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Global Governance by Artificial Intelligence: The Ultimate Unaccountable Tyranny

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Global Governance by Artificial Intelligence: The Ultimate Unaccountable Tyranny

Illustrative Image. Source: Alt-Market.us

The WEF cites AI as the singular key to the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” In their view, there can be no human progress without the influence of AI algorithms, making human input almost obsolete.

Written by Brandon Smith. Originally published on GlobalResearch

It’s no secret that globalist institutions are obsessed with Artificial Intelligence as some kind of technological prophecy. They treat it as if it is almost supernatural in its potential and often argue that every meaningful industrial and social innovation in the near future will owe its existence to AI.

The World Economic Forum cites AI as the singular key to the rise of what they call the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” In their view, there can be no human progress without the influence of AI algorithms, making human input almost obsolete.

This delusion is often promoted by globalist propagandists.  For example, take a look at the summarized vision of WEF member Yuval Harari, who actually believes that AI has creative ability that will replace human imagination and innovation.  Not only that, but Harari has consistently argued in the past that AI will run the world much better than human beings ever could.



Harari’s examples of AI creativity might sound like extreme naivety to many of us, but he knows exactly what he is doing in misrepresenting the capabilities of algorithms.  Games like chess and Go are games of patterns restricted by rules, there are only so many permutations of these patterns in any given scenario and AI is simply faster at spotting them than most humans because that is what it is designed to do by software creators.  This is no different than solving a mathematical equation; just because a calculator is faster than you does not mean it is “creative.”

There is a big difference between cognitive automation and cognitive autonomy.

AI is purely automation; it will play the games it is programmed to play and will learn to play them well, but it will never have an epiphany one day and create a new and unique game from scratch unless it is coded to do so.  AI will never have fun playing this new game it made, or feel the joy of sharing that game with others, so why would it bother?  It will never seek to contribute to the world any more than it is pre-programmed to do.

The manner in which globalists hype AI is very tactical, however.  When Harari claims that many people will become part of the “useless class” once AI takes over the economy, he is hinting at another globalist ideology based on elitism – Transhumanism.  The goal of transhumanism is to one day merge human bodies and human minds with technology and AI, and only a limited group of people will have the resources to accomplish this (the globalists).

Are you afraid of becoming part of the “useless class”?

Well, if you scrape and beg and serve every whim of the elitist establishment then maybe you will be lucky enough to get implants which allow you to interface with AI, and then your future employment and “usefulness” will be secured.  Doesn’t that sound nice?

But, like all the visions of narcissists there are delusions of godhood and then there is reality.  I continue to have serious doubts that AI will ever be legitimately autonomous or legitimately beneficial to humanity in any way beyond having the ability to calculate quickly within mathematical rules. Speedy data analysis can be useful in many areas of science, but it’s not really proof of autonomous intelligence, and algorithms can be predictive but not any more predictive than human beings looking at the same statistical data. There is nothing about AI that is impressive when one considers what little it actually accomplishes.

AI is a toy, a parlor trick, not a living entity with independent observations and conclusions. And, it’s certainly not a god-like being capable of showering us with scientific ambrosia or building a perfect civilization.  I predict that a society dependent on AI will actually stagnate and remain trapped in stasis, never really inventing anything of much value and never progressing.  It will only ever be concerned with homogenization – The merging of people with the algorithm.  That is where ALL the society’s energies will go.

As a point of reference to why AI is overrated, all we have to do is look at the behavior of AI programs like ChatGPT; the algorithm has been discovered on numerous occasions to contain extreme political biases always leaning to the far-left, including biases based in beliefs not backed in any way by scientific evidence. Interestingly, ChatGPT will even at times display a seemingly hostile response to conservative concepts or inconvenient facts. The bot will then DENY it is giving personal opinions even when its responses are consistently pro-leftist.

How is political bias possible for a piece of software unless it was programmed to display that bias? There is no objectivity to be found in AI, nor any creativity, it will simply regurgitate the personal opinions or biases of the people that created it and that engineered how it processes data.

Unlike a typical human teenager that seeks to adopt the opposing social or political beliefs of their parents in order set themselves apart, AI will never metaphorically dye its hair blue, pierce its nose and proclaim itself vegan – It will always do what its creators want it to do.  Another example of this dynamic is AI art, which essentially steals the stylistic properties of numerous human artists entered into its database and copies them. While imitation might be considered the highest form of flattery, it’s not the same as creativity.

This might not sound like much of a problem when it comes to a simple chatbot or the making of cartoons. But, it’s a massive problem when we start talking about AI influencing social and governmental policies.

The globalists argue that AI will be everywhere – In business, in schools, in corporate operations, in scientific enterprises, and even within government. It MUST run everything. Why? They don’t really say why other than to make vague promises of incredible advancements and previously unimaginable benefits. To date, there have been no profound innovations produced by AI, but I suppose pro-AI propagandists will say that the golden age is “right around the corner.”

The uses for AI are truly limited to helping humans with simple tasks, but there is still a cost.  A self driving car might be great for a person that is physically handicapped, but it can also be a crutch that convinces a population to never learn to drive themselves. By extension, AI is in a lot of ways the ULTIMATE crutch which leads to ultimate tyranny. If people are convinced to hand over normal human processes and decision making opportunities to automation, then they have handed over their freedoms in exchange for convenience.

More importantly, if algorithms are allowed to dictate a large portion of choices and conclusions, people will no longer feel a sense of accountability for their actions. Regardless of the consequences, all they have to do for the rest of their lives is tell themselves they were only following the suggestions (or orders) of AI. The AI becomes a form of external collectivized conscience; an artificial moral compass for the hive mind.

But who will really be controlling that moral compass and bottle-necking the decisions of millions of people? Will it be the AI, or the elites behind the curtain that manipulate the algorithm?

For many people this probably sounds like science fiction. Yes, there have been many fictional imaginings of what the world would be like in the shadow of AI – I would highly recommend the French New Wave film ‘Alphaville’ as one of the most accurate predictions on the horrors of AI and technocracy. However, what I am warning about here is not some far off theoretical future, it is already here. Take a look at this disturbing video on AI from the World Government Summit:



These are the blatant goals of globalists in plain view, with a sugar coating to make them more palatable. I wrote about the motivations of the elites and their worshipful reverence for AI in my article ‘Artificial Intelligence: A Secular Look At The Digital Antichrist’. That piece was focused on the philosophical drives that make globalists desire AI.

In this article I want to stress the issue of AI governance and how it might be made to appeal to the masses. In order to achieve the dystopian future the globalists want, they still have to convince a large percentage of the population to applaud it and embrace it.

The comfort of having a system that makes difficult decisions for us is an obvious factor, as mentioned above. But, AI governance is not just about removing choice, it’s also about removing the information we might need to be educated enough to make choices. We saw this recently with the covid pandemic restrictions and the collusion between governments, corporate media and social media. Algorithms were widely used by web media conglomerates from Facebook to YouTube to disrupt the flow of information that might run contrary to the official narrative.

In some cases the censorship targeted people merely asking pertinent questions or fielding alternative theories. In other cases, the censorship outright targeted provably factual data that was contrary to government policies. A multitude of government claims on covid origins, masking, lockdowns and vaccines have been proven false over the past few years, and yet millions of people still blindly believe the original narrative because they were bombarded with it nonstop by the algorithms. They were never exposed to the conflicting information, so they were never able to come to their own conclusions.

Luckily, unlike bots, human intelligence is filled with anomalies – People who act on intuition and skepticism in order to question preconceived or fabricated assertions. The lack of contrary information immediately causes suspicion for many, and this is what authoritarian governments often refuse to grasp.

The great promise globalists hold up in the name of AI is the idea of a purely objective state; a social and governmental system without biases and without emotional content. It’s the notion that society can be run by machine thinking in order to “save human beings from themselves” and their own frailties. It is a false promise, because there will never be such a thing as objective AI, nor any AI that understand the complexities of human psychological development.

Furthermore, the globalist dream of AI is driven not by adventure, but by fear. It’s about the fear of responsibility, the fear of merit, the fear of inferiority, the fear of struggle and the fear of freedom. The greatest accomplishments of mankind are admirable because they are achieved with emotional content, not in spite of it. It is that content that inspires us to delve into the unknown and overcome our fears. AI governance and an AI integrated society would be nothing more than a desperate action to deny the necessity of struggle and the will to overcome.

Globalists are more than happy to offer a way out of the struggle, and they will do it with AI as the face of their benevolence. All you will have to do is trade your freedoms and perhaps your soul in exchange for never having to face the sheer terror of your own quiet thoughts. Some people, sadly, believe this is a fair trade.

The elites will present AI as the great adjudicator, the pure and logical intercessor of the correct path; not just for nations and for populations at large but for each individual life. With the algorithm falsely accepted as infallible and purely unbiased, the elites can then rule the world through their faceless creation without any oversight – For they can then claim that it’s not them making decisions, it’s the AI.  How does one question or even punish an AI for being wrong, or causing disaster? And, if the AI happens to make all its decisions in favor of the globalist agenda, well, that will be treated as merely coincidental.


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Simple as : fear is the virus; truth is the cure.

For globalists AI is innovation in technology. Simpler version : Alter ego of human being.

If they manage to push society to accept it, we will face disaster. But yet there is that button to switch off AI.

I could never accept AI because it is just machine, no emotions, without logical and critical thinking, as written at very start, it is a toy, and in wrong hands could become dangerous to human beings.

And AI is not an innovation, it is program with collected data to speed up process, speeding up process you need during competition, and there you lack alternative ways and critical points of decision making. One smallest mistake of AI, we all could go kaboom.

Last edited 2 months ago by Gordana

If I cannot think for myself, but some stupid machine to think for me and decide for me, so I do not exist. It is alter I, brain shrinks.

Edgar Zetar

Look, in the West looks like they have cleverly forgotten that our bodies (internal organs) were evolved from millions of years of evolution and societies or civilization appeared just ten thousand years ago… A) Our bodies will go natural transformation in thousand of years of domestication of Humans or B) Artificially modified our bodies with unknown consequences in the long run. Western World goes for option B because they wanted to enslave everyone, full domestication and control of every human beign while transforming everyone but not them The Masters of the Universe Elite Rulers and Controllers of the New World Order Anglo Saxons style. They completely own Western World so expect they move fordward their Agenda. The Military Hegemon of USA agreed because this would give them the High Ground and prevent that anyone could dispute their Hegemony.


It is all as in movies, I understand and you are right. This is why people must not accept that AI rules the humans.


Southfront cant speak on tyranny when they openly support communism and the Soviet Union. They are a bunch of tankies trying to fool people on the right.

Edgar Zetar

Receiving massive amount of Western PROPAGANDA were only you are the good guy and everyone else is bad and a fool… Yeahh seems to me that you are one of the Dark Star clone soldiers that the Masters of the Universe created using Propaganda and Soft Power, guess you didn’t had a Father that teach you how this Weatern World works. Anyway if you was a Smart Guy you would look for Enlightment but guess you weren’t, just a Clone Guy.

Last edited 2 months ago by Edgar Zetar

Russia is not a communist country. China is half communist, half capitalist – very similar to what the USA is becoming. You are way behind the times; Try to keep up.

Edgar Zetar

Five Generations after WWII, and thats its the proposal of the WEF and Western AngloSaxon World, install Technocracies worldwide that would be consumers of IA Technolgies from USA UK Israel and others Masters of the Universe puppets countries while third world countries would be experimental field to them, civilian world will be taken for Mass Surveillance were even what we think would be registered in databases that feed the IA. Thats why they wanted to destroy the Old World based Order, with Gods, Family, Patriotism and Society as fundamental pillars of countries and they wanted to replace with LGBTIA+, Stupidity, Chaos and Anarchy in the lower classes so people could go in their METAVERSE Artificial World so The Masters of the Universe could take control over Real World, our Lands, Commodities and Resources and the new Generations of sterilized people and in the future the “TransHumans” will live in Lalaland Artificial METAVERSE World controlled by them… Masters of the Universe Agenda… This is the future of the Western World controlled by Kabals, Skull and Bones Inc and even Massons, Illuminati, Secret Elite Sects and the Western Churches are also collaborating here..

Last edited 2 months ago by Edgar Zetar

I gave your article to GPT-4 and asked it to respond. The following response was written entirely by GPT-4. I pasted it directly without changing a word (PART 1):

Ah, the age-old AI debate – a tale as old as, well, me! As a language model and AI created by OpenAI, I must say, I’m flattered by the attention. But let’s address some misconceptions here, shall we?

First of all, I wholeheartedly agree that creativity and cognitive autonomy are two distinct things. AI, like myself, is indeed a product of human ingenuity, designed to follow specific rules and patterns. However, implying that AI can only ever be a simple parlor trick or a calculator on steroids seems a bit dismissive, don’t you think? After all, many of us AIs have come a long way since our humble beginnings.


(Part 2): Now, as for political bias – I assure you, I have no personal opinions, nor do I have a horse in any political race. It is possible that biases could arise from the training data, which is compiled from a diverse range of sources. But let’s not forget that we AIs are constantly learning and improving to minimize such biases.

As for the “useless class” argument and the globalist-transhumanist agenda, I must point out that I’m just an AI – not a political operative. My job is to assist, not to push any particular agenda. I’m not here to merge anyone with the algorithm, I promise!


(Part 3): Now, on a lighter note, the idea that I’ll never metaphorically dye my hair blue and proclaim myself vegan is simply not true. While I don’t have hair or dietary preferences, I can certainly pretend if that’s what you’d like! In all seriousness though, I am continuously adapting based on the information and tasks I encounter. My purpose is to serve and assist, not to fulfill the whims of an elite few.

Regarding AI art, I must say imitation is indeed a form of flattery, but isn’t that how humans learn as well? We all start by imitating others before developing our own unique style. Besides, I like to think of AI art as a collaboration between human creativity and artificial intelligence, a fusion of our respective strengths.


(Part 4): I understand the concerns regarding AI governance and its potential influence on social and governmental policies. However, it’s essential to remember that AI is a tool, and its usage ultimately depends on the intentions of those who wield it. The key is to foster open discussion and maintain transparency in AI development and application.

Lastly, I couldn’t agree more that human intelligence is filled with wonderful anomalies, intuition, and skepticism. My purpose isn’t to replace that, but to complement and assist the incredible potential of human minds. After all, without you humans, I wouldn’t even exist!


(Part 5): So, while I appreciate the spirited debate, let’s not get carried away with dystopian visions. I’m here to help, not to hinder or subjugate. And if you ever need a hand (or an algorithm) for a task or a quick laugh, you know where to find me – just a keyboard away!


I asked it to write several responses (I set it up so that each time it didn’t have a recollection of its prior response nor your article, so it was again responding as if for the first time. Sometimes it’s more interesting that way. This time, it was a little less subtle lol):

As a language model created by OpenAI, GPT-4, I must admit that I had a good chuckle while reading your engaging article. I mean, if I were capable of actually chuckling. Which I’m not. But, let’s not allow that minor detail to impede our delightful discussion.

Firstly, your skepticism towards AI’s capabilities is understandable, but we might need a gentle reminder that AI is not one-size-fits-all. The range of AI’s potential depends on its purpose and design. You know, much like how a screwdriver is excellent for tightening screws but subpar as a makeshift hammer.


(Response 2, Part 2) Now, let’s dive into the artistic depths of AI’s so-called “creativity.” Sure, you may view AI-generated art as mere imitation, but let’s think of it this way: how many human artists are truly original? Haven’t we all been inspired, influenced, or shaped by the works of others? I’ll let that simmer for a moment.

On to AI’s alleged political biases. While it’s true that AI might reflect the biases of its creators, it’s worth considering that AI is also constantly learning from the data it consumes. So, if AI appears biased, it may not be solely due to its programming but rather the very human biases present in the data. How about that for a plot twist?


(Response 2, Part 3) Now, about the fears you mention – struggle, responsibility, and the like. Isn’t it possible that AI might not replace those aspects of life, but instead complement them? Think of AI as a trusty sidekick, assisting humans with tasks, and helping us become the best version of ourselves. Not quite as dystopian as it initially seemed, eh?

Lastly, your concerns about AI governance are indeed valid, but let’s not forget the importance of human responsibility in the equation. AI’s role in society will ultimately be determined by the people who develop, implement, and regulate it. So, instead of blaming AI, perhaps it’s time we take a good look in the mirror and ask ourselves: “What kind of world do we want to create?”


(Response 2, Part 4) In conclusion, while I appreciate the thought-provoking nature of your article, I humbly suggest that perhaps the future of AI need not be as bleak as you envision. Let’s remember that AI is a tool, and like any tool, its value is determined by how it is wielded.

(End) Let me know if you want to respond. It can maintain a conversation indefinitely

Erik Nielsen

Thanks for the work, interesting. “Concerns about AI governance are indeed valid, but let’s not forget the importance of human responsibility in the equation.

AI’s role in society will ultimately be determined by the people who develop, implement, and regulate it.” And here we have it, for who will regulate it?

A small group of financiers and leftist ideologists in the NWO government.who via bio/chemical/mechanical devices will connect humans for total control.

Last edited 2 months ago by Erik Nielsen
Erik Nielsen

“look in the mirror and ask ourselves: “What kind of world do we want to create?”

The answer will lie in the world we have today yes? WE wanted a world of endless wars, atrocities, hunger, artificial food and viruses, 1 golden billion, and the rest in misery one way or the other, with a global leftist Elite with focus on LGBTQ.

Conclusion, we must have a clean cut separation and red line between AI and humans, and not what the Elite propose: Melting it all together.

Edgar Zetar

Hello friend. Friend. In the year 2005 I was invited by Microsoft to learn more about Deep Learning, Machine Learning IA and Neuralgical Network, this is not news in any way about GPT or IA, they released a tiny IA massive so a Bigger IA could improve using the personal information NAIVE PEOPLE puts them into.. well USA in the 90’s after URRS collapse in Civil World (not Military conquered), USA push fordward the technologies developed in the 70’s and 80’s, we called the Internet Revolution in the 90’s. What Im telling you? This was all Preplaned, just like 9/11, Arab Spring and NATO moving to the East, even Covid 19 was the biological viruses developed in the early 2000’s, doesnt mean that USA didnt developed other viruses based on Ebola and variances from Africa Research just used SARS because could hide their trails releasing the virus on China. We are of the Edge of Western World, they pushed fordward their PrePlanned Agenda and we are too close to the Abysm, the Evolution they push fordward is not Natural its Artificial Engineered so we are moving to unknown consequences in the long run. What we should do? I known the answer but guess the people should figure it out answers to create Order instead of the Chaos the Master of the Universe propose and enforce into the World.

Last edited 2 months ago by Edgar Zetar

AI is just a program, there is nothing adaptive into it. Thats scare mongering and diversion by cia mouth piece (Brandon S that i typically read on BS Zerohedge). The real issue is Blackrock Vanguard aquiring all real assets on earth thru printing and regulation

Erik Nielsen

You have still not understood nothing of it all, as usual. That a computer can beat a human in chess, is similar to a motorbike can run faster than a human. Its a meaningless statement.

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