. – $145,000

$100/oz. – $157,500

Harry Smith

I am agree with you. Silver and gold are the best long term investments, at my point.


United States of America Capitol
comment image


United States of America Capitol
comment image

Harry Smith

Hey, when you become Vice President, don’t forget about me. Can work as adviser on Ex USSR. Just kidding.


Ahh posters with hunger in USA… Soviet Union called, she wants her credits for copyright.


Dear, occupybacon. The real issue is that all data used in this article came from official bodies and organizations of the United States. Exactly here, you can see the difference with the Soviet propaganda that distorted or exaggerated separate facts. In the article above, we see the whole picture, which highly likely does not even reflect the real situation in this field.
Best regards,
SF Team
P.S. This comment is not written by the author of the article.


Thanks for the reply. And I thought they have an overeating problem. But I’m glad that from all the countries in the world, SF is mostly preoccupied of the US citizens healthy nutrition. Maybe Russia should send some food to starving children.

Fog of War

” Maybe Russia should send some food to starving children. ”
Why help the enemy ?


To show the greatness of the Russian nation

Fog of War

Venezuela sent free heating to the US for its poor. What did their act of greatness get them ?


There is a saying, better a true enemy than a fake friend. While USA is openly anti Maduro, from his friends only Iran sent tankers. Where are the tankers of Russia and China ‘friends’?

Fog of War

” Where are the tankers of Russia and China ‘friends’? ”
You’re catching on too quickly . Oy Vey !!!


“You’re catching on too quickly” that’s what fake friends say when you’re in trouble.

Fog of War

Tear it down the Goyim know !!


Jews are guilty cuz Russia is pussy

Lone Ranger

Waiting to be loaded with hypersonic missiles…


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Glad to know. Male tears = cum.

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And in urban dictionary, but don’t worry it’s our secret.

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But I guess thats the only way for ukropnazis to get hired by the CIA…


Of course I’m projecting ‘male tears’ in your Ruskie rotten mouth, how else you’d know it’s salty? No worries it cut a bit of the stench from the gallons of shit you eat every day.

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So you aint angry at yourself, good to know.

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I doubt, she never did drugs, she is not even into alcohol.


I know better than you, son.

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Remember, son: don’t teach your father how to fuck.

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Oy gevalt…

Lone Ranger

Overblown self confidence is a sure sign of psychopathy…


You started to get it.

Lone Ranger


Jens Holm

There dwarrfs are the biggest in the world too.


In Soviet union there were contests for the tallest midget and smallest giant.

Jim Allen

Russia is at war against children ?

Jens Holm

Its a political decisson children there might starve and som % more might die very Young.

Reforms should make a difference. More should be educated and in more advanced jobs, so they can effort to buy enough food – and also laern to eat better for the health.

Lone Ranger

Lay down the LSD Jens…

Jens Holm

No glue in the whole world can relate You to facts.

Lone Ranger

Thanks for proving my point again…

Jens Holm

Your point is zero looking like minus.

Lone Ranger

And again…

Jens Holm

Its Venezuala socialisme. People gets free food for doing absolutly nothing:(

Fog of War

Should we charge people for air also ?

Jens Holm

I have written here, there is no lack of food in USA. They even export food like corn and soya for pigfood.

So the problem in the assumed starving is lack of money to buy food. So the problem is those parants dont have an income. And why dont they have an income. They have no income, because they cant take advanced jobs and too many not even has traditions for educations as well asfor taking jobs.

We as a country is not like that. We see education by a relative good school and help to it by low price or mainly none as an investment.Here it seemes to pay back even not all investments are succesfull.

By that we include people in traditions for uducations and reward by hard work and skills and they become taxpayers instead of non produtives.

So we dont feed people for nothing here unless they cant. And we also help people to get a real job by giving them small and sometimes usefull but unimportant jobs. By that they know the alarmclock everyday as well as they get traditions for fx changing clothe, washing themselves and see how You by that easíer can get an income which is paid, because You know You can handle it.

A neighbor of mine startred – paid by the locl goverment – washing cow tits and taking milk from the cows 10 hours a day. He was a kind of passive lazy bum. Now he has 20 hours. He is helping a very old single man, which have about 30 cows. He likes cleaning the stable.

And he is grown. He is inportnat for that own man, which lives alone. And my friend now would like to have a green card, which is the lowest education in farming. BY that he can be a full time helping hand.

So thats a succes. He is in a better mood and he starts milking early in the morning, so I hear his scooter when he leaves.

So thats what can be done instead of staying home making babies hardly with nothing to give them.

So Yes, all should be charged by upgrading the american education system. I dont say the Danish is the best. I say many countries has a better one then USA. Too many becomes loosers and minus all their miserable lives.

And man of them dont act as responsible persons and those as well as the rest need investment.

Fog of War

Bullshit. How many of your ” migrants ” are sitting on their asses collecting free housing, food, money, medical ? You’re more disingenuously stupid then I suspected.

Jens Holm

Last Year the emmigrants and refugees cost us 3 billion dollar.

Fog of War

Thats 3 billion that didn’t need to be spent. Thats 3 billion that could have been used towards the benefit of the indigenous population.

Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

That is the new world order. Machines take over the job people used to do. Of course people should enjoy the benefits of the new age.

Jens Holm

I agree, but other things seemes important for a living standard.

But my reflexions was about the fact, that poor people infants migh starve in the future.

Here I would not give those starving babies and fpr that their parents food for free.

I want them to raise the level for their own living standards by better schools paid by the ones wither higher and high incomes, so more poor can get advanced and well paid, so they can pay for their own food.

I am only for gifts and help for the ones, which cant help themself and the other ones in the low end.

And it also how You make it. Many says danes work less hours then many others as well as we have too many vacation days.

Even so Our livingstandard is high. So there are reasons. Here we think its because we work harder and more effective, then most.

…We are just right now adding earlier pension age for the ons having hard fysical jobs. We see in the statistics they die before the rest. So we know we do have a cost benefit in that.

Lone Ranger

Indeed they should.
Who knows if Trump wins maybe they will.


If Trump wins Putin will visit WH and they will bang some whores together.

Lone Ranger


Jim Allen

Spot on, as usual.

Captain Freedom

“American and Soviet citizens eat about the same amount of food each day but
the Soviet diet may be more nutritious”

© 1983 Central Intelligence Agency


Tommy Jensen

Funny one.


Yeah, vodka has lots of proteins.

Harry Smith

No proteins but a lot of calories.


Not the nutritionist I deserve but the nutritionist I need.


cia obviously incompetent

Jens Holm

It might be correct(1983). Even so the Americans seemes to live 6 more yers then the Russians


catalin zt

The anglo-saxonsjews mutilated mind and hearts producing mutilated plants and animals for their mutilated capitalistfascist profits as poison for mutilated minds slaves…and all is pompous called DEMOCRACY!!! HA HA HA For stupid sheeple who never heard about Plato who is turning in his grave!


I would mutilate some Jack with RedBull right now but all clubs are closed.


Why would you mix alcohol with caffeine? You know caffeine kills alcohol, that’s the reason you are able to drink more and feel less intoxicated —> more masculine!
Is that it?
Drink chilled dry, even rocks dilute it.

Jens Holm

Thats how it is. I sometimes drink several glasses of wine but at some point I stop and drik coffee.

If all could behave and drink lke that muslims was allowed to drink too.


Nithing wrong to feel more masculine a day in a week, I’m a 5/7 slave after all.

Jens Holm

Lazybums will remain poor infantile ones even the Chinese take over. A good thing will be Youtmany fiaco mijavs will be in chinese.

Fog of War

ZioAmerica’s collapse continues. Other nations should pay attention.


Tommy Jensen

Global hunger is good. More pussy and more whiskey for me.


If you have too much on your plate lemme know.


You can always rely on Tommy for sober, in-depth analyses and commentary that broaden our understanding of the human conditim….only what tupe of whiskey? Irish?


Anything, good sir.

catalin zt

In the nest extinction anglo-saxons and jews will come first so maybe no chanse for it! Also your obese,white venomy anglo-saxon alcoholic whores not very appealing for an normal male only for an mutilated mindheart anglo-saxon…

Peter Jennings

‘the economic situation is in a state of disaster, which was initiated by Saudi Arabia’s crude oil price war’

The scamdemic has affected delivery. However, western economies have been in a state of disaster for some time due to corruption forever kicking the can down the road. We had to reach this stage sooner or later. The structural problems have also been there for a while, ever since the financial industry was deregulated and firms like JP Morgue were allowed to continually commit crimes in the markets with no effort made by regulators to make its criminal management accept its responsibility.

Much more food shortages to come courtesy of solar minimum and human stupidity.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

America catches a multipolar freeze the whole world catches Covid-19.

Jim Allen

This “Green Revolution” is total bullshit. Gordon Conway is a Zionist Khazar controlled useful idiot, touting all the wonders of GMO food crops. None of these results exist. GMO crops don’t yield more than conventional crops, and claimed not to pollinate, hence the need to buy seed annually under contract with the producer of GMO seedstocks. (generally Monsanto) But, they do pollinate neighboring crops, neighboring crops do not pollinate GMO crops. This is a one way thing.
There’s many health issues associated with eating, and feeding livestock GMO products, which is a bio-weapon.
The label “Organically Grown” is a marketing scam, seedstocks are still GMO, and there’s not a square inch of soil in US, if not the world not contaminated by petro-chemical soil amendments, fertilizers, herb, and pesticides.
Defoliants (Dioxin) are used on cotton, and selected other crops.
To use “Organic” labelling, FDA, set up some hoops the farmer must jump through, pay some money, and certification appears.
FDA does no inspection of the farm, or the products, the farmer is required to perform these “inspections.” The certification allows the farmer to charge higher pricing for these products.
FDA is the alphabet agency that’s approved these untested, and known toxin Laden man-made derivitives of Corona Virus,
SARS-2Cov-19 bio-weapon for use as vaccine.
There’s plenty of independent testing results posted online, on the subject.
Farming is done in the rural areas on land with less than ideal soil. In California all the best farmland is where the cities, and suburban areas are built on. Forcing farming out into an Alkali desert.
With water transported from the rivers, and mountains for irrigation, and to supply Southern California cities.
The extensive use of
petro-chemical ag products has led to major environmental issues, and the crops containing extremely high levels of these deadly toxins even in processed foods, causing health issues to people, and livestock. Further, US Government refuses to acknowledge these issues exist in the food supply. GMO labelling on food products is banned by law in US.
There’s a reason why GMO products, seedstocks, etc., are banned in Russia.


Thanks Jim Allen,

GMO given to us by Monsanto, now Bayer, has been buying up one and two section ‘family’ farms for the last 30 years in North America. Consolidating them into 20 sq. mile ‘farms’, we call big agriculture that get government welfare subsidies to grow GMO corn. Originally for use as an ‘oil substitute’, but now aimed at eliminating the “family farm” completely. They don’t want any little people getting in the way of their total control.

Jens Holm

That little people is crap. Almost everything grows bigger and bigger. So if little people and little farms has to live, the prices for food has to go rapidly up.

And GMO s only one of many factors in that. The most important are a lot of wotk is used by fuel/energy instead of hand and feet.

You also forget most farmers as well as most of the rest of us had a much lower livingstandard and for that matter living age.

The main problem for USA and many others is not GMO but vlimate change. There is a climate belt around the earth, where there will come less rain as well as higher temperature.

So its very much about water.

I have never liked GMO as an idea In Denmark we are against it and most of EU is against it, but You should blame for the reasons for climate change and compensate for it.

Here USA is one of the worst energywaster pr capita in the whole world and we are just below. So You should use less fuel as well as I know USA is growing a lot of crops to make fuel.

But go on speaking laud against GMO. In parts of the world we have good solutions by windpower. Today it covers 50% of our electricity and we still build out, so the ´car batteries can remain full.

For california, You do have some windpower but the main change for everything, where it goes is solarpower, where You close down production by minerals when the sun is shining.

Next as here, You have to have gardens, which use less water. You try to create what Your ancisters did in Europe once upon a time ago, but Europe is more north and by that cooler with much less evaporation.

We do another thing too. We replace into plants and ´flowers which are slow growers. By that we still has nice parks and that, but we do save a lot of gardening paid by tax.

So good luck.

We are heasvy populated here but still have family farming here and there, but the families having them has ordinary jobs and a family farm or sometimes minifarm. You can go there and directly buy things 100% fresh and sometimes take it up Yourself. They have meat to sell like chickens and lam. They have eggs and often have home mande honey and by having bees, they optimize vegatables and fruit trees.

Ypu often va´can come there in Your own very small tent but for 7 dollars You are allowed to have drinking water and shower. Some few has bed and breakfast too.

One nearbuy is special. It has about 12 jerseycow, which give fat milk. By that they make ecological icecreme added local urbs, strawberry and apples.

Gallien de Villeroy

Jim Allen, thank you. That part of the article which says ”
The Green Revolution means less land being used for agricultural and
animal rearing, so that there is less soil erosion and so on.” shows the lack of understanding of how soil management works. Or the people spreading this kind of BS have bought into the corporate agenda.

Jens Holm

Its a political map and not about food and made by some Kafka.

US could stop exporting corn and soya beans as well a living a better life by making less fat people.


And we have a saying here in Denmark telling naked women learn to make clothe.

So if the price for food goes up people around the world will make their own food again. The market says so. By that their currency will improve because of less import and more local people would have jobs even its not anvanced ones.

Parts of the world unfortunatly are stock in old systems. We see it very well in fx Syria and Iraq as well as Pakistan and Egypt. We also see it in USA.

Too much water is wasted to the sky as well as water not protected from evaporation gives more and more salt to fields, so hardly nothing can grow there.

another big worry is people dont work hard to compensate for areas which today grow food dry out. There is a belt around the world, where farmland will dry out and no vital reforms are made.

Those are well shown by many climate maps.

And again it should be an optinion to stop the population growth for the world. The good thing now is, we actually are able to.

Finally the writer of the article dont understand, that farming can be based fx in big towers where the whole inviroment is controlled having no waste of NPK, Calsium and water because the leftovers 100% will be recycled. Thats the next level.

But below, below there are other levels. Fx small fields are very ineffective and wasters. If You go to many systems You grow 40 hektars giving 10 times back, but reforms fx by no tribe shit makes 10 hektars giving 30 times back for much less addings in fertilizers, calsioum, selen and water.

And if I allow me to go back to Syria once again those “analysts, designers, and experimenters” are the ones improvig those sytems. But the rest being unimployed are the needed food distributors with their trucks as well as the ones making the plastic pipelines for waters instead of the old crap.

Maybee the write can see it better using old light bulbs and now LED.

More and more also produce a lot of electricity by windpower. Its a great succes here. We dont have to import as much fuel as we does. We only has smog, when the wind comes from Poland, its mauinly cheeper the oil and gas. Our currency is more safe.


In the U.S. corporations are given the status of persons which is one of the biggest evils of this country.
Corporations should not be considered people and should be heavily restricted.

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